How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

The voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon can answer any questions asked by users and their tone of voice has become more and more natural over the years, so as to faithfully trace the human voice. But what if we wanted to customize the voice assistants' voice to make it more masculine or feminine, slower or faster? Not all voice assistants allow you to change your voice (at least for now), but those that offer this possibility offer a wide level of customization, so as to adapt to our needs, making it even more human to speak with the voice assistant or with devices like Echo and Google Nest.

Let's see in this guide how to change voice to Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, showing you the screens with which we can change the voice both to assistants on smartphones and portable speakers (increasingly present in english homes).

How to change voice to voice assistants

To change the voices of the various voice assistants we will have to act from the apps on the Android or iPhone smartphones, by accessing the screens dedicated to the configuration of the voice assistants. In the following chapters we will therefore see how to find the right settings for Google Assistant, for Apple Siri and for Amazon Alexa, currently the most popular voice assistants in the city and in the world.

Change voice on Google Assistant

To change the voice to the Google Assistant, let's get an Android smartphone, configure it with the desired Google account then open the app Google, let's get to the menu Other, we press on the voice Settings, we press on the item Google Assistant, we press down on View all settings and scroll down to find the menu Assistant voice.

How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

In this screen we can choose between a male voice and a female voice, choosing between the two colored circles at the top. Once the change has been applied, it will be immediately operational on all devices connected with the Google account used: if we also have Google Nest speakers at home, they will speak from now on with the chosen voice.

In the same screen we can also choose the level of informality of the voice, by pressing on the devices at the bottom of the Voice Output section: by doing this we can make the voice take on a formal or informal tone according to our needs, so that we can have a real assistant. serious in the office and a more informal assistant when we are at home. By changing the language it is possible to obtain even more voices, but the recognition accuracy will significantly decrease; if we want to try other items let's go back to the assistant settings menu then press on Languages to change language; currently the one with the most voices is the English language, which we can select for testing.

To learn more, we invite you to read our guide Google Assistant settings on Android, iPhone and Nest.

Change voice on Apple Siri

On iPhone and iPad we find the voice assistant Siri, which has always allowed us to change the tone of voice with which it answers our questions or requests. To change voice on Siri on iPhone and iPad, open the app Settings, let's get to the menu Siri and search and press on the menu Siri's voice.

How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

In the screen that opens, we can choose whether to change the voice of Siri from a man or a woman, based on our preferences and based on the voice that convinces us or that we like the most (by default the voice is female). Also in this case different voices are available (with different accents) by changing the language of Siri; to do some tests let's go back to Settings -> Siri and search, press on Language, we choose English and let's go back to the menu Siri's voice to choose between various English accents, as well as various shades.

To learn how to use Siri we can read our guide More useful things to say to Siri (iPhone and iPad voice commands).

Change voice on Amazon Alexa

At present it is not possible to change Alexa's voice, at least for the english version of the famous voice assistant: despite being the most popular assistant and with the most functions related to home automation, this feature has not yet arrived in our country. However, we can try the various Alexa voices based on the selected language, which also displays various accents based on the chosen language; to do this test we open the Amazon Alexa app (available for Android and for iPhone / iPad), log in with the Amazon account also used on Echo Dot or similar, press at the bottom right of the menu Other, we press on the voice Alexa on this phone so let's change the language in the section Language.

How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

These changes only apply to the Alexa app on the phone; to change the voice via the language on Echo Dot or other similar speakers let's go to the Alexa app, open the menu devices at the bottom, click on the icon Echo E Alexa, we press on the device to which we want to change the language and scroll to find the menu Language.

How to change voice to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

Obviously we will have to repeat the steps for all the Echos we own in the house, so that we can test a different voice. Some Alexa Skills allow you to have different voices, but they cannot be used for some voice commands; to learn more we can read our article Best Alexa Skills to Activate on Amazon Echo.


Currently we can change the voice of Google Assistant and Siri, but the choice is somewhat limited, especially when compared to the choice that is offered to users who speak English. On Amazon Alexa it is not possible to change the voice in the english language, but we can always test the voices offered in the other languages, so as to hear the difference in accents between the various variants of English or Spanish.

If we are in great difficulty with the English language and / or the English voice assistant does not understand our words, we can recover by reading our guides Sites to learn foreign languages ​​online for free with lessons and videos e Learn to speak a language in video chat with native speakers.

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