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  • How to download Google Maps (Android / iOS)
  • How Google Maps works (Android / iOS)

How to download Google Maps (Android / iOS)

Before we can provide you with detailed information on how Google Maps works you must first explain how you will need to proceed to download and install the Google Maps application on your Android or iOS mobile device.

In order to use this Google service as a navigator it is in fact necessary to have previously downloaded and installed the application from the Android Play Store or from the iOS App Store; I'll explain how to do it in the following lines.

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, the Google Maps application may already be present by default. If Google Maps is not present, it is not a problem, you can download it by first tapping on the Play Store, the virtual store of your Android smartphone that has an icon of a colored triangle.

Through the search engine that you can see at the top type Google Maps and then press the button Search from the keyboard of your device to view the search results and, consequently, the Google Maps preview card.

At this point to install this application which, I remind you, is developed by Google, press the button Accept and then on the button Install. Now wait for the download to finish so that the Google Maps icon is added to the main screen of your device and the button appears apri on the Android Play Store. You will then be able to start the application you just downloaded and start using it by following my instructions step by step.

If, on the other hand, you have an iOS smartphone or an iPad, you will need to download the Google Maps application through the iOS App Store, or the virtual store through which games and applications can be downloaded on devices with the logo of the bitten apple. .

To do this, start theApp Store whose icon has a A white on a light blue background. Once the Apple virtual store is launched, press the button Search (symbol of a magnifying glass) which you can see located at the bottom right. At this point, using the App Store internal search engine, type Google Maps and then press the button Search from the keyboard of your device to start the search.

As soon as you locate the Google Maps application which, don't forget, is developed by Google, you can download it to your device. To do this, press the button Get and then on the button Install.

If prompted, type your iCloud account password or place your finger on the Touch ID for identity verification purposes and to complete the procedure and installation of the Google Maps application on your device.

Before starting in detail the explanation on how Google Maps works, I remind you that you can use this application even without necessarily having a Google account. However, having an account is recommended in order to make the most of the features of this browser.

If you need to know more about how to create a Google account, read my guide dedicated to the topic in which I explained to you step by step how to proceed. If, on the other hand, you encounter problems downloading Google Maps, read this other guide of mine completely dedicated to the subject.

How Google Maps works (Android / iOS)

The first thing you need to do to start using Google Maps is to activate the location on your Android or iOS mobile device. Then activate it through the settings of your device and then make sure that Google Maps has access to it.

At this point you can start the Google Maps application by tapping on its icon and you can view a map on the screen that refers to the geographical position in which you are. You can now use Google Maps to get directions and reach a specific point or even a certain place that is nearby.

Google Maps is a very efficient navigator that will also show information on traffic and local services such as the presence of public transport, facilities and places of interest nearby.

The most classic example of use that I want to give you regarding the operation of Google Maps is related to navigation: in the text field Search here you can type the destination you want to reach having, if you have enabled the localization on your device, as the starting point your position.

Alternatively you can tap the button with the arrow symbol that you can see in the upper right corner and in the two text fields that you will see on the screen, type the starting point and the destination.

You can also choose whether you intend to reach the destination you have indicated by car, by public transport or on foot by tapping on the icon of a machine of a bus or of an little man.

To reach a destination faster you can also dictate the name of the street or place to reach using voice commands: you can do this by tapping the button with the microphone symbol which you can see on the Google Maps home screen.

Once you have indicated the destination you intend to reach to Google Maps, you will have the possibility to immediately activate the navigation by pressing the button Start or to obtain a detailed overview of the directions provided by Google Maps and display any alternative routes to be taken on the screen, by pressing the button Indications.

Google Maps will automatically provide an indication based on the shortest route to reach the destination indicated by you; however, you can tap on the alternative solutions to view all the routes that will allow you to reach the destination you have set.

As for the travel time indicated by Google Maps, the application will show you the average travel time according to traffic information updated in real time.

You can also get information on travel times using the car, public transport on foot or by taxi by tapping on the icon with the respectively symbol of a car, with the symbol of a bus, symbol of a little man and symbol of a little man with raised hand.

Before activating the navigation you can customize the route calculation. By tapping on the icon with the three dots symbol which is located in the upper right corner you can in fact view a section dedicated to settings and you can, for example, tap the button Route options to avoid motorways, tolls or ferries. In case you are interested in these options you can move from OFF a ON the levers you will see on the screen to activate these particular settings.

Through the menu accessible by tapping the button with the three dots symbol you can also set a reminder for departure and indicate the time you want to arrive or when you want to leave in order to be notified when it's time to travel. It is also possible to add different stages to the route by pressing the button Add stage.

When you are ready to go all you have to do is press the button Start to start navigation: Google Maps will give you directions via voice commands.

Another very useful feature of Google Maps is visible by tapping on the icon located at the bottom and named Explore. By tapping on it, a small drop-down menu will open and, with a swype from the bottom to the other, you can view it in full screen.

The section Explore is dedicated to the suggestions of Google Maps and shows useful information such as the weather, allowing you to quickly reach some places of public interest located nearby.

Based on your location, in fact, Google Maps will be able to show you some information about the places in the vicinity, thus allowing you to reach places such as places for lunch e Dinner o drink, hospitals, supermarkets, cash machine, post offices, pharmacies o parking lots.

In addition to the section Explore there are sections Car e Public transport: the first will allow you to set the directions to reach quickly Home e Work as well as providing you with real-time traffic information. The section Public transportinstead, it integrates a real-time update on the departures of public transport located nearby.

As I have already explained to you, Google Maps works as a road navigator by requesting access to the Internet as regards traffic monitoring and other features I have told you about.

However, you can also use the navigation service in offline mode by downloading the maps to your device to use them even without an Internet connection.

To perform this operation, tap the button with the menu symbol which is located in the upper left corner and then tap on the wording Offline maps that you can see on the screen.

At this point, choose if you want to download a map for thearea locale or whether to press the button Custom map to download and use in offline mode only the map of an area you have chosen. In both cases, to confirm the download, press the button Download. Have a good trip!

How Google Maps works

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