Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC Applications such as Skype have revolutionized the way of communicating via PC, smartphone and tablet thanks to the possibility of seeing each other in a video call; the protagonists of this revolution are certainly the webcams, video and audio devices now ubiquitous in the equipment of PCs and notebooks. Whereas before it was necessary to buy very expensive teleconferencing systems to be able to talk remotely with other people, now an Internet connection, a program and a webcam are enough to see each other and talk, reducing the distances between people. If in laptops the webcam is now integrated into the monitor body, in the case of a desktop PC you will need to buy one suitable for your purposes.
In this guide I will show you the features it must have a good modern PC webcam for making video calls with Skype or other programs, with a collection of webcams that you can buy on offer.

Characteristics of a good webcam

In order to take advantage of Skype and other programs with video call support (Facebook Messenger on all) I recommend that you only view webcams that have this type of characteristics:

  • Resolution for modern standads, it only focuses on webcams with support for 720p resolution or even better 1080p; in the latter case make sure you have enough speed on the Internet (at least 12 megs in download and 1 meg in upload) to be able to handle the call in high definition. Ignore any webcam with low resolutions (VGA or less), now useless.
  • Autofocus: make sure that the webcam you choose has autofocus (autofocus), so you can always center the frame in focus and avoid blurry shots.
  • Microphone: if the webcam integrates the microphone you will have one less expense to make, since your voice will be captured by the webcam itself while you make the video call. Some models integrate 2 microphones, so as to capture even better the voice and sounds of the environment.
  • Luci: some webcams also integrate lighting lights into the body, designed for making calls in the dark.
  • Personally I find them annoying in the long run, better to use the room light or a desk lamp rather than having these LEDs shot in the face while you call. On the other hand, the operating LED is fundamental, so as to immediately understand if the webcam is on and working.
  • Attachment or support: most webcams have an interlocking system, designed to be used on the top of any PC monitor; other models have a dedicated base so that they can be placed on the desk.
  • Compatibility: virtually all webcams are compatible with Windows, but many models also have good support for Mac systems, the FaceTime app (Apple's alternative to Skype) and Linux systems.
  • In the vast majority of cases, therefore, it will not be necessary to install any driver, as the latter is already available in the operating system.
  • Connection: all webcams have a USB 2.0 cable, which can be easily connected to one of the free ports on the back of a PC case. Some models also have wireless connectivity, using the home WiFi network as a means of communication with the PC; these devices are often sold as security cameras, but can also be used as webcams when needed.

HD webcam: buying guide

If you have carefully read the characteristics of the webcams you are now ready to buy one without making any mistakes!
Below you can find some of the most interesting HD webcams on the market online, with much cheaper prices than physical stores.

wansview Webcam 1080P

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC
You can't spend too much on a new webcam but you don't know which model to buy? You can save money and still buy a decent webcam by focusing on the wansview Webcam model. This device has a video sensor capable of recording 720p video in widescreen format, ideal when using Skype! The equipment is completed by a microphone with a system for canceling background noise, the possibility of taking 3MP photos using a dedicated program and an interlocking coupling system.
This cheap webcam can be viewed here -> wansview Webcam 1080P (25 €)

Logitech C270

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC

If you need a webcam with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080) without spending a fortune, you can view the model offered by Jeemak. This webcam resembles a small camera with an aluminum body and, in addition to recording in high definition, has a digital microphone capable of picking up the voice in a crisp and clear way. Excellent coupling system, with the possibility of placing it on a table, usable both on fixed PCs and on notebooks.
This mid-range webcam is available here -> Logitech C270 (30 €)

Trust Tyro Webcam PC

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC

Are you worried that a webcam that is too cheap is not compatible with Windows or your Mac / Linux system? The most compatible webcam currently on the market is offered by Trust, with its Tyro Webcam PC. Compact design, operation indication LED, built-in microphone and HD resolution (720p) will make your calls perfect and clear in any scenario and in any light.
To view this HD webcam just see the link available here -> Trust Cam (65 €)

Videocamera HD Wireless IP

Are you looking for a wireless webcam for your PC?
In this particular case I suggest you to view the features offered by YISSVIC. The webcam records at 1080P HD and also has an infrared sensor, so you can converse even in total darkness, in addition to the zoom and robotic orientation functions (born as a security camera). It connects via home WiFi and is immediately available on your PC, so you can communicate wirelessly.
You can view this webcam here ->  Wireless Webcam HD (35 €)

Logitech HD Pro C920

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PCLogitech HD Pro C920">

Do you spare no expense and want to complement your PC with the top of the range webcams? Then you absolutely have to focus on the Logitech HD Pro C920; this device boasts a 15MP CMOS sensor with FullHD recording, 2 microphones for exceptional audio quality, five-element lens and enhanced autofocus.
To get a closer look at this high-end webcam you can use the link available here ->  Logitech HD Pro C920 (69 €)

Best wireless cameras and HD webcams from PC

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