Best sites to learn anything online for free

Those who have time to browse the internet could take advantage of the ingenuity of some websites designed to make learning something easy which can be better use of the computer or other activities not necessarily related to computer science such as playing or writing.
In this blog we have reported many smart sites of this type, which can be useful for daily work or to introduce, for free, people to new and different real activities, providing interactive apps, courses to follow and fun games.
When you think you are just wasting time in front of your computer writing nonsense on Facebook or reading boring news, it may be time to open one of these sites that we can catalog among the smartest to learn new things.

1) Sites to learn to read faster
Thanks to some web apps such as Spreeder it is possible to experiment and practice fast reading, which allow you to read any text in an ultra-fast way by scrolling the words like in a karaoke.
To these we can also add the Memorize Now site to learn by heart quickly

2) Sites for learning new languages
Duolingo is just one of the many websites that provide free online language and English courses and, above all, the opportunity to learn them by speaking live with native speakers around the world.

3) Instructables
Although in English, this is a unique and special site that contains tutorials and guides for doing just about anything. You can learn how to make pasta, how to build a computer, how to create a mobile case and many other DIY and bricolage things.
The site is also excellent KhanAcademy, where to find guides to learn anything online and for free.

4) Sites to learn programming while playing
These websites are ideal for those who want to start learning the basics of online programming, applying interactively and without tedious manuals. These are very intelligent sites with games, challenges and courses that allow you to learn the main computer programming languages.

5) Learn to play
Among the sites to learn to play we point out Musictheory, one of the best for learning how to read and write music. In addition to this we have seen different ones depending on the instrument and, in particular, we remember:
- Sites with interactive courses to learn how to play the guitar
- Online, free and interactive piano lessons to learn how to play

6) Learn to type faster on the computer
Many people are not at all able to write to the PC quickly, so those sites that, through games, allow you to practice and learn to type keys more quickly and even without looking at the keyboard can be useful.

7) Learn to drive
Beyond the sites to help you in the driving license quizzes, we have seen in another article some excellent driving simulators to learn how to drive a car and get a license.

8) Learn to take pictures and try out DSLRs
Those new to Reflex cameras can open these sites and find interactive apps that simulate their behavior.

9) Learn to fix anything
The site most equipped with guides to fix almost everything is iFixit born for do-it-yourself repairs of iPhone phones, over time it has become a site full of guides, manuals and solutions for anything, not only related to technology.

10 ) Free online courses of anything
The site Udemy, there are more than 35 thousand courses to learn skills of any kind, with the freedom to do it at their own pace, with more or less daily commitment. The courses here are paid for, for the most part. Among the online courses it is possible to follow those to learn music, marketing, IT, economics, health and fitness, photography and also courses for university exams.

11 ) Learn to draw, sew and create art
BluPrint is a site in English with practical lessons to learn how to do any artistic work at home, with many tricks of the trade explained step by step.

12 ) Courses to work in the company
The site Degreed, offers individual courses for companies focused on office work and curriculum improvement. Recognized and certified certifications are also issued.

13) Live lessons
You can follow live lessons to learn how to do anything: make up, build, dance, yoga, art and culture and much more, on the site, which lists free and open videoconferencing sessions from around the world.

14 ) Learn to use the PC
Needless to say, there is only one site for this,, the number one where to find guides to use the computer well (and those who prefer Aranzulla leave here immediately !!! ;-))

Best sites to learn anything online for free

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