How not to be called by Sky

Preliminary information

How not to be called by Sky

Before going into the highlight of this tutorial and seeing, together, how not to be called by Sky, let me give you some preliminary information which will help you better understand the picture of the situation.

First of all, I would like to tell you that, if you receive calls from Sky, it is likely that this happens for a very simple reason: you gave your consent to receive promotional communications when you canceled the contract you had stipulated with the famous pay TV. .

That said, to try to remedy the situation, you can opt for various solutions: subscribe to the Register of oppositions, contact Sky by registered letter with return receipt in order to express your wish not to receive other advertising calls or to resort to the use of apps that block calls coming from call centers in general (not just those who work on behalf of Sky) on the smartphone.

Take into account, however, that it is not certain that you can completely block these calls: it may be that from time to time you will still receive some, but at least you should be able to reduce the frequency with which this happens. Is everything clear so far? Well then I would say we can now move on to practice!

Register in the Register of oppositions

How not to be called by Sky

Register in the Register of oppositions is one of the solutions you can adopt to try to avoid advertising calls from call centers working on behalf of Sky. If you do not know, the Register of oppositions is a free service made available by the Ministry of Economic Development which allows you to request the blocking of telephone calls by telemarketing operators on fixed and mobile lines (provided that these are included in the DBU, the single database with which the register of oppositions is periodically synchronized).

To subscribe to the Register of oppositions, linked to its home page, click on the button Subscriber area at the top left and first click on the button Web and then on the link Access the "Registration" electronic form, present in the box Registration.

On the page that opens, fill in the form displayed by entering all the required information in the appropriate fields: Surname / Company name, Your name, Tax code / VAT number, Birthday, Email addressNumber, Type of opposition and so on. Then put the check mark on the box relating to the acknowledgment of thePrivacy Policy and the declaration of truthfulness of the data provided and, after completing the procedure relating to the security check (by typing the code shown in the image in the appropriate field), click on the button Send located at the bottom of the page. 

At this point, the registration is complete and you should see on the page that opens a user code identification of the practice you have completed. I recommend that you make a note of it and keep it, as it may come in handy at a later time.

After sending the registration request to the Register of oppositions, know that they can go up to 15 days so that this is actually accepted. After registration, you can proceed to send a request to Guarantor for the protection of personal data to prevent the reception of commercial calls.

To do this, download the User form registered in the Register of Oppositions - Reporting advertising calls and also the Reporting receipt of advertising calls form on reserved users by clicking on the links I have just provided, clicking on the links on the pages you open and then pressing on the symbol of arrow or on that of floppy disk.

How not to be called by Sky

After downloading the forms in question (which, as you may have noticed, are PDF files with editable fields), fill them in all their parts, taking care to specify the name of Sky city Srl in the text fields where you need to specify the name of the company making commercial phone calls. After completing the forms, print them, sign them and send them by recommended return at Guarantor for the protection of personal data - Piazza Venezia, 11 - 00187 Rome (RM), or send them by PEC to the addresses e

If commercial calls from Sky (or other companies working on its behalf) continue, it may be that you have not revoked your consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes. Know that, if this is your case, you can ask the call center operator who contacted you to tell you the list from which your number was taken and ask for it to be deleted.

Please note: as an alternative to the procedure indicated a few lines above, know that it is possible to register in the Register of oppositions also through phone, faxrecommended return e e-mail. For more information on how to do this, read the guide in which I explain in detail how to register in the Register of oppositions.

Contact Sky by phone

How not to be called by Sky

Perhaps few people know, but it is possible contact Sky by phone to request the cancellation of your number from your database. To do so, call the number 800.986869 and follow the instructions of the voice guide to complete the operation.

You will be asked to type the number to which Sky has contacted you and which, therefore, you wish to be deleted from the database, and to confirm the operation, by pressing a button (eg. 1). I remind you that the call is free and can be made at any time, since it is an automatic service.

Send a registered letter with return receipt

How not to be called by Sky

Another solution you can take to prevent Sky from calling you is send a registered letter with return receipt to the famous pay TV, so as to express in black and white your desire not to receive other advertising calls to the numbers that are in your name.

In the letter in question, provide your personal data - name, last name, fiscal Code, telephone number, email address, etc. - and explicitly request that your number be deleted from Sky's database and that it no longer be used to contact you for commercial or other purposes. Then sign the letter in question and send it to the following postal address: SKY - PO Box 13057 - 20141 MILAN.

App to block calls from Sky

If the solutions mentioned in the previous lines don't stop you from receiving commercial calls, you can try the following app to block calls from Sky and, more generally, by all telemarketing operators on smartphones.

Truecaller (Android/iOS)

How not to be called by Sky

Truecaller is an app to identify and block promotional calls that can count on a database consisting of billions of telephone numbers relating to the main "nuisances", ie call centers, pollsters and telemarketers.

Before explaining how it works, I would like to tell you that Truecaller is a free app but that, in order to work, it requires theentering your mobile number in your public database, which makes its numbering traceable to all those who use the service through its official app for Android and iOS or its web version.

If you have no problems sharing your number in the Truecaller public database, install and start the app on your smartphone, tap the button Start placed on her home screen, grant her permission to access calls, contacts and messages, write yours cellphone number in the appropriate field and then tap the button Accetta and continue.

Wait, therefore, for your number to be verified through an automatic phone call (to which you will not have to answer) and possibly write in the appropriate text field the verification code that will be sent to you via SMS and press the button Continue.

Next, provide yours name e last name in the appropriate form, tap the button Continue and, once registration is complete, set your preferences for displaying advertisements by selecting the options Yes o No to the questions that are asked of you. finally, tap the button NEXT.

Now press on the buttons NEXT e I got it, so as to scroll through the information sheets of the tutorial that illustrates the general operation of Truecaller, therefore, if you use Android, tap on the symbol of shield and select the item Lock settings from the screen that opens, so as to activate the blocking of calls from unknown numbers. Then move up ON the switch lever located in correspondence with the inscriptions Block well known spammersBlock private numbers and that's it: calls from call centers will be blocked.

If you use a iPhoneInstead, you have to perform two very important operations, without which you cannot use the Truecaller filter: you must allow the app to monitor incoming calls and, if you want to automatically block calls from "annoying", you must create a contact with all the numbers of the Truecaller blacklist and add it to the native iOS blcklist.

So go to the menu Settings> Phone> Call blocking and identification and move up ON the levetta relating to Truecaller. Then open Truecaller, press on yours profile picture (top left), go up Settings> More annoying and move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Save as contact (to create the one-stop contact with all Truecaller nuisance numbers). Finally, go to the menu Settings> Phone> Call blocking and identification iOS, press the button Block contact and select il contact of Truecaller to automatically block calls from known annoyances.

From time to time, remember to update the Truecaller database by tapping on the icon shield located on the main screen of the app and then on the button Update the main annoyances. OK?

In case you no longer want to use Truecaller, remember to deactivate your account by pressing the button () or yours profile picture and by going to Settings> Privacy center> Deactivate account. Then request the removal of your number from the public database of the service by sending the request through the form you find on this page.

Should I Answer (Android)

How not to be called by Sky

If you use an Android smartphone and Truecaller does not seem like a suitable solution for you, given the compromises for the privacy it requires, I suggest you try Should I Answer: it is a very famous free app that allows you to block commercial calls from call centers (such as those of Sky), based on the data in its database which is updated by the users themselves.

After installing and starting Should I Answer, remove the check mark from the item Send anonymous statistics on incoming calls, if you do not want to consent to the sending of statistics on the calls received, then tap the green button Continue  and, in the screen that opens, press the buttons Consent (below the box System permissions) is Continue.

Now, select the tab Settings, scroll down the menu that appears, move up ON the switch levers next to the settings you want to activate in the section Block incoming calls from (Eg. local numbers evaluated negativelynumbers rated negatively by the communitynumbers not stored in contactsHidden numbers e Foreign numbers) And that's it.

How not to be called by Sky

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