How Tinder works

What is Tinder and how it works

Before explaining to you how Tinder works, I have to give you some preliminary information about this dating service, its mechanisms and also its prices.

Tinder can be used through the appropriate app for Android (also available on alternative stores) and iOS, but it can also be used from the Web, through its official website. The mechanism on which it is based is that of match.

If you don't know what I mean and you wonder how Tinder match works, you must know that the match is nothing more than the compatibility between two users, which occurs when both, without knowing it, express mutual interest by liking their respective profiles. Following the match - which I'll talk about later - with a person, you get the chance to start a private conversation with them.

How do you say? Were you wondering if e how Tinder for free works. Yes, Tinder is free to use, however some features, such as the super I like it or the chance to find out who liked their profile, are available in an unlimited way only after taking out a subscription Tinder Gold o Tinder Plus: let me explain better what it is.

How Tinder Gold works

As anticipated, tinder is a free dating service, but you can subscribe to Tinder Gold, to be able to take advantage of some additional features that allow, for example, to find out who has "liked" their profile or enable the feature "cancel", which is used to cancel the positive or negative vote expressed against a user's profile.

The cost of Tinder Gold su Android is € 15,99 for 1 month, € 9,16 / month for the 6-month subscription and € 7,08 / month for the annual subscription. Up iOS the cost is € 16,49 for a single month, € 57,99 for the 6-month subscription and € 90,99 for the annual subscription.

It is also possible to subscribe from Web with the following prices: 11,39 € / month for 1 month, 6,68 € / month for 6 months and 5,24 € / month for 12 months.

How Tinder Plus works

As an alternative to Tinder Gold, there is the plan Tinder Plus, which allows you to take advantage of other additional features, such as i "I like it" unlimited and the cancellation of the last unlimited swipe.

The prices of Tinder Plus are as follows: su Android € 9,99 / month, € 5,99 / month for 6 months and € 4,58 / month for 12 months; up iOSInstead, the prices are € 4,99 / month for 1 month, € 17,99 for 6 months or € 27,99 for 1 year.

Also in this case, it is possible to subscribe from Web with the following prices: € 7,59 / month, € 4,43 / month for 6 months and € 3,48 / month for 1 year.

How Tinder works from smartphones and tablets

Would you like to use tinder on your smartphone Android o iOS? No problem, I'm here to explain all the features of the mobile version of this popular dating app.

First, then, download the app on your device via the Google Play Store (or via alternative stores) on Androidby pressing the buttons Install and then Accept. On iPhoneinstead, download it from the iOS App Store by pressing the button Get and then unlock the download via the Face ID, Touch ID or password of your iCloud account.

Once you have downloaded the app, start it by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the app menu and proceed as follows. The operation, as I am about to explain to you, is perfectly identical on both operating systems.

To get started, then, register via Facebook (Login with Facebook), through Google (Log in with Google) or by phone number (Log in with phone number), by filling in the following forms that will be proposed to you with all the data required in order to create an account. Once this is done, click on the button Accept and start customizing your profile, indicating the information you are asked for, such as yours name your date of birth and generally of belonging. Finally, add some photo, to complete the creation of your profile.

After that, tap the button first Allow use of your location and then Allow, in order to activate geolocation on your device, in order to improve Tinder's search algorithm based on your geographical location. Once you have completed these initial procedures you will be able to see the list of people potentially compatible with your interests on the main screen (theTinder icon).

To get started, then, swipe user profiles to the green heart button, to indicate appreciation. Scrolling to the red button Xinstead, you can discard the displayed profile, indicating that it is not interesting to you. In the event that there is compatibility you will be immediately notified and, from that moment on, you can start chatting with the user in question, by pressing on his name located in the tab Match, within the section marked by cartoon symbol.

Among the other most noteworthy features of tinder there is the Here are the top picks. (the'spark icon), which allows you to choose for free one profile per day for which to indicate a particular appreciation (the super I like it), through theblue star icon.

Il purple lightning bolt symbol it is, on the other hand, the paid functionality Skip the line di Tinder Plus, which is used to increase visits to your profile. Even the key Cancel (the'yellow arrow icon), which is used to cancel a vote, is subject to a fee and, to be used, requires a subscription Tinder Plus.

If, on the other hand, you wish to make further changes to your profile, click onicona dell'omino located at the top and then tap on the item Edit bio, to access the section dedicated to its customization.

To adjust the settings of the Tinder algorithm, on the other hand, for example in order to indicate users' viewing preferences (such as age range e generally membership), refer to the relevant menu items in the section Settings (the'icona dell'ingranaggio).

I also point out the possibility of verify your profile pressing the appropriate item and following the proposed procedure: it involves sending selfies and little else, in order to obtain a badge that certifies that yours is not a fake profile (thus increasing its appeal in the eyes of other users).

How Tinder works from the web

To register a tinder and to use the service from PC, you can proceed via the Web, by connecting to the home page of the official website.

To get started, then, choose whether to register via Google (Log in with Google), through Facebook (Login with Facebook) or through the telephone number (Log in with your mobile number). After that, type yours cellphone number, for confirmation and press the button Accept.

Once this is done, start customizing your profile, indicating the information you are asked for, such as yours name date of birth and generally of belonging. Upload, then some photo to add to your profile and press the button Continue, to continue. Once you have registered your account, you consent to access your location by pressing the button Allow, through the browser request window that will be shown to you at the top.

Once this is done, Tinder will show you a list of people who are potentially compatible with you, also based on your geographic location. You can, therefore, start immediately to evaluate the users who are shown to you through the tools made available by tinder, in order to obtain the match with the people who are most in line with your interests.

As you can see, in fact, under the profilo's photo of a user there are a few buttons that make up the key features of Tinder: the green heart symbol corresponds to I like it, a tool that is used to indicate an appreciation, while the button of the Red X it is used to discard a user's profile. Finally, the symbol of the blue star and the Super I like it, which is used to indicate a strong interest in a person.

In the event that there is an appreciation from both, a notice will indicate that the match and that, therefore, you can start a conversation with that person, using the appropriate chat located in the section Messages which you can find in the left sidebar.

If you wish, you can further customize the search for people who are potentially compatible with you: to do so, click on the item My Profile to access the settings of tinder. Having done this, via entries such as Maximum distance, Looking for e Age range you can indicate to the dating site some more precise information about what your searches are.

Finally, by pressing on the button Edit Info, you can take action to modify your profile, adding more photos and other information about yourself. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

How Tinder works

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