How Linkem works

Technology used

To understand how Linkem works, first of all we need to clarify the type of technology used for the use of the service. The operator appeared on the market in 2001 and has always offered an alternative wireless Internet connection service to the classic ADSL.

It currently uses technology FWA +, acronym for Fixed Wireless Access, which uses a hybrid fiber-radio system to allow you to surf at high speed even where a traditional ADSL / fiber line is not available.

Also referred to as FTTT (Fiber to the tower), this system foresees that the fiber cable arrives up to a radio base station, which emits the signal to the target device (the Linkem apparatus, in this case). Unlike wireless infrastructures, therefore, with this system, the signal travels wirelessly between two fixed systems: the radio base station and the signal receiving apparatus.

Translated even more in plain English? Linkem allows you to navigate at speed up to 30 Mega download with no traffic or time limits without having to have a fixed line.

Verification of coverage

Including the type of technology used by the manager, let's now try to understand how to do it verification of coverage. Performing this operation is of fundamental importance in order to be able to make sure that the operator actually has "field" in the area for which the activation of the service is being evaluated and, clearly, to avoid future unpleasant surprises.

To check the degree of Linkem coverage, connected to the home page or to the page of any offer on the operator's site, enter the address of the home where you want to use the connection, choose the suggestion more relevant and presses the button Check coverage. If your area is reached by the Linkem network, you will see the list of offers that you can activate.

Offers and activation

Once we understand the technology behind the service and after verifying the coverage, we can finally go and analyze what are the offers of the operator. You can find them below, both in prepaid and subscription format. There are also solutions designed specifically for the business sphere. Try to identify the one that you think may be more suitable for you and if you think it appropriate, go ahead with the activation.


As for the sphere Prepaid, in the Linkem price list there is the offer Linkem without limits rechargeable can be activated in two variants: one that allows you to enjoy 3 months Internet browsing at the price d 99,00 € and another that offers the possibility of having 1 year Internet browsing a 269,00 €.

Both plans include an indoor or outdoor device and the ability to browse with a download speed of up to 30 Mega without limits in terms of traffic or navigation time.

Once the 3 months or 12 months foreseen by the initial offer for Linkem Senza Limiti Rechargeable have expired, it is possible to top up the line by purchasing one of the packages indicated below.

  • 1 month of Internet for € 27,00 (also with automatic monthly renewal)
  • 3 months of Internet for € 78,00
  • 5 months of Internet for € 120,00
  • 12 months of Internet for € 240,00

The top-up purchase procedure can be carried out directly online, through the customer area of ​​the manager's website, at Lottomatica points of sale or, again, at Linkem authorized dealers.

As for the "fateful" activation and installation costs, currently there are none. The modem is granted on loan for use by the operator and in case of withdrawal, the device must be returned to Linkem following the instructions provided by the operator. It should be noted that if the return is not made, a penalty of € 100,00 will be incurred for each device not returned.

Note that the indoor modem can be easily carried around and can be used to establish the connection with Linkem in all areas where the operator's network is present (however, it must be switched on). The outdoor modem, on the other hand, requires installation by a specialized technician (operation included in the offer price) and, consequently, cannot be transported left and right. However, it manages to pick up the signal in a much better way than the indoor one. More info here and here.


In the Linkem price list there is also an offer in sauce subscription, the one called Linkem without limits, which can be declined in various versions.

The standard version of the plan has a fixed cost of 26,90 euro / month, allows you to enjoy a connection with speeds up to 30 Mbps in download and has no traffic limits. It provides for an activation fee of 100 euros, which however is discounted to 49 euros (12,25 euros / month). The device, which is provided on loan for use, can be both internal (which as already mentioned can be married according to one's needs) and external (free installation by a specialized technician is required).

In case of withdrawal, the device must be returned to Linkem following the instructions provided directly by the operator. If the modem is not returned, a penalty of 100,00 euros will be paid (for each device withheld). The cost of deactivation is always around 27 euros. More info here.

The variant is also available during the promo periods Mega Promo of the plan with a discounted monthly fee a € 19,90 for 1 year (more info here). The version should also be underlined Smart school of the offer, which also includes the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet at 10 euros / month, 20 pre-loaded Web Apps for school and study and insurance coverage on the tablet (More info here).

Costumer Services

Want to get in touch with the customer care of Linkem because you are having some problems or because you have a doubt? So do this: if you have not yet signed up for an offer with the manager grab your phone, dial the number 06 94444 and initiates a phone call (which is payment based on the plan signed with the operator currently in place). By doing this you can get in touch with the commercial assistance.

If, on the other hand, you have already subscribed to an offer, you are a private customer and you want to call from a landline, the number you need to contact is 800 546 536 (the call is free). If you want to call from mobile the right number is 06 94444 (the call is subject to a fee based on the tariff active on the number used).

For business customers, on the other hand, numbering is available 800 487 078 (the call is free from a landline). Further numbers and contacts, useful for example for reports and complaints and for contractual changes, are shown on this specific page.

Do you prefer social networks? No problem. Linkem has also activated a social care service. More precisely, you can get in touch with the manager's customer service through Facebook or by Twitter. In both cases, send a message to the provider in which you explain what the problems or your doubts are and wait for an answer that, you will see, will not be long in coming.

I also suggest you take a look at the section Support of the Linkem website where there are numerous questions with prompt answers that may be useful to dispel your doubts quickly and without even having to personally contact the manager.


After understanding how Linkem works, you have activated an offer from the operator but now you have changed your mind and would like to cancel the service correctly and without incurring unnecessary penalties and / or encountering annoying bureaucratic delays? Don't worry, I can help you with that too.

In principle, all you have to do is download, fill in and send a special module as well as strictly adhere to the contractual conditions and, as already mentioned in the previous lines, return the modem received on loan for use.

The cancellation can be made in the case of a subscription or a rechargeable contract. You will find everything explained in detail, together with how and where to find the right modules, in my article dedicated to the topic.

However, keep in mind that the deactivation costs and penalties provided by Linkem may vary with the passage of time. So, if you want to be always updated on this, I suggest you connect to the section of the manager's website dedicated to contacts and forms and to carefully consult the available info.

How Linkem works

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