Convert Powerpoint presentations (ppt pps) into videos or movies to watch with DVD player

    Powerpoint has long been the default tool for presenting one's works and projects, writing advertising brochures and replacing old slides.
    One of the most successful Microsoft products Powerpoint is used by professionals and normal users, for home use and for business and commercial use.
    With Powerpoint it is possible to create pleasant animated slideshows with graphic effects and drawings to make the visibility of your work, projects, advertisements, slide presentations with photographs and images and much more pleasant to others.
    I personally remember how the first time I tried a computer with Windows 95 Powerpoint it was the first software I put my hand on to make a drawing ...

    In another article we talked about Powerpoint to insert a presentation into a web page and to convert pptx files into ppt that can also be read from the 2003 version.

    To transform a file created with Powerpoint into a movie or a video that was also visible from a common Divx player and see it on the television screen and then convert a Powerpoint presentation to a video you can use some free programs covered by this list.

    1) You don't need any additional programs if you are using Powerpoint 2013 o Office 360.
    In fact, just click on the File menu and use the "Export" option to save the current presentation and create a video file.
    The wizard allows you to choose the quality of the video and the time that must elapse between one slide and another

    2) One of the best programs to transform a powerpoint presentation from the classic .ppt (2003 version) or .pptx (2007 version) format to the .avi or .mpeg or .wmv video format is paid and is called PPT-to-DVD and it costs 50 Dollars.
    PPT-to-DVD is capable of converting a ppt or pptx file into a video file with the same display quality in a choice of MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV and 3GP formats.
    This program is the only choice for professionals and for high-level use.

    3) EM Free Powerpoint Video Converter and the best free solution (and also the only one but I await denials from you) to convert the Powerpoint slides into a video.
    EM supports WMV, AVI, MPG, MP3 BMP formats for other formats you need to purchase the paid version.
    In this free version there are no limitations and it is very easy to use: just load the Powerpoint ppt or pptx file, possibly choose an audio track or music to accompany the slides and press the "convert" button to output the video.
    The flaw is that the video quality is a bit blurry and therefore not suitable for professional purposes.

    4) the best program to convert a powerpoint ppt file into a video presentation playable by a divx or dvd player is Xilisoft Powerpoint to video converter which allows you to create video movies in avi, wmv, h.264, mp4 and Mov that can be burned on a cd or dvd.
    In this case it is therefore possible to have the powerpoint presentation also on a blackberry, an iphone, a psp and even on a mobile phone.

    5) Leawo PowerPoint to Video is a free converter of Powerpoint presentations and slides (ppt, pptx, pps) in asf, wmv, 3gp video format that also maintains any music and animations.

    Alternatively, you can convert a Powerpoint ppt or pptx to video by viewing the slides in full screen and using one of the programs to record the desktop.

    In another article directly related to this, we talk about how share powerpoint presentations on the internet to view them directly on websites.

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