How Runtastic works

How Runtastic Steps Pedometer works

How Runtastic works

The first application developed by Runtastic that I want to tell you about is Runtastic Steps Contapassi. Previously known as "Runtastic Me", it is an app dedicated to lovers of walking as a form of physical activity.

To use it, download it on your device: if you use Android, visit the Play Store link I just provided and press the buttons InstallAccept; if you are using iOS / iPadOS, on the other hand, open the App Store link that I have just provided you, press the button Get and confirm the download via the Face ID, touch ID or the Password of your Apple ID. At the end of the installation, start the application by pressing the button apri or by tapping on its icon that appears on the home screen or in the drawer.

Next, grant the app the permissions it needs to work properly and then authorize the connection with Google Fit, on Android, or with the app Health, on iOS / iPadOS. In fact, the application uses the smartphone's default pedometer (or, in any case, the sensors integrated into the device) to monitor physical activity. If you are asked, then proceed to register for an account, completely free of charge, in order to start viewing the application's home screen.

As you can see, the application is divided into various screens, accessible by tapping on the icons in the bar at the bottom. The section News offers health advice and allows you to view your friends in the application, allowing you to update your contact list by adding friends via the main social networks; the section Progress shows the monthly and daily statistics, drawing up a ranking that allows you to compete with friends; the board Activities shows statistics with an indication of the distances traveled, calories consumed and so on, while pressing the icon of thelittle man located at the bottom right you can access the screen relating to your profile, to set or change the daily goal.

Come funziona Adidas Training by Runtastic

How Runtastic works

Among the most prominent applications developed by Runtastic is Adidas Training for Android and iOS / iPadOS: a solution dedicated to training that integrates numerous video lessons for those who want to train from home or in the gym without the aid of a personal trainer and doing everything at their own pace. As its name indicates, it was made in collaboration with Adidas.

The application is presented with the typical style of the other apps developed by Runtastic, thus offering a long series of video lessons completely free, but leaving the possibility of subscribing to a subscription, which starts at 9,99 euros / month, to have access to unlimited features and tons of other exercise videos.

After installing and starting Adidas Training, you will be asked to register or log in with your account dedicated to Runtastic services and fill in the initial form of your profile (if you have not done so previously).

Adidas Training, as you can see, is divided into various sections: the most significant one is accessible by tapping on the menu item Workouts. You will then be presented with the ability to view videos dedicated to independent workouts or exercises. Pressing on the section Workout creator, for example, you can choose which part of the body to train (keep in mind that not all the exercises prepared by Runtastic are available in the free version).

Once you have chosen the exercise or the part of the body you want to train, press the button Continue and follow the instructions that are given to you on the screen (as well as those that are given to you by the voice guide), so as to complete the training.

Come funziona Adidas Running by Runtastic

How Runtastic works

The most downloaded and used application, among those developed by Runtastic, is Adidas Running, also available for Android and iOS / iPadOS. The reason is obvious: this app is designed to track sports training performed with different types of sports: running and walking, but also football, cycling, swimming, basketball, tennis and much more.

If you want to start using this application to monitor the physical activity that you usually carry out, after having installed and started it on your device, register or log in to it, in order to access (as in the case of the apps mentioned in the chapters previous).

The user interface is practically identical to the other applications I told you about in the course of my guide: you will then find the sections again News, Progress, Activities, Piani e Profile.

First, then tap the button Activities and, in correspondence with the button Start, presses on the symbol ofgear located on the right: you can customize the application and choose, through the menu that will open by tapping on the wording Type of Sport, the sporting activity you intend to monitor. Then activate the GPS from your device, in order to always have a track of your route in case of activity, such as running or walking, and press the button Start, to begin tracing.

The main social features of Runtastic will be visible in this application: you can in fact activate the Live Tracking and publish the conduct of your business on Facebook, receiving messages of encouragement from your friends. At the end of the workout, swipe from left to right on the button Scroll for the break and then presses the button end, so as to end the session.

Remember, then, to also press the button Save, to save data regarding your activity. At the end of this operation, you will see a report on your training containing all the statistics regarding the activity performed.

How Runtastic works

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