How to call Vodafone from Wind

Call Vodafone from Wind

Call Vodafone from Wind it is possible to operate either from mobile line that fixed line. The procedure to be implemented is identical in both cases and as, anticipated at the beginning of the article, it is extremely simple to perform. So let's see how to proceed.

If you want to get in touch with Vodafone using the Wind SIM in use on your mobile phone or your fixed line Wind / Infostrada, all you have to do is make a call to the number 800 100 195, what the manager has specifically made available for non-customers.

So, take your mobile phone or the handset of your home phone, dial the number I have just indicated on the numeric keypad and press the button to start a call (the one with the green handset lifted).

Once the phone call has started, follow the instructions of the voice guide, first of all specifying if you need help with the fixed telephony (button 1) or for the mobile (button 2). Then, if requested, indicate your current one telephone number followed by the # key (Eg. 1234567890 #), then press the button corresponding to your needs: you can request the passage of your current line to Vodafone, you can choose to speak to an operator, etc.

However, keep in mind that very often telephone operators, including Vodafone, have the (bad) habit of changing the key combinations to press to perform this or that operation and to talk to operators. Precisely taking this into account, in order to avoid making errors of form and unnecessarily wasting your precious free time, my "tips" aside, I strongly recommend that you follow the instructions of the guide voice with the utmost attention, in such a way to be able to select the correct keys.

I would also like to point out that the numbering in question is up and running tutti i giorni and at all times, but the operators "in the flesh" are only available from 08.00 to 22.00. The call is free from both mobile and cellular lines.

Contact Vodafone from the Internet

In addition to being able to contact Vodafone from the Wind line as I explained to you in the previous step, you can also talk to an operator of the famous telephone operator via the Web, to be precise by exploiting the power of what are the social networks par excellence: Facebook e Twitter.

If you are interested in this, please continue reading. Below you will find illustrated how to proceed in both cases. It goes without saying that, to use the methods in question, you must have an active and functioning Internet connection.


If you want to know how to contact Vodafone via Facebook, the first fundamental step you must take is to go to the official page of the operator, after logging in to your account on the social network (if you do not already have one, read my guide on how to create a Facebook profile to find out immediately how to fix it) , and press the button Send a message.

In the chat screen that will open at this point (the app Messenger, if you are operating mobile), dial your own message for Vodafone, through which to briefly indicate your doubts and / or your problems, and send it by pressing the button Submit on the keyboard.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a response from thevirtual assistant by Vodafone (a bot) that will ask you some questions, in order to try to satisfy your needs. If this is not successful, you will be asked if you intend to get in touch with an operator "in flesh and blood" and your request will soon be processed by a human operator.

If you want, you can also request to speak directly with a human operator: to do this, once the conversation with the bot has started, type operator in the text entry field and press the key Submit on the keyboard. If your request is not accepted, try repeating this step again.

Note that the service in question is 100% free and is active at any time of day or night, from Monday to Friday. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the operators, the real ones, respond only in the time slot that goes from the 08.00 22.00.


If you want to find out how to contact Vodafone from Twitter, the first thing you need to do is to target a tweet, after logging in to your profile (if you are not already registered to the service, you can fix it immediately by reading my guide on how to subscribe to Twitter), to @VodafoneIT, the official account of the operator. To do this, just press the button Send Tweet that you find on the left.

Using the window that will open, type the body of your message briefly explaining the reasons that prompted you to contact Vodafone, then click on the button Tweet to send it. Note that the message is public. By virtue of this, I advise you not to enter your phone number or other sensitive data, as they could be seen by anyone.

After sending the message, wait for Vodafone customer service to answer you, they are usually quite fast. Later, you may be invited to continue the conversation via private messages and, at that point, you may be asked to provide additional information based on your request.

If this interests you, know that all the operations described above can also be performed from the Twitter app available for mobile devices. The steps to be taken are for better or worse the same as those seen together just now for the Web version of Twitter.

Finally, I would like to point out that the service is totally free and is active at any time of day or night, from Monday to Friday. The only thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that operators respond to messages received only and exclusively from hours to 8.00 22.00.

Have Vodafone contact you

Instead of calling Vodafone and trying to talk to its operators via social media, you can have the manager contact you. You ask me how? I'll explain it to you right away, it's child's play! The solution, however, I anticipate it immediately, is valid only if you intend to switch to Vodafone. In fact, the commercial department will contact you, other types of requests will be declined.

Having made the necessary clarifications above, the first move you must make to be able to get Vodafone to contact you is to visit this web page of the Vodafone website. Next, select the topic of your interest among Rates for smartphones, Rates for tablets, PCs and keys, Unlimited internet, Smartphone, Tablet or Mobile Wi-Fi.

In the new Web page that will later be shown to you, press the button / link We call you for free that you find in correspondence with the name of the offer or product of your interest. If the button isn't visible, click the rate or product name first.

In the window that will open at this point, enter your Wind phone number in the field Enter Phone, answer any questions you may be asked (eg. Do you already have Vodafone ADSL?, if you have chosen to be contacted by Vodafone regarding fixed telephony solutions) and then click on the button We call you for free.

Within a few moments you will be contacted by Vodafone at the telephone number you indicated online and you can, therefore, ask for information about the rate or product chosen and, if actually interested, proceed with the relative purchase.

For more details on what to do, I invite you to refer to my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to be called by Vodafone, through which I have dealt with the issue in greater detail.

Online support and official forum

I had anticipated it at the beginning of the article: in addition to explaining how to contact Vodafone from a Wind line, I would like to show you how to find various information about the famous British operator without necessarily having to interface with operators and social networks.

For the clarification, I refer to the possibility of visiting the online support of Vodafone and to consult the various questions with prompt answers, based on your doubts. So, connected to the appropriate section of the Vodafone website, it, select the card Rates and Products (if your doubts concern mobile telephony) or that Fiber, ADSL and Telephone (if your doubts concern the landline), choose thetopic of your interest by clicking on the links attached to the boxes below and consult the various information available.

Another tool, useful for the purpose in question, that you have on your side is the official community by Vodafone: you can access it by visiting its web page and, thanks to it, you can get in direct contact with the operator and with other users like you, obtaining information about offers, services and products of the company and participating in various discussions.

How to call Vodafone from Wind

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