Gimme5: what it is and how it works

Gimme costs5

Before getting into the tutorial and find out how Gimme5 works, I bet you would like to know what the costs of the service are. Well, you need to know that Gimme5 has zero activation costs, zero fixed costs for the account and foresees Only 1 euro cost for the reimbursement of the investments made (refund that you can ask for at any time in a few taps, as we will see in a bit).

Of course there are management fees to be paid for activities related to investments, which however are decidedly cheaper than those present in traditional offers. For example, with the bottom AcomeA Prudent equity (the one that ensures the lowest degree of risk) there are management fees of 0,80% against commissions of 1,50% of traditional offers. If you want to have a complete overview of Gimme5 management fees and compare them with the fees of traditional offers, connect to this web page.

A separate chapter, then, deserve it cups. On the capital invested with Gimme5, the taxes of any investment are applied, therefore 1 euro of stamp duty or 0,2% of the invested capital if this is greater than 500 euro. In the event of a refund, if a profit is made, a tax equal to 26% of the profits refunded is paid. The rate drops to 12,5% ​​if profits are made on the bond portion of a fund. More info here.

How to use Gimme5

Now that you understand what it consists of Gimme5 and what are the costs to be incurred (or NOT incurred), I would say that we can take action and find out how the app works.

Install the Gimme5 app

The first step you need to take for use Gimme5 is to install the official app of the service on your smartphone or tablet. Gimme5 is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile and can be installed in a handful of taps: if you are not very familiar with technological devices and do not know how to proceed, let me give you a hand.

A terminal was used Android, april il Play Store (the colored ▶ ︎ icon located on the home screen or in the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device) and use the search bar placed high to search Gimme5.

Then locate the application icon (the pig's head with the number "5" in the center) among the search results and start the installation of the latter by pressing the button Install / Accetto.

If you have one iPhone or iPadinstead, open theApp Store (the icon of the letter "A" on a blue background located on the home screen), presses on the card Search which is at the bottom right and search Gimme5 in the appropriate text field.

After searching, locate the Gimme5 icon among the available results (the head of the pig with the number "5" in the center) and proceed with the installation of the app by tapping the button Ottieni / Installa. You may be asked to verify your identity using Touch ID, Face ID, or entering your Apple ID password.

At the end of the download, the Gimme5 application will be automatically installed on your smartphone or tablet and you can start it simply by recalling it via its icon on the home screen (or in the screen with the list of apps, if you use Android).

Register with Gimme5

After installing the Gimme5 app, launch it and register for it by creating a free account. To do this, press the button Subscribe and fill out the form that is proposed to you with name, last name, e-mail and Password to use to access the service. The password must also be repeated in the field Confirm password. Once you have filled in all the fields, put the check mark next to the item I give my consent for the purposes referred to in point b) of the information e pulsing sul pulsating Subscribe. Alternatively, if you want, authenticate via Facebook o Google scrolling the page up and down and pressing the buttons relating to these two services.

Once you have completed the registration form, you must confirm your identity. So wait until you receive the verification email from Gimme5 (at the address you used to register for the service), open it and press the button Confirm registration present in the latter. Mission accomplished! You are now a Gimme5 user and you can start "putting your savings into motion".

Please note: if you prefer, you can also register with Gimme5 from a PC by connecting to the official website of the service and clicking on the button Subscribe located at the top right.

Saving and investing with Gimme5

Once your account has been verified, you are ready to set your goals and invest your savings in Gimme5 funds. Then log in to the app using the credentials you chose during registration and choose whether save o invest, by tapping on one of the two available options.

This choice implies a clear difference in the contents that you will then see in the "Explore" section of Gimme5 (which I will talk about in more detail shortly). If you choose a saver profile, in fact, you will see some tips to take your first steps in the world of savings management. If you choose an investor profile instead, you'll see advanced tips on how to make your savings pay off.

At this point, press the button Start the tutorial, follow the initial tutorial of the app and proceed by following the instructions on the screen: if you have chosen to "save", you must set a obiettivo for your savings, enter yours personal informations (tax code, telephone number, date of birth etc.), provide a valid identity document, accept the conditions of use of the service and choose the fondo to be signed. If you have chosen to "invest", you must follow the same procedure, but starting from entering personal data. Let's see in more detail how to proceed.

After going through the initial Gimme5 tutorial, set up your first one obiettivo assigning a name to the latter (eg. Travel to the USA), then tap on the item Choose the category and choose the most appropriate category among those available (eg. Travel, Home, Free time, vehicles etc.).

Therefore, it is on the voice Enter the amount to reach (bottom right) and, in the screen that opens, indicates the total amount of your goal and date by which you want to reach it. After this step too, press on the item Continue, choose whether to change theimage associated with your goal and tap the button Save goal to complete the configuration of the latter.

Once you have completed setting up your goal, you need to proceed with subscribing to a fund. To do this, tap the button Subscribe by Gimme5, type yours fiscal Code in the screen that opens and presses on the item Go to personal data which is located at the bottom.

At this point, enter yours telephone number in the appropriate text field (making sure that the country code, which for the city is prefix, is correct), indicate your gender by ticking an option between Man e Donna e fai tap sul pulsating Go to birth data, located at the bottom right.

As easily understood, now you have to enter yours date of birth, Followed by birthplace, Province, State e Citizenship status. After typing this information too, press the button Go to the residence and provide the data relating to your residence: address, Common, POSTAL CODE, Province, State e Country of tax residence, then put the check mark next to the item I have read the information documents and confirm that I have tax residence in the city and presses the button Go to the document.

Now you have to enter the data of a valid identity document. Then select the type of document you intend to use (eg. identity card) from the appropriate drop-down menu and fill out the form below with the requested information, for example document number, release date, Expiration date, Province, State e Authority which issued the document.

Successively, pigia sul pulsating Go to correspondence and set your own tax regime using the appropriate drop-down menu: the default setting is Administered, which means that the SGR acts as a withholding agent and fulfills the tax obligations relating to the investments, while the investor (ie you) does not have to do anything.

Once the tax regime is set, indicate whether the correspondence address coincides with the residential address placing the check mark next to the option Coincide or next to the option Not coincide (in this case you must also enter the correspondence address in the appropriate text fields) and press the button Go to contracts.

Now you have to read the offer documentation and the information document by Gimme5 and the information documentation relating to online operations. After doing this, put the check mark next to the items that testify that both documents have been read and go forward to fill in the questionnaire relating to anti-money laundering regulations.

In anti-money laundering questionnaire you must specify the type of your employment relationship or your profession (e.g. employee, freelancer, etc.), you must indicate theorigin of your funds (e.g. work), yours geographical area of ​​residence, L 'geographical area in which you mainly carry out your business, the purpose of the report and you must indicate if you are engaged in public / political activities.

Therefore, proceed to press the button Go to the choice of a fund and choose the fund to subscribe. In total there are 14 funds available (which you can access by tapping on the item Complete list of funds), but the main ones are three.

  • AcomeA Prudent Heritage - it is aimed at the growth of the invested capital in the medium term and foresees a medium risk level. The Fund invests in financial instruments of an equity nature up to 30% of its total assets and in financial instruments of a bond and monetary nature up to 100%. The duration is flexible. More info here.
  • AcomeA Dynamic Heritage - is aimed at the growth of the invested capital in the medium to long term and provides for a medium-high level of risk. The Fund invests in financial instruments of an equity nature up to 50% of its total assets and in financial instruments of a bond and monetary nature up to 100%. The duration is flexible. More info here.
  • AcomeA Aggressive Heritage - it is aimed at the long-term growth of the invested capital and involves a high level of risk. The Fund invests in financial instruments of an equity nature up to 100% of its total assets and in financial instruments of a bond and monetary nature up to 100%. The duration is flexible. More info here.

Once you have selected the fund you are interested in, choose whether activate the RID / SDD to allow the automatic addition of money from the current account to Gimme5 or if you want to leave the option disabled (then the tick on Do not activate RID / SDD). It is important to underline that if you choose to activate the RID / SSD, the deposit service will be automated, but the deposit will only take place if you make a joink, so you will add money to your fund over the course of the month. If you don't save, there will be no money transfer to Gimme5.

At this point, specify theamount of the activation transfer, then the amount of money to be paid on Gimme5 for the activation of the service (you can pay from 5 € up, proceeding in multiples of 5), put the check mark next to the item I have read the information documentation e pulsing sul pulsating Go to the signatures.

Now, read the standards and added legislation of Gimme5, put the check mark next to the items that certify that the documents have been read and tap the button Complete the subscription, which is placed in the lower right.

Finally, you just have to choose the option Bank transfer and make a transfer to Gimme5 from a bank account using the data provided by the app: beneficiary, IBAN e causal. To confirm, press the button Enter Gimme5. Once the transfer has been credited (within 5 working days), you can start making your investments pay off.

Manage savings and investments with Gimme5

Once the transfer has been credited, Gimme5 will send you a notification in this regard and you can begin to "put in motion" your savings.

To view the currently available value in your funds, then access the section Explore of the app and presses the button Show. You will see the figure appear at the top of the screen. In addition to this information, in the "Explore" tab of Gimme5, you will also find interesting tips and articles concerning the world of savings and investments: take them as a starting point for the management of your funds.

The contents, about two new a week, are financial education and different depending on whether you have chosen a path as a saver or as an investor in the initial configuration of the app. They are also of various types: suggestions, insights, previews and explanations of additional features, all aimed at making the user more aware in their savings and investment decisions.

To browse all the suggestions contained in the "Explore" section of Gimme 5, scroll down the screen. When you find an article of your interest (personally I recommend you to consult them all), press its preview card and you will have the opportunity to read it in full.

If you are curious to find out the trend of your savings over time, instead, select the tab Savings and consult the graph that is proposed to you. In the graph you will find three bars: On hold, Invest e Joink, which will show you your saving capacity from month to month taking into account Joink (ie sums added personally to your fund), sums invested through the "Invest now" function and help from supporters (through the "Invite" function, of which I'll talk to you better shortly). If you want to view the history of a specific fund, tap on the menu All funds which is located at the top and choose the fund of your interest from the box that opens.

Would you like to have detailed information on your goals and on the funds you have subscribed to? Nothing easier: select the card Aims of Gimme5, identify the target of your interest and press on the item View the detail to view details such as days remaining to its conclusion, remaining sum to reach, available value, number of active supporters and so on. By pressing the ⋮ button located at the top, then, you will have the possibility to change o eliminate the selected target completely. In case of deletion of an objective, you can create a new one by pressing the button (+) Create located at the top left.

To view the details of the funds subscribed, however, tap on the item Funds located at the top right (always in the Aims of Gimme5) and presses on the voice Find out the details relating to the fund of your interest: a page will open with the movements of the subscribed fund (total investment, profits, losses, etc.). By pressing the ⋮ button located at the top right and selecting the item relating to reimbursement from the menu that opens, you can also request a total or partial refund of the amount invested in the fund (you can find more information on this in the chapter of this tutorial dedicated to requesting a refund).

If you tap on the Gimme5 logo located in the center of the app menu, you can do a joink. What is it about? I'll explain them to you right away. A joink is nothing more than the action of adding small amounts of money to your goal (starting from 5 euros and proceeding in multiples of 5) in order to make it possible to achieve it. The addition of joinks can be manual, with the payment that takes place by bank transfer or RID / SSID, or automatic, by activating the RID / SDD in the settings of your profile and setting a recurring joink, then an automatic addition of money to your goal , once a month (on the 15th, to be precise).

To perform a "manual" joink, enter the amount you want to add to the goal in the field How much do you want to save?, select theobiettivo destination of the money in the drop-down menu below and tap the button Save to view the details of the transfer to be made. To activate the recurring joink function, instead, proceed with activate the RID / SDD (if you haven't already) by going to the tab Profile of the app and pressing the appropriate button.

On the Add Joinks screen there are also two more options: Invest, to immediately invest a sum in a fund (operation available only after winning 10 badges or by submitting a request to the Gimme5 helpdesk, by going to Profile of the app, pressing the icon ofgear located at the top right and first tapping on the item Invested suddenly and then on the button Request unlock) is Support, to support other users' goals (I'll tell you more about that in a bit).

Finally, I'll point out that in the tab Profile of Gimme5 you can check the status of functions such as the Recurring Joink or Multiobiettivo, you can change your account details (eg. e-mail e Password) and adjust security settings, such as the PIN access to the app.

Please note: if you find it more convenient, you can manage your savings and investments in Gimme5 also from your PC, by connecting to the official website of the service and logging in with your credentials. The interface that you will find in front of you will be practically identical to that of Gimme5 for smartphones.

Earn badges and level up

Gimme5 also includes a playful component. In fact, just like in video games, service users can conquer gods badge unlocking achievements and can level up.

To get the badges, you have to perform certain operations, which can be found listed on the card Profile of Gimme5 (pressing the button Badges obtained). For example, there are badges for carrying out the first transfer, the first joink, the first payment and so on.

To level up, however, you need to get various badges and complete various objectives. The levels, overall, are 5, structured as follows.

  • Level 1 - is the level of all Gimme5 users who have activated the service and made the first transfer.
  • Level 2 - requires 5 badges.
  • Level 3 - requires 10 badges.
  • Level 4 - requires 15 badges and 1 completed achievement.
  • Level 5 - requires 20 badges and 2 completed objectives.

You can view your current level by selecting the tab Profile in the Gimme5 app and checking the number of piglets under your photo.

Add more funds and goals to Gimme5

Gimme5 allows you to manage up to 5 investment funds and as many objectives (in fact, each objective is linked to an investment fund). To unlock the management of multiple funds, however, it is necessary achieve at least 1 goal o win 15 badges.

Alternatively, you can try to request the unlocking of the function from the Gimme5 helpdesk by going to the tab Profile of the app, pressing the icon ofgear located at the top right and first tapping on the item Multiobiettivo and then on the button Request unlock.

An email will automatically be created addressed to Gimme5 support to request activation of multiple objectives and funds.

Once you have access to the Multi-Lens feature, to create a new objective in Gimme5, go to the tab Aims of the app and presses the button (+) Create located at the top left. To subscribe to a new fund, instead, go to the card Aims, select the voice Funds located at the top right and presses the button (+) Create located at the top left. Easier than that ?!

The presence of the function should also be emphasized Switch, through which it is possible to move part of the money saved on a goal or fund to another goal or fund. The operation has a fixed cost of 1 euro and is only available if you have 2 or more activated contracts, have already achieved at least 2 objectives or have won 20 badges. Alternatively, you can request it from the Gimme5 helpdesk by going to the tab Profile of the app, pressing the icon ofgear placed at the top right and tapping on the item first Switch and then on the button Request unlock.

Get support

Investing in Gimme5 funds is a great way to save and achieve your goals. However, asking friends and family for a hand can allow you to get closer to your goals more quickly: that's why I recommend you take advantage of the function Invite of Gimme5 and to ask other people for financial support, even if they are not yet subscribed to the service.

To request support from other users, start the Gimme5 app, go to the tab Aims and first presses on the voice View the detail related to your goal and then on the button Invite, located at the bottom left. So choose to open a messaging or email app and send your support request through it. The recipient will receive a link through which to register with Gimme5 and support your projects (for now only by bank transfer).

If, on the contrary, it is you who wants to support the goals of other users, press on Gimme5 logo present at the bottom center, select the tab Support and find out how many invitations you have received. To support a goal of others on Gimme5, in fact, you must first have received an invitation.

Request a refund

If you decide to stop your investments in Gimme5 and request a reimbursement, go to the tab Profile of the app, tap on the item Request refunds and indicates, in the drop-down menu Choose the bottom, the fund from which you intend to get your money back.

Next, choose whether to receive a refund total o partial putting the check mark next to one of the appropriate items (in case of partial refund you will have to indicate the amount to be recovered) and presses the button Make the refund. As already mentioned above, on reimbursements there is a fixed cost of 1 euro plus, in case of gain, a tax equal to 26% or 12,5% ​​of the profits reimbursed.

How to get support

If you still have any doubts about how Gimme5 works, consult the FAQ section available on the official website of the service. If, on the other hand, you need help after installing the app, please contact Gimme5 official support by sending an email to or by opening a session of chat from this page (just click on the icon located at the bottom right).

Alternatively, if you prefer to use the telephone, you can contact the Gimme5 helpdesk at 800.085.585. The service is free and is active from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:00.

Article created in collaboration with Gimme5.

Gimme5: what it is and how it works

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