How to open WPS

Programs to open WPS files

First of all, let's try to understand how to open WPS files by using special computer programs. Whether you intend to open them only to view their content or to modify them, you can rely on the software listed below.

They are free, for Windows and Mac and able to fulfill the purpose for which they are intended to perfection. Try them now and you will see that you will not regret it.

LibreOffice (Windows/Mac)

The first resource I invite you to use to open WPS is LibreOffice. It is the best free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office, or a productivity suite including tools for drafting documents, developing spreadsheets, managing databases, preparing presentations and much more compatible with all Office files. It is available for both Windows and Mac (as well as Linux), is very easy to use and is completely in cittàn. What more could you want?

To download LibreOffice on your computer, connect to its website and click on the button Download version 6.xx that you find at the top. Then open the suite installation package and first click on Run, Then NEXT twice in a row and then on InstallYes and end to conclude the setup.

At this point, start LibreOffice and select the Works document to view and / or modify by going to the menu Fillet di Writer (the word processing application included in the suite) and then choosing the item You open... or, even more simply, drag the file into the program window. Et voila!

As anticipated, LibreOffice is also available on Mac. If you have such a computer, follow the directions above to download the software and click on the link LibreOffice_x.x_MacOS_x86_langpack_it.dmg to also download the language files needed to translate the suite into cittàn (on Windows everything is included in the main installation package).

When the download is complete, open the LibreOffice package in .dmg format and drag the software icon to the folder Applications macOS, then open the dmg package with the language files and launch the application LibreOffice Language Pack to translate the interface of the suite into cittàn.

If error messages appear when you try to start LibreOffice or its language pack, right click on their icons and choose the item apri from the menu that appears and in the window that appears on the desktop to solve the problem by going around the limitations imposed by Apple against authorized developers.

OpenOffice (Windows/Mac)

As an alternative to LibreOffice, you can turn to OpenOffice. Haven't you ever heard of it? No problem, let's fix it right away. It is a free and open source productivity suite that represents a further valid "free" alternative to the Microsoft Office package. Until recently it was the best ever, but today it shares this honor with the aforementioned LibreOffice, with which it shares part of the source code. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS (as well as Linux) and is super easy to use.

To use it for your purpose, first connect to the suite's website and download it by clicking on the button download for free located in the center of the page and then on the button Download full version (recommended) present in the next screen.

When the download is complete, open the OpenOffice installation package and complete the setup by clicking on Yes and then NEXTInstallanchor your NEXT for three consecutive times and infinity on Install and end. When installation is complete, start OpenOffice, click on the button NEXT and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing your name, your surname and your initials, then click on the button end.

If what you are using is a Mac, after downloading the installation file, open the package in .dmg format obtained, drag the OpenOffice icon contained inside it into the folder Applications macOS and double-click it to start the program. If in doing this you see some error message appear, first right-click on the suite icon and choose the item apri from the menu that appears and in response to the on-screen warning in order to open OpenOffice going around the limitations imposed by Apple against developers not authorized by the company.

Now, regardless of the operating system in use, start OpenOffice and then click on the wording Fillet at the top of the program window and select the item Apri ... from the menu that appears in order to display the reference file in Writer (the word processing application included in the suite). Alternatively, you can open the WPS of your interest by dragging it directly into the program window. Done! It was simple, wasn't it?

Convert WPS files to other formats to be able to open them

If you are looking for an alternative route to the one above. especially if you want to make your life easier and make WPS documents "digestible" not only by all the main word processors for computers but also by smartphones and tablets (using applications suitable for the purpose, such as those I reported to you in my posts on Office for Android and Office for iPad), use one of the many conversion services available online and turn them into common Word documents.

You ask me which services of this type to use? Well, for example the ones you find listed below.


The first of the services to which I want to suggest you to appeal to convert the WPS files in your possession into Word documents is DocsPal. It is free, in cittàn and allows you to convert the type of file in question (but not only) directly and comfortably from the browser window. It does not require any registration to be used but imposes some limitations: the weight of the files to be uploaded cannot exceed 50 MB and it is not possible to upload more than 5 files at a time.

To find out how it works, connected to its home page, click on the button Browse the file present in correspondence with the wording Step 1 and select the WPS file you want to convert to Word. Alternatively, drag the file to be converted directly into the browser window by dropping it on the section Simply drag and drop your files here. If the WPS file on which you want to intervene is already online, you can directly indicate the url in the field that you find in correspondence with the wording Enter the URL of the file:.

Then use the menu on the right, corresponding to the section Step 2, to select the voice DOC - Microsoft Word Document or DOCX - Microsoft Word 2007 Document (depends on your needs).

Then go to the section Step 3, check the box next to the item Send a download link to my email address (optional): type your e-mail address in the field below if you wish to receive a link to your converted file also directly in your e-mail box and click on Convert files to start the conversion procedure.

At the end of the procedure, click on the name of the file that appeared under the heading Converted Files: to download the final file to your computer. If you had previously also indicated your e-mail address to receive the link to download the file, you can download the WPS file transformed into Word by opening the message that was sent to you by the service and clicking on the link inside it. .


In alternative to the service of cui sopra, puoi appellarti a Zamzar. This is another free online resource that allows you to transform WPS files into Word documents as well as, of course, to intervene on various other file formats. All uploaded documents are deleted from the service servers within 24 hours of uploading. It should also be noted that the uploaded files cannot exceed the maximum size of 50MB (unless you subscribe to one of the paid service plans).

To use it, first connect to the Zamzar home page and click on the button Choose files ... present nella sezione Step 1. In the window that opens, look for the WPS file you want to convert to Word so that you can then open it without problems, select it and click the button to open it. Alternatively, drag the WPS files you want to convert directly into the browser window, bringing them to the writing Drop your files here which will appear if necessary.

If, on the other hand, the WPS file you want to transform into Word is online and not on your computer, you can download it directly from the Web by clicking on the tab URL Converter of Zamzar and filling in the field that you find in correspondence with the wording Step 1 with its link.

Select by voice doc or that one docx (depends on your needs) in the drop-down menu in the section Step 2 and enter your e-mail address in the field that you find corresponding to the section Step 3. In doing this, please check that the email entered is correct as the link to download the converted file will be provided to you via email, at the address indicated.

Then click the button Convert and, in the window that appears, presses the button OK. Therefore, wait for the loading of the WPS document to be converted into Word to be completed and if everything went the right way you will see a new page appearing Complete file upload.

At this point, all you have to do is wait for Zamzar to process and convert the file (they can be several hours fast!). You will then receive, as anticipated a few lines above, an e-mail message from the service with a link inside which you can click to download the converted file.

How to open WPS

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