How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

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How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get legendary pets on Adopt Me, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, Adopt me, as already mentioned in the opening bars of the guide, is a title based on theadoption. The original focus was the ability to impersonate an adopting parent son or take on the role of adopted son, but the real success of the game made by DreamCraft probably came with the introduction of the possibility of take care of animals, that is i Five. Among the animals available: dogs, cats, polar bears, crocodiles, giraffe, wolves, bats e sharks, but the list could go on and on.

To give you an overview of the video game's growing popularity, the June 15 2019 DreamCraft stock had peaked in 440.000 simultaneous players, while the April 16 2021, in the context of an event considered important by the community (who said Ocean Egg?), have been achieved 1.920.889 simultaneous players. In short, it is certainly one of the most popular titles on the platform.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

Returning to the question of Five, they are divided in order of rarity: Municipality (Common), Uncommon (Uncommon), Rare (Rare), Ultra-Rare (Ultra-Rare) e legendary (Legendary).

Everyone obviously wants to get their hands on the latter, since the urge to have something "exclusive" it is always very strong for gamers. However, in this context it is easy to get doubts: how do you get the Legendary Pets? Can everything be done for free or do you have to pay? This guide is here to dispel any doubts about it.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

After having explained the situation to you in general, I would say that it is time to take action and see how to actually get the Legendary Pets in the popular game Adopt Me. Below you can find all the relevant information. There is both a method free that one a payment.

How to get Legendary Pets on Adopt Me for free

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

The main method for get pets on Adopt Me is to hatch their eggs. You probably already know this mechanic, which you can use totally free, as it is generally explained to players at first access.

In fact, when the user enters Adopt Me for the first time, he is immediately invited to go to the kindergarten (Nursery). Here you can talk to the NPC (non-player character) Sir Woofington which, in fact, gives the first egg to the player, the one from which everything starts: lo Starter Egg.

The few indications given to the user are those of take care of this egg, able to follow the player. From this moment on it is possible, for example, give to drink to the egg, as well as already take care of it making him eat (on the screen there are often indications relating to when the egg is hungry) and much more.

In the area where Sir Woofington is located there are also other NPCs, or Holly e Doug, a Gumball Machine (ball machine) and a room, located on the left, in which the Royal Egg.

Next to Holly there is an egg: you can interact with it to buy a Pet Egg a dollars 600. Next to Doug instead there is a Cracked Egg, sold to dollars 350. The Gumball Machine instead sells "the egg of the moment" (for example theOcean Egg a dollars 750). Finally, the Royal Egg present on the left coast dollars 1.450.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

Next to every possible purchasable egg, there is a bill. The latter indicates how many chance you have to find a specific pet rarity inside the egg. Generally, the odds are of the 3% for the Pet Egg,1,5% for the Cracked Egg, the 5% for the '"special" egg (e.g. Ocean Egg) and8% for the Royal Egg.

In short, you've probably already figured out that it takes a little luck to find a Legendary Pet within Adopt Me, since the percentages are not that high. For the rest, if you want to take a look at the Pet available in the game right away, I remind you that at the entrance to the Sir Woofington's room there's a bill that you can "scroll" to get information on the animals present.

In any case, what you need to get the eggs are the in-game money, Or the Buck (dollars). The latter come "Bestowed" for free from the game in different ways. For example, the spend some time may allow you to obtain "Checks" without essentially having to do anything.

However, the method to get the most money possible is to take care of characters, eggs and animals. In the first case, I remind you that you can choose whether to impersonate a child or adult simply by going inside the Nursery, in the room opposite to that of Sir Woofington, entering the appropriate room machinery present at the corner and making your own choice.

As for, however, eggs and animals, you can "equip" them by pressing onbag icon present at the bottom, by selecting the item Pets, choosing from which one egg or animal make you follow and pressing on the button Equip.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

In any case, since it is a game designed for a young audience, complete the requests for characters, eggs and animals it's not that difficult. In fact, everything is based on icon that appear at the top, in the center of the screen, while you are playing.

The latter represent the requests, or rather the "Missions" that must be done to take care of characters, eggs and animals. It is generally very simple: for example, you may be asked to do the shower, sleep or go in campground, just to mention some of the classic Adopt Me activities.

Think that usually just press on therequest icon to display indicazioni about where to go. Once you've reached the place, that's usually enough stay within a certain area for a certain time (looking at the bar above the character involved) or maybe interact with some object, for example the bed, selecting the right character who has to perform that action.

Carrying out these actions doesn't just allow you to earn a few dollars (called Buck from the game), but it also allows you to hatch the eggs, bringing up the animals present within them. In fact, after a certain number of activities, your egg will hatch (there is aspecial bar above it indicating its status).

Put simply, everything you just need to do for get a Legendary Pet for free is getting more eggs possible among those I indicated above, which can be purchased simply with the dollars obtainable in-game, hatch them, hoping to find a legendary.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

I have already illustrated the chance offered by every single type of egg: now you can do your calculations and try to get some Legendary pet. It will certainly take some patience, but I am sure that with a little good will you will achieve your goal.

In any case, I remind you that, to get to the Nursery, which is the "center" of all this, you must leave the area where the houses are located of the players, entering the large tunnel next to the sign Tunnel to Adoption Island. After that, just keep going straight ahead and you will find in no time the structure involved, composed of a red and a blue house.

How to buy legendary pets on Adopt Me

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

How did you say? Vorresti speed up the process of obtaining the Legendary Pets on Adopt Me? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away!

Well, in this case, if you have no problem spending real money for in-game elements, you might think of passing for micro-transactions. In fact, Adopt Me actually allows you to make everything faster using this way.

In particular, since it is a game on the Roblox platform, we go through the currency Robux, which can be purchased for real money. THE prices offered by the official portal are: 4,99 € to 400 Robux, 9,99 € to 800 Robux e 20,99 € to 1.700 Robux.

Alternatively, you can make one subscription. For 4,99 per month they are obtained 450 Robux per month, For 9,99 per month you have 1.000 Robux per month and for 20,99 per month they are obtained 2.200 Robux per month.

Then there is the possibility of buying cards with codes to redeem to get Robux. These cards can be bought, for example, through online stores such as Amazon. The available cuts are: 800 Robux, 2.000 Robux, 4.500 Robux e 10.000 Robux. The respective prices usually are 10 €, 25 €, 50 € e 100 €.

See offer on Amazon See offer on Amazon See offer on Amazon

For all the details of the case on how to redeem these codes and much more, I recommend you to consult my tutorial on how to have Robux, in which I have gone into a little bit of everything related to this currency.

In any case, within Adopt Me it is possible to use the Robux associated with your account to buy various items. For example, if you are short on dollars and try to buy a egg, a screen appears that allows you to buy Buck (money) through the Robux.

Usually 50 Buck they cost 24 Robux, 200 Buck they cost 95 Robux, 600 Buck they cost 280 Robux, 1.400 Buck they cost 650 Robux, 3.000 Buck they cost 1.385 Robux e 10.000 Buck they cost 4.600 Robux.

I remind you that Buck can then be used, as I explained to you in the previous chapter, in the Nursery to buy eggs and then in fact you can speed up the process of "searching" for legendary pets, as you will be able to unlock the eggs right away.

Not only that: selecting yours egg within the game and pressing on the option Hatch now, you will be able to spend a certain number of Robux, generally 45, For make the egg hatch instantly and find out which one Five "Encloses".

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

In short, you understand well that in fact it is possible to do everything much faster through Robuxes, since you can get and hatch eggs in seconds. Let me be clear: it is not possible to "force" the chances of finding a Legendary Pet, so you could potentially stay the same "dry mouth", but you can have other animals quickly.

For the rest, there are some legendary pets that can just be purchased through Robux. These are typically featured around the map during certain private events or, more often, they can be found within the Pet Shop.

The latter is located to the left of the Nursery and has ateaches that depicts a bone. In short, you shouldn't have a problem finding it. Once inside the structure, on the right you will find all the animals available, among which are also present some legendary pets. In this area you can also refresh your pet with food and water.

In any case, at the time of this writing it is possible to get Robo Dog to 600 Robux. The same figure is required for Griffin e Kitsune, while Cerberus e Guardian Lion they cost 500 Robux. Peacockinstead, highlighted in the center, it requires 550 Robux.

For the rest, you can actually quickly access the Shop also by pressing onriquadro dressing present on the right of the screen, which allows you to purchase various Five always through Robux. In short, now you know a little about all the possibilities.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

For the rest, I warmly invite you to let go of the various proposals that other players might make you. In fact, unfortunately online is full of "pranksters" or, at worst, scammers: in certain cases, for example, through exchange mechanics, some players have managed to take possession of items of a certain value without ever returning them to direct interesting.

In addition, there are websites and videos that promise to get the player myriads of Pets or other items at particularly advantageous prices, or with seemingly free methods. Clearly it is good to stay away, as they are scams.

In short, the advice is to use only the methods provided directly by the game, that is the ones that I have previously recommended, without having to deal with strangers, that you do not know well.

I can assure you that by using the free egg method or, at most, by going through the micro-transactions offered directly by Adopt Me, you will be able to have fun and at the same time get, with a little patience, your legendary Pet.

How to have legendary pets on Adopt Me

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