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From ForDataRecovery, we want to explain how to recover a deleted Telegram account. If you want to recover the account of this Application so similar to WhatsApp, where you can have a Chat and share the occasional Photo, have your Email at hand.

Some time ago registered a Telegram to experience how this well-known messaging service works, considered by many as the best alternative to WhatsApp. However, after using it for a few days, you realized it wasn't for you and proceeded to delete your account.

However, if you are here now and you are reading these lines, it is obviously because you have had more doubts and, therefore, you would like to understand how to recover a deleted Telegram account. That's right, isn't it? No problem: if you give me a minimum of your attention, I can illustrate you in a simple but not for this little detailed way how to carry out the aforementioned operation, both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

I anticipate right away that, contrary to what you may think, it is not difficult and no special technical skills are required to do it: it only takes a few minutes and a pinch of attention. Then? Are you ready to get started? Yes? Great, let's ban the chatter and act right away!

Preliminary information

Before we get to the heart of the tutorial, let's explain what are the steps to follow to recover a deleted Telegram account, there is some preliminary information about it that you need to know.

First of all, know that deleting a Telegram account can happen both in the manual way, through the corresponding deactivation page made available by the messaging service, than automatically, after a certain period of inactivity (as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how to delete Telegram accounts).

Another thing to keep in mind is that deleting a Telegram account is irreversible. This means that, after you have deleted it, you can not proceed to recover it: the only thing you can do is create a new account with the same phone number and username, since there is no limitation in this regard.

It is precisely this possibility that I will tell you about in the next lines. However, please note that by proceeding in this way you will not be able to recover your history, your groups and/or your contacts. In addition, your account will be reported to other users of the service as a new user: whoever has your phone number in their contacts will receive a specific notification.

Given what I have just explained to you, I would say that you are finally ready to take action and go find out, therefore, what are the steps to follow to "recover" a Telegram account. You will find everything explained in detail below.

How to recover deleted Telegram accounts from smartphones and tablets.

Want to understand how to recover deleted Telegram account from smartphones and tablets? I'll explain right away how to do it, it's a piece of cake. First, if you previously deleted the Telegram app from your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, download it and install it again.

Then, if you are using Android, visit the corresponding section of Play Store and press the Install button. If you are using a device on which there is no Play Store (for example, a Huawei smartphone with AppGallery), you can download Telegram through an alternative store, as I explained in my tutorial on how to install apps on Huawei.

If you are using iOS / iPadOS instead, access the appropriate section of the App Store, presses the Get button, so on that Install and authorizes the download using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Once the download is complete or, in any case, if the application was already present on your device, start Telegram by selecting the corresponding. icon that you will find on the home screen or in the app drawer. Once the main screen of the application is displayed, select the wording Continue.

Preview, therefore, to re-create your account on Telegram, indicating yours nation from the drop-down menu at the top and entering yours Mobile phone number in the field provided, located a little further down (making sure in advance that the prefix corrected in the adjacent field). Then, tap the button with the arrow (on Android) or on the voice forward (your iOS/iPadOS).

After completing the above steps, Telegram will provide you with a code via SMS, which you must type in the appropriate field to verify your identity. If no message is sent to you, you will receive one called by Telegram that will allow you to proceed with the authentication. Then tap the button again with the arrow (on Android) or on the voice forward (your iOS/iPadOS).

Then complete the proposed form with your first name and (if you want) with your last name, then choose whether to add a profile picture by pressing the button with the camera (on Android) or on the voice Add photos (on iOS / iPadOS) and selecting an image from the Gallery of your smartphone or tablet.

If when performing the steps above you see alerts appear on the screen by which you are prompted to grant the application and the necessary permissions to access contacts, microphone, camera and notifications, also accept, as necessary, to fully use all the features offered by Telegram.

Finally, tap the button again with the arrow (on Android) or onwards (on iOS / iPadOS) and you will find yourself in front of the Telegram screen from which to start new chats. At this point, the recovery procedure can be considered completed and then you can resume using the service as you did until before the account is deleted.

How to recover deleted Telegram account from the computer.

If you are interested in recovering deleted Telegram account from computer, you first need to worry about downloading and reinstalling its client for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Then, if you previously uninstalled the program, reinstall it. To succeed in that Windows 10, go to the appropriate section of Microsoft Store and click the Install button.

If, on the other hand, you are using an older version of Windows, instead, you can download Telegram from the program's official website by going to its home page and clicking on the Get Telegram for Windows button in the center of the page. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained and, in the window that opens, select the language you want from the menu, then click on the OK, go ahead (three times in a row), Install and end buttons.

Are you using a Mac? If so, go to the appropriate section of the Mac App Store, click on the Get button, so on that Install and, if necessary, authorize the download and installation by typing the password of your Apple account or by touching ID (if the Mac you are using supports this technology).

Now, regardless of the operating system used, start Telegram. When you are shown the main screen of the program, click on the item Continue, to resolve, then presses the Start button to send text messages.

So, select yours Country of residence from the menu at the top and enter yours Mobile phone number in the next field, checking in advance that prefix corrected from the appropriate menu (if not, you provide).

Now click the forward button and enter the code to verify your account that was sent to you via SMS. If the code is not sent to you, you will receive one call by Telegram to continue with the authentication anyway.

At this point, fill in the fields visible in the program window with the information related to your profile, then yours first name and (if you want) yours last name, then if you want to add yours also Images click on dedicated button and select the image you want to use.

Finally, click on button to move forward and you will find yourself in front of the Telegram screen related to conversations. At that point, you can finally start using the account again. It was easy, wasn't it?

How to recover deleted Telegram account from the web?

Telegram account recovery can also be implemented via Web Design. I will explain right away how to proceed. First, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet from your computer (for example, Chrome) and go to the Telegram Web home page.

Then select your country of residence from the Nation drop-down menu and enter your cell phone number in the Phone Number field, making sure before you in the Code field is set the correct prefix (if this is not the case, do it yourself).

Then click on the forward item located at the top right; check, using the prompt that appears on the screen, that the mobile number entered is correct, and click on the OK item. If the number is incorrect, select the Cancel link instead and correct it.

After completing the above steps, enter the code to verify the account that Telegram sent you via SMS. If you do not receive the code, wait to call by the messaging service to continue with the authentication.

At this point, complete the fields on the screen with yours: first name and (if you want) your last name, then add any profile pictures by clicking on the dedicated button and selecting the image of the computer you're using.

To complete the account recovery procedure, click on button to continue and you will find yourself in front of the Telegram screen related to the conversations. done!

In case of doubts or problems

Despite having followed my instructions in detail, you still haven't managed to recover the deleted Telegram account? Is there anything that is still not quite clear to you? In this case, I suggest you take a look at the FAQ section of the Telegram website, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions from users.

If the FAQs are not helpful, I suggest you request direct support from the Telegram team. To do this, go to the corresponding web page, type your message (preferably in English) in the Please describe your problem field, enter your email address in the Email field, indicate your mobile number in the Your phone number field and proceed with sending the report by pressing the Submit button.

If you think you need more details about the practices described in this step, read my tutorial dedicated to the most common Telegram problems.

Frequently asked questions and answers

If when we open a chat we get a deleted account message, it means that the account is not active.
And there are two reasons why it is not active.
Possibly the user himself has decided to close his account and also that the platform itself has closed it because it has not been used for a long time.
23 May two thousand twenty two

You can do this in Settings > Privacy and security > 2-Step Verification.
Once activated, you will need the SMS code and password to start the session.
You can also set up a restore email that will help you regain access in case you forget your password.

Telegram also lets you create an alias or username.
It will be enough to search for that username so that someone else can find you on the application, so you will no longer need to give them your number.
16 May two thousand and twenty-two

Enter the verification code you received in a message in the Telegram app.
Click on "Sign in".
Click "Delete My Account" and confirm.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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