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Every time you turn on the TV looking for some good movie to see you find yourself in the presence of programs that you think are not very interesting or films you have seen and seen and in the end you never know what to watch? Well, I'm sorry. If you want, however, I can give you some useful advice to try to cope with it. If you have an active and working connection and a computer at hand (but possibly a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, video game console or any other device capable of connecting to the Internet and showing the contents of the Web on one screen) you can spend a cheerful evening by going to watch movies on YouTube.

You probably weren't aware of it but you should know that on the world's number one video streaming and sharing site there are a bunch of channels entirely dedicated to watching movies of all kinds (comedies, horror, thrillers, love movies. etc.) from various eras and from various countries. Clearly, let's be clear right away, these are not colossals just released in cinemas but rather dated films or in any case not very famous. However, this does not preclude the fact that there may be some interesting titles.

Tell me the truth, did I make you curious at least a little? Yes? So let's not waste any more precious time and let's get to work immediately. I am sure that in the end you will be able to say that you are very happy and satisfied with the fairy "discovery". Oh, almost forgotten, to be able to watch movies "on the tube" you do not necessarily have to authenticate with your Google account, you can do everything even without having to register. Great, don't you think?

Film & Clips

The first of the YouTube channels I want to suggest you turn to is Film & Clips. This is the channel of Minerva Pictures, a film distribution house belonging to the Minerva Rarovideo publishing group, in which there are several films to watch for free and clips of cult films of various genres.

The Film & Clips catalog is mainly composed of old Italian films and films not belonging to various cinematographic genres. You can therefore find the classic comedies, detective stories, “spaghetti western” films and so on. To browse them all and then select the one that most attracts you, go to the section playlist of the channel and select the playlist Films & Clips Films in Italian complete.

As for the playlist in question, the titles available, at the time of writing, are about 200 and are updated quite frequently. Add Movies & Clips to your web browser's favorites now and you will see that you will not regret it.

Clearly nothing prevents you from taking a look at the other playlists available but they are mostly videos in a foreign language so unless you are also a perfect connoisseur of English, French, Spanish etc. I do not think you will be able to fully "enjoy" the vision of the chosen film.


You can also turn to the channel to watch movies on YouTube KissTube. The channel, which can count on a good number of subscribers and views, offers a rich selection of full movies to watch via streaming in totally legal matters. There are numerous films in Italian, all different by genre and organized in alphabetical order.

There are also films in another language and, apart from films, there are also documentaries, courses and audio books.

To watch a movie on KissTube, just, even in this case, go to the channel's home page, click on the item playlist present at the top and select the playlist that you think may contain films of your interest. For example, there is the playlist dedicated to science fiction films, the one dedicated to films belonging to independent cinema, the one with short films in the process.

Movie On

Movie On is another fairly well-known and busy YouTube channel for viewing movies online. It was launched on the YAM112003 network and around a hundred titles from all film genres are available in its catalog: action, horror, animated films, comedies and more. Most of the films are American but there is no shortage of French films and titles from other countries, both dubbed in Italian and in the original language.

Movie On also makes available to all Internet users wishing to watch movies on YouTube various playlists that allow you to easily find the various films available. For example there is the playlist ACTION FILM - Complete which includes all action movies, that one ROMANTIC FILMS - Complete which groups all the films belonging to the romantic genre, the playlist COMEDY FILM - Complete which allows you to view all films belonging to the comedy genre and so on. Even in this case, you can find them all by going to the main page of the channel and then clicking on the tab playlist which is high up.

Unfortunately at the moment the channel seems to be a bit stopped with the publications but this does not mean that there are no interesting films and above all that in the future they cannot resume updates. In short, give it a look right away and evaluate for yourself whether the available content can actually be interesting or not.

Pubblic Domain Movies

Another YouTube channel to which I suggest you take a look at least if you are a fan of old movies, indeed very old ones is Pubblic Domain full movies. It is a public channel, as can easily be deduced from the name itself, through which films of the public domain are distributed, therefore films on which no copyright is in force anymore or films freely granted by the relative producers.

On the channel you can see masterpieces of international cinema, the best colossals of past eras and even films of the best horror tradition. Unfortunately, there are no films in Italian but if you chew at least a little English or if you want to deepen your knowledge of the British language, you've come to the right place. If this may interest you, I would also like to point out that subtitles in other languages ​​are also available for some of the films in the catalog.

To search for interesting films on Public Domain full movies, go to the channel's home page and then select the tab playlist which is at the top then take a look at all the available playlists and click on the one that interests you most, for example The Charlie Chaplin colection to watch movies of Charlie Chaplin.

Good tips for optimal viewing

By reading the information I gave you in the previous lines, were you able to find one or more interesting films to watch on YouTube? I'm really happy with it! However, allow me to provide you with some useful advice in order to offer you the opportunity to view the films in question at their best.

First of all, I suggest you enable full screen viewing of the movie. To do this, just click on the button in the shape of square with open sides located in the lower right part of the video player. Then I suggest you make sure that the quality set is the highest allowed by your Internet connection and to do this you just need to select the button with thegear or the one with i three dots (depends on the device in use) which is always on the right side of the player, choose the option Quality from the menu you see appear and then that Car.

If you do not have a particularly high-performance Internet connection, in order to avoid any annoying blocks, I then suggest you avoid carrying out particularly demanding download and upload operations while watching movies. Put simply, it tries to avoid downloading content from the Internet via P2P software, streaming music, uploading files to cloud storage services, and so on. If you share the use of your Internet connection with other people - as happens almost in all cases with wireless networks - make sure that other users are not engaged in operations of this type. For the rest ... enjoy!

Other sites to watch movies in streaming

Did the channels I mentioned in the previous lines intrigue you but unfortunately you couldn't find a film that might interest you? Don't despair, you can still rely on the "power of the Web" to find some streaming movies to watch from your living room. In fact, you must know that there are many independent services on the net with a sufficiently varied catalog (indeed, perhaps even more than the YouTube channels that I have presented to you with this article of mine) and also with relatively recent films.

If this interests you, I therefore suggest you take a look at my guide dedicated to free streaming movies in which, in fact, I have proceeded to point you to numerous websites that allow you to watch full movies directly via the Internet, even in this case at a cost. zero and in a completely legal way.

And if you are also willing to shell out small sums of money, you can take a look at my post dedicated to streaming movies in Italian through which I have indicated you, Internet sites through which you can watch free movies separately, even some of the best solutions. for the paid video streaming of the moment. However, keep in mind that, even though these are pay solutions, you do not need to sign any type of contract (you can choose from time to time and / or month by month whether to pay or not to use the service) and also the amounts to be paid for viewing the movies are for good or bad the same ones that you would be required to pay for a ticket to the cinema. In short, nothing disproportionate or out of your reach.

In this regard, I also point out my thematic guides on how to watch Netflix, how NOW TV works and how Infinity works, three of the most popular paid video streaming services of the moment.

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