How Facebook Stories Work

How to make Facebook stories

Logically, I would say to start the article by seeing how to make Facebook stories: in this way you can immediately try your hand at creating these contents and sharing them with the people who follow you.

How to create stories on Facebook

How Facebook Stories Work

create the stories on Facebook, you can use both the official app of the service for Android or iOS / iPadOS, and its web version from PC. The steps to follow are similar, but the types of content that can be posted change (from a PC it is not possible, for example, to take photos or videos in real time).

If you prefer to act from mobile devices, log in to Facebook from the official app of the service, press the button (+) Create a story placed on its home screen (reachable by pressing the icon of the cottage) and decide whether to take a photo or video in real time (by pressing on camera placed at the bottom right and using thecircular ring that appears below) or whether to load a content already present in the roll of your device, pressing on its preview.

After making the photo or video to share in Facebook stories - or having uploaded content from the Gallery - you can further enrich the latter with elements of various kinds, by selecting them using the buttons visible on the screen: Wall Stickers, to add stickers; Text, to write about history; Draw, to draw a hand-made design; Effects, to apply effects and filters; Tag people, to tag other users registered on the platform e Entrainment , to apply an animation.

Once you have selected the additional element with which to enrich the content added in the story, use the buttons and menu displayed on the screen to modify and customize it to your liking.

In case you prefer to act as PC, after logging in to the Facebook site, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead posto in alto a destra and selects the voice Story from the open menu; then decide the type of content to publish (Create a story with photos o Create a story with text). For the rest you do not have many opportunities for customization, if not choosing a photo, writing a text and changing the background of the story, using the buttons on the left.

How to post stories on Facebook

How Facebook Stories Work

After creating the story, you need to proceed with his publication. How you do it? Succeeding is very simple, as you just need to press the appropriate publish button.

Before doing so, however, make sure that the story is published using privacy settings that are to your liking. Therefore, click on the button Privacy (l'icona della roller located at the bottom left on mobile and left on desktop) and, in the new screen that has opened, select the privacy option you want to use: All, if you want anyone on Facebook or Messenger to be able to see the content; Friends, if you want to show the story only to those who are on your friends list; Hide the story a, to hide the story from specific users; or custom, to use customized privacy settings and decide who to show or not to show the content to.

Once you have selected the privacy setting that is to your liking, go back to the previous screen, by pressing on the arrow located at the top left, press the button Share in the story And that's it. In case you have connected Instagram to Facebook, you will be asked if you want share only on Facebook the content or if you want to post it also on Instagram.

You just have to wait for the content to be shared on Facebook: as I told you, this will remain visible for 24 hours. It will not appear publicly in your diary, but will be visible to other users in the appropriate section of the social network based on the privacy settings you have chosen.

In case of second thoughts, to delete a photo or video present in the Stories, after opening the content in question, you must select the item Delete the photo / video from the menu that appears. Easy, right?

How to save stories on Facebook

How Facebook Stories Work

If you want, you can too save the stories you have published and store them in the roll of your smartphone. This is only feasible from mobile.

After opening the Facebook application, then tap on the item The tua storia present in its main screen, presses on three dots located at the top right and select the wording Save the photo / video from the opened menu. A message will indicate that the procedure was successful.

How Facebook Stories Views Work

How Facebook Stories Work

If you are curious to know how Facebook Stories views work, as you would like to find out who has seen your content, know that you can easily do it both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

After opening Facebook on your device and logging into your account, presses on the item The tua storia located on the main screen of the social network and select the wording Views placed at the bottom left of the story (on mobile) or on the left (on the web version of the social network).

This way you will be able to see the exact names of the users who have seen the content you posted in the stories.

How to see Facebook Stories

Having clarified what there was to be clarified on the creation of the stories, let's go “to the other side” and find out how to see Facebook Stories posted by other users. I guarantee you that it is a very simple operation.

How to see stories on Facebook

How Facebook Stories Work

See Facebook Stories it is, as just said, very simple. On the Facebook home screen (whether it is the app or the Web version of the social network) there is the section dedicated to the stories, the one where you can find previews of the same with, next to, the names of those who created them.

To view a story, whether you are working from mobile or desktop, all you have to do is press on thepreview of the one you are interested in: all the contents included in it will be displayed automatically and the subsequent stories of other users will also be reproduced.

To reply to a story, tap on the text field Reply to [name], type the message of your interest and press the icon ofairplane to proceed with sending. Simple, right?

How to see Facebook Stories without being seen

How Facebook Stories Work

You want to know if it's possible see Facebook Stories without being seen? The answer is yes, but to do it you need to do some “magheggio”.

Specifically, it is necessary to resort to apps external to Facebook designed for this purpose, which allow you to use a sort of "incognito browsing" on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, thus allowing you to watch Facebook stories without the author receiving the appropriate notification (as seen in one of the previous chapters).

One of the most used apps for this purpose is Bluer for Facebook and Messenger, available for Android (you can download it from an alternative store, if you have a device without the Play Store) and for iOS / iPadOS. Be aware that these apps usually require you to log into your account, which could pose a potential privacy risk. I invite you to use it only if strictly necessary: ​​for all the details, consult my dedicated tutorial.

How to see Facebook Stories without being friends

How Facebook Stories Work

If, on the other hand, you want see Facebook Stories without being friends, know that this is feasible only if a content has been published with the privacy option "Everyone". In this case, to proceed, just go to the user's profile (looking for it in Facebook and selecting the appropriate result) and press on his profilo's photo.

Otherwise, it is not possible to do so, unless you create a secondary profile, ask for friendship through the latter to the person of your interest and proceed to view the stories according to the methods I indicated in the tutorial just linked.

How to save the Facebook stories of others

How Facebook Stories Work

I conclude the article by explaining to you how to save the Facebook stories of others, as this might interest you. Well, I want to tell you that at the moment there is no useful function that is already integrated in the social network.

However, there are "tricks" to succeed in this "enterprise", such as making screenshots and screen recordings, as well as using third-party apps useful for the purpose, such as Save Story for Android (if you have a device without Google services, you can find it on an alternative store) and Total Files for iOS / iPadOS.

For more information on how to save the Facebook stories of others, I refer you to reading the article I published on the subject.

How Facebook Stories Work

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