How Infinity + works

Infinity + prices

Let's start with one of the most important questions: how much does Infinity + cost? The monthly plan of Infinity + is the one from 7,99 euro / month, which includes the viewing of all the contents present in the catalog of the service (films, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, television shows and football with 121 matches out of 137 of the UEFA Champions League). Regarding football, you should know that you can also watch the free contents of Mediaset Infinity, so all the matches of the City cup.

Exceptions are only the first-run films, those just arrived on the home video market, which are not included in the price and must be rented separately (even if, on a weekly basis, some of them are included in the basic offer of Infinity for a few days, through the 'initiative Infinity premiere). Alternatively, it is possible to subscribe to the six-monthly plan (€ 39 every 6 months) or the annual plan (€ 69 / year).

New subscribers to Infinity + can take advantage of 7 free trial days of the service, non-binding and without obligation of renewal. The supported payment methods are credit card, account Amazon Pay e PayPal. In addition, the Infinity Pass prepaid cards, through which it is possible to take advantage of one or more months of subscription by typing a simple code on the site, therefore without using a credit card or PayPal.

Passes can be purchased on Amazon and in many physical electronics stores with prices ranging from € 39 to € 79 depending on the months of activation. However, periodically some limited promotions may vary the viewing period or the price of Infinity Pass+.

A very important thing to specify is that the Infinity Passes are cumulative: in fact, by accessing the section Manage Account> Subscription Details of Infinity and clicking on Enter new Pass, you can add a new code and extend your subscription to the service without using your card or PayPal.

Vedi offers your Amazon

Finally, the availability of some offers for ADSL and mobile phones that include the vision of Infinity + for a few months or more at no cost. Read my post on internet offers if you want to know more.

Minimum requirements

To use Infinity +, you must have a fast enough internet connection and you must use a device compatible with the streaming service.

According to the guidelines of Infinity + to be able to use the service without problems it is necessary to have a connection with a speed equal to at least 1.3 Mbps to be able to view content in standard definition, at least 4.5 Mbps to view the content in HD and at least 7 Mbps for 4K UHD content.

Below you will find the list of all devices compatible with Infinity +.

  • PC Windows e Mac through major browsers such as ChromeFirefoxSafariMicrosoft Edge. The reproduction of multimedia contents takes place in HTML5 format.
  • Android and Apple mobile devices: by downloading the app Mediaset Infinity for Android and iOS / iPadOS.
  • Game console: NVIDIA Shield and Razer Forge, but more devices will be added later
  • Smart TV: Smart TV Samsung, LG, Hisense and Sony and Android TV.
  • HDMI sticks: Google Chromecast (Please note:: following the merger of Mediaset Play and Infinity, this functionality is temporarily unavailable. There is still no certain timeframe for restoring the function.)
  • Other devices: Apple TV (via AirPlay), Amazon Fire Stick, Blu-Ray players and digital terrestrial / satellite decoders enabled.

You can see Infinity + from multiple devices at the same time, but only a maximum of 4 devices can be associated. Once the first 4 devices have been associated, to associate a new one it is necessary to delete one from the list. A maximum of 9 devices can be paired in one year. The management of the enabled devices takes place in the section User areaAssociated devices.

As far as geographical borders are concerned, Infinity + is available both on the in your languagen territory, including San Marino and Vatican City, and in the countries of the European Union.

For the complete list of Infinity + compatible devices, see the official support page of the service.

How to register for Infinity +

The best way to understand how Infinity + works is certainly to subscribe to the service and access its vast catalog, which currently has over 2.500 films, 2.700 episodes of TV series, 1.500 episodes of cartoons, TV programs and first-run films for rent. The service, as already mentioned above, can be tried free for 7 days with no obligation to renew and with the possibility to cancel the subscription at any time at no cost.

To subscribe to Infinity +, the first thing you need to do is click here in order to connect to the main page of the service (you can do it both from your PC and from the browser of your mobile device, through the app Mediaset Infinity per Android e iOS/iPadOS).

Clicca, quindi, sul pulsating Try Infinity + for free, if you want to activate the free trial of Infinity + and register by pressing the buttons Register> Register with email and password. Once this is done, fill in the form proposed on the screen by entering yours email address and Password to be used to access the service, then press the button Send.

If you prefer, you can also register for the service through your Facebook, Apple or Google account simply by pressing the buttons Register with Facebook, Register with Google o Sign up with Apple and authorizing access to your social profile.

In the new web page that will open, choose the subscription to try between monthly, half yearly o annual, indicates the payment method you intend to use between credit card, amazon Pay account e PayPal and provide all the payment details necessary for the activation of the free trial. The cost of the service will not be credited to you before the 7-day trial expires. Later, you can cancel your subscription at any time (even before the free trial expires) and incur no costs.

How to use Infinity +

The Infinity + interface is extremely intuitive: at the top there is a convenient menu through which you can choose the type of content to be displayed (CinemaSeries, Live channels For rent) and clicking on each of the items in question, access all the available sub-categories, for example Entrainment , Adventure, Comedy, Drama etc. for movies or TV series. By leveraging the Campo di Ricerca placed at the top right, however, you can type a specific keyword and search for the content of your interest.

On smartphones and tablets, the menu for selecting categories can be called up by pressing on the item Catalog, while the search can be done by pressing the icon of magnifying glass located at the top right.

In the center of the page, both on computers and on smartphones and tablets, you will find the list of the latest arrivals and contents more seen, the list of first-run films available on Infinity premiere (the initiative that allows you to see first-time films for free for a week), the ones you were seeing (via the section keep watching the playback of a content resumes from the point where it was left off, regardless of the device used), plus some collections of films and TV series selected by Infinity based on various criteria.

After identifying the content of your interest, in order to view it, first click on its playbill and then on the button Play / Save present on the page that opens (if it is a series or a TV program consisting of several episodes, you must click on the button play related to the episode to watch).

The Infinity player can be moved anywhere and includes all the basic multimedia controls: view a full screen, regulation of the volume, play / pause e time scroll bar. It also contains the icon of a comic which, if clicked, allows you to select the audio tracks and subtitles available for the content being played. The commands are the same on computers, smartphones and tablets.

If you stop watching a piece of content, Infinity will remember where you left off and will allow you to resume viewing from it. To view the list of content that you have "pending", connect to the home page of Infinity + and consult the section Continue to keep.

Another very interesting function of the streaming service offered by Mediaset is that relating to the list of favorites, which I call Your list, allows you to create a list of content to watch later. To add content to your favorites, press the button Your list present in correspondence with the poster of a film or a TV series. Next, you will find the titles added to the list in the section Your lists by Infinity +.

Rent movies

In addition to the many films included in the subscription, Infinity + also offers a wide range of first-watch titles for rent, which can be purchased at varying prices.

To rent a content, connect to the main page of Infinity + from your PC or start the official app of the service on one of the devices supported (rental is not available on iOS / iPadOS), then access the section For rent and browse all the available titles, which are divided into categories: the most rented, news, collection samples and so on.

On the page that opens, choose the content to watch by pressing on its poster, press the button Info Rental and then Proceed. If prompted, type yours PIN in the appropriate text field (the default PIN is 0000) and click your Confirmation to proceed with the transaction. The title will be added to the section Rented of Infinity and will remain available for 48 hours: a period of time during which you can watch it as many times as you want.

If you do not remember the PIN for the rental confirmation, go to the section User area by Infinity + (by clicking on your profile icon top right), select items User area > Change PIN and proceed with the recovery of the code by pressing on the item If you have forgotten your PIN you can ask for a new one. A new PIN will be sent to the email address used during registration.

Manage profiles

Infinity + allows you to create different profiles for each account, so that each member of the family can freely watch and manage the content of their interest. Furthermore, the service learns about the user's tastes and automatically suggests content that may be of interest to the latter.

To create a new profile in your account, connect to the Infinity + home page on your PC or start the app Mediaset Infinity on your smartphone / tablet, tap on his profile icon (in alto a destra) and selects the voice Change profile from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, select the item Add profile from the left sidebar, then presses the button Add profile and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the name typology (adult o child) and theavatar to assign to the profile.

By selecting the type child, each time this profile is selected, the interface will change passing to a protected section in which only the contents dedicated to children are shown.

Use Infinity on smartphones and tablets

Infinity + can also be used via the app Mediaset Infinity for Android, iOS / iPadOS. Its operation is very intuitive, also because it perfectly follows the Web version of the service.

To download the Mediaset Infinity on your smartphone or tablet, open the device store (Play Store if you use an Android terminal, App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad and search for "Mediaset Infinity"Within the latter. Select, therefore, the app icon from the search results and proceed to download the app by pressing the button Ottieni / Installa. If you are using an iOS device, you may be asked to authenticate with Touch ID, Face ID, or Apple ID password.

Once installation is complete, start the Mediaset Infinity and log in to your account by pressing the button Log in located at the top right, so you can log in with your email address and password or with your accounts Facebook, Apple o Google. Then identify the contents of your interest and start watching them, or download them, following the instructions I have already given you in the previous chapters of the tutorial: the operation of the app is identical to the Infinity + website.

A recommendation I make to you is that of keep the Mediaset Infinity app constantly updated: in this way you can avoid vision problems and you can take advantage of all the latest features of the service. If you don't know how to upgrade Mediaset Infinity, open the store of your smartphone (eg. Play Store your android or App Store on iOS), access the updates menu and, if available, install the latest version of the app. If you need more detailed information on how to proceed, check out my tutorial on updating applications.

Using Infinity + on TV

As noted above, there are so many ways to access Infinity + content from your TV: now I will list them all in detail explaining how to proceed.

  • Smart TV, set-top box or Blu-Ray player - if you have a Smart TV, a decoder or a Blu-Ray Smart player compatible with Infinity +, you can access all the contents of the service simply by starting the app Mediaset Infinity and logging in with your account data. If the app is not already present in the home menu of the device, you can download it by opening the store and searching for it. For more information on the procedure to follow, please see my tutorials on how to download apps on Samsung Smart TVs, how to download apps on Philips Smart TVs and Smart TV apps.
  • Video game console - if you have a console between PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Xbox 360, you can install the Infinity app and access all the contents of the service. To do this, open the console store, search for Infinity within the latter and proceed to download the application. Let's take a practical example: if you have a PS4, select the icon TV and video from the main menu, then go to All apps, select Infinity e pulsing sul pulsating Download present in the screen that opens. If you have a console that supports the Google Cast system, on the other hand, to view the Infinity contents you have to start the service app on your smartphone or tablet and press the icon of the broadcast (the Wi-Fi wave screen next to it) located at the top right. For the transmission to be successful, smartphone / tablet and console must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • chromecast - Chromecast is the HDMI dongle produced by Google, which allows you to send content from smartphones, tablets and computers to the TV via the Wi-Fi network. To use it, all you have to do is connect the device to the TV, configure it using the app Google Home, start viewing a content in the Infinity app on a smartphone or tablet and press the icon of broadcast (the Wi-Fi wave screen next to it) located at the top right. Chromecast and smartphone / tablet must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you need more information on how Chromecast works, consult my tutorial dedicated to the subject. ATTENTION: following the merger of Mediaset Play and Infinity, which took place in the first half of 2021, the use of Chromecast with the Mediaset Infinity app is temporarily unavailable. There is still no certain timeframe for restoring the function.
  • Apple TV - if you have an Apple TV, you can stream Infinity content from iPhone or iPad using the AirPlay function. To take advantage of the AirPlay function, connect the iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi network as Apple TV, open the Infinity application and, after starting the playback of a content, activate the transmission to Apple TV by first pressing on the icon of shield with triangle and then on the name of Apple TV. If you need more information on how Apple TV works, read the tutorial I dedicated to the subject.
  • Connection between computer and TV - if you do not have any of the devices mentioned above, you can view the contents of Infinity on the TV by connecting the computer to the TV. If you don't know how to connect PC to TV or how to connect Mac to TV, check out my themed tutorials.

Finally, I highly recommend that you read my post on how to watch Infinity + on TV, which lists all the methods for accessing Infinity + content on TV.

Disable Infinity +

As amply pointed out above, it is possible deactivate your Infinity + subscription at any time and at no cost. Furthermore, in the case of the initial trial, no charges are made before 7 days: once the trial period of Infinity + has ended, you can choose whether to continue using the service and therefore subscribe to a subscription or to deactivate the automatic renewal of the same. no cost.

To disable the automatic renewal of Infinity + and therefore avoid automatic charges at the end of the trial period, access the service through its official website, press on yours profile icon (in alto a destra) and selects the voice User area from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, select the items Details and modification > Details > Turn off renewal and confirm the operation, when requested.

On smartphones and tablets, you can achieve the same result by launching the official app of Mediaset Infinity and carrying out the exact same procedure just explained.

After deactivation, you will be able to continue to enjoy the contents of Infinity + until the natural expiry of the current subscription (eg at the end of the 7 days of the initial trial). If any steps are not clear to you and / or you need more information on how to disable Infinity +, please consult the tutorial I dedicated to the topic.

In case of problems

You no longer remember the password to access your account Infinity +? Trying to start playing content, did you get an error message saying you have reached the maximum number of devices supported by your account? Are the videos jerky? Don't worry: these are quite common problems, which can almost always be solved in a handful of clicks (or taps).

If you no longer remember the password to access your account Mediaset and, therefore, consequently a Infinity +, connected to the home page of the service and first click on the button Log in (top right) and then on the items Log in with email and password e Forgot password? present in the box that opens.

Alternatively, if you prefer to act mobile, launch the Mediaset Infinity on your smartphone or tablet, first press the icon of the little man then press the items Login> Login with email and password and then the voice Forgot password? nel riquadro che comes visualizzato sullo schermo.

At this point, type yours email address in the appropriate text field, press the button Send and you will receive an e-mail message through which you can reset the access password to your Mediaset account with which you can log in to Infinity +.

If, on the other hand, your problem is that you can't start playing content because you have exceeded the maximum number of devices that can be associated with your account, access all'Infinity User Area+ and remove a device via section Associated devices, in order to free up a “slot”. You can perform this operation in the exact same way by acting from a PC or a smartphone / tablet.

If a video is stuttering, try to check the quality of your connection using the Infinity + line test service. For any other doubt or problem relating to the operation of the service, refer to the section relating to the assistance of the service, which is accessible from this web page and from the app Mediaset Infinity, by pressing first on the profile icon and then on the items My Area > Support> Faq.

Article created in collaboration with Infinity.

How Infinity + works

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