How Pokémon Go works

How to download Pokémon Go on Android:

First, let's see how to download Pokémon Go on a smartphone with an Android operating system. Doing so is very simple, since you just need to connect to the PlayStore, the Google virtual store which, on Android devices, allows you to download games and apps.

Consequently, if you want to download the Pok√©mon Go game on your tablet or smartphone you must first locate the Google PlayStore (the app has the symbol of a colored triangle). Did you find it? Very well! Tap on its icon and start the application. Once it opens, type Pok√©mon Go in the search engine that you find at the top of the main menu.

Now wait for the results: once displayed, tap on the first icon you see on the screen. Make sure you download the right application; note that Pok√©mon Go is shaped like a Pokeball and is developed by Niantic Inc.

Found it? Perfect. Tap its icon to preview the application and then, to install it, tap the button Install and then on the button Accept you see on the screen. Once this procedure is done, the application will be downloading and installing on your Android mobile device. All you have to do at this very moment is to wait until the download is complete.

Finally, to make sure that the application has finished downloading correctly, check that, instead of the button Install / Accetto instead there is the button apri.

If so, you can tap the button apri to launch Pokémon Go and begin playing. In the following lines I will talk to you in detail about the characteristics of the game, explaining the steps to follow to carry out the initial configuration of the game and what you will need to do to continue, following the tutorial.

To download Pok√©mon Go on Android you can also click on the link below, directly via your mobile device. The link leads to Android's PlayStore and once the preview screen is displayed you will have to press the button  Install / Accetto to download Pok√©mon Go.

  • Pok√©mon Go- Download the app for free on Android via the PlayStore

How to download Pokémon Go on iOS:

Do you have an Apple device? Is your trusty companion on adventures an iPhone or an iPad? No problem, Pokémon Go is also available on iOS.

In the following lines I'll explain step by step how to download the app on your iOS mobile device: all you have to do is follow my instructions carefully.

The first thing to do is obviously to open App Store on iOS, or Apple's virtual store through which you can download all the apps to use on iPhone or iPad. (App Store is in the shape of a letter A on a light blue background).

Once the App Store is open, tap on the magnifying glass symbol next to the item Search that you find in the bottom menu of the App Store.

C0 will now appear the search engine at the top: type Pok√©mon Go in the text field and press the button Search to confirm the search. As soon as you see the search results, locate the Pok√©mon Go app, the app has a symbol on it Pokeball and is developed by Niantic.

Did you find the app? All right, now hit the button Ottieni / Installa. Now you just have to verify your identity: then enter your Apple account password or place your finger on the sensor touch ID, if this is present on your smartphone.

Ok, don't give up, we're almost there. Now you are one step away from being able to start playing Pokémon Go, you just have to wait for the application to download correctly on your Apple mobile device.

How about checking if the download has finished? If you return to the App Store download screen you will see an indicator that will show you the progress of the download. The app will have finished when instead of the button Ottieni / Installa the button will appear apri.

There is also an alternative method for downloading Pokémon Go to your Apple device faster. Grab your smartphone or tablet and tap on the link I'm about to share with you. I refer you to the game page on the App Store: in this way you can download Pokémon Go by tapping the button Get / Install.

  • Pok√©mon Go- download the application from the iOS App Store

How Pokémon Go works (Android / iOS):

Pokémon Go is not a smartphone game like all the others: it is a game based on augmented reality, in which the aim will be to go around the city by pointing the smartphone at certain points, with the aim of exploring the virtual world. to catch Pokémon.

Keep in mind that to play Pokémon Go, access to the GPS of the smartphone and to the camera. The former must always be active to play, while the camera can be activated manually on demand. Furthermore, those who are already familiar with the franchise developed by Nintendo will find some characteristic elements of the saga and will be facilitated by already knowing the functioning of places and objects such as Pokéballs, PokeStops and Arenas, just to give an example.

At the first login, you must first enter yours date of birth, using the appropriate text fields. Then press the button Confirmation to continue. If prompted, allow notifications to be sent and give Pokémon Go access to your device's camera.

Then choose whether to log in with Google or through your Pokémon Trainer Club account. If you log in with your Pokémon Trainer Club you will need to enter your username and password in the appropriate text fields, and then press Log in. If you choose to log in via Google account instead, you will have to choose the Google account you want to connect with instead. Then press on Accept to accept the information regarding the terms of the game service.

Once in the game, you will first have to create your character and customize it using the special tools dedicated to your Avatar on Pokèmon Go. To confirm the character created, press the button Yes. Then press on the item OK to accept the subsequent notice regarding the privacy policy for the game.

Before getting into the action you will have to follow the tutorial in the game which will guide you in detail in what are the main features of the game. You will have to physically walk with your mobile device in hand to meet new Pokémon to catch and, by tapping on them, activate the camera via the button Activate the camera to see them magically appear on your device screen and in three dimensions. Via the button AR, you can also activate or deactivate the virtual reality feature, which allows you to see Pokémon, framing real places via your smartphone.

To catch a Pokémon, you will now have to throw your Pokéball at it and try and try again until you are successful in your attempt to catch it. Captured Pokémon are registered in the Pokedex.

We are almost there, you are almost ready to immerse yourself in the vast world of PoKémon Go. You will now have to choose your nickname, indicating it in the appropriate text field and then pressing the button OK e SI per confirm it.

From now on you can continue on your own: the game takes place all in a map that will reproduce the environment around you. All you have to do is walk around your city looking for places to visit, such as Gyms, PokéStops, as they appear on your map. Note that Pokémon may also appear that you will need to catch. To level up and unlock new content you will need to accumulate special points, to do so just follow the instructions that will be offered to you each time in the game.

Other features of the game include the ability to upgrade captured Pokémon: leveling them up will make them stronger and increase the chances of victory in Pokémon battles. It is even possible to find Pokémon Eggs which, once hatched, could lead to higher value Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is a game free but some contents may turn out to payment; in fact, the game is supported through the optional possibility of making in-app purchases.

How Pokémon Go works

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