Best file manager on iPhone and iPad to manage files and shares

    Best file manager on iPhone and iPad to manage files and shares The iPhone, like all smartphones, is a computer, which is sold with a super efficient iOS operating system, smooth fast and really full of features, albeit with some limitations. For example, it is not possible on the iPhone to navigate through folders as you would on any computer, to see the files inside, move them, delete them and rename them freely. So a file manager is missing, one tool to manage iPhone files so that you can also easily move them to a PC connected in Wifi as you could do with an Android smartphone.
    Due to iOS's secure settings, file managers don't really allow you to enter the iPhone file system, but they can still work fine for various needs, such as organize internet downloads, transfer files to PC, password protect private files and open files on cloud services like Dropbox. Below are the better apps like file managers or file managers for iPhone and iPad.

    NOTE: First of all it is important to point out that on iPhone and iPad there is a Files app to manage files, which however works mainly as an interface to create folders on iCloud.

    1) Total Files is an app to manage downloads from the internet that can also work well as a file manager, to also integrate Dropbox, Onedrive or Google Drive. The application also has a built-in mini player and can be used to download videos and music from the internet, for listening and viewing. Total Files also allows you to create virtual folders on iPhone, to organize device files. Create a new folder and add relevant files from your device and any cloud service.

    2) File Manager & Browser offers various options for sharing files via iTunes. In iTunes within Applications, select the File Manager and then add files from your computer by moving them to its file list. The reverse operation, to transfer files from iPhone to PC, can be done from the "upload from internet" function in the app settings. The important thing is that phone and computer are connected to the same wifi network. It is also possible to receive files via Bluetooth with this app, although this is only possible if the other device is an iPhone with this app installed. With this app you can create folders to organize photos and videos and also download files from the internet. Finally, confidential files can be password protected from the relevant option in the settings.

    3) MyMedia is the ideal app to manage files downloaded from the internet on iPhone, as a download manager and also as a file manager.

    4) File Manager App allows users to manage their files easily with a file manager. In addition to downloading and uploading files with iTunes, File Manager allows you to link a Dropbox account to facilitate transfers. The app also supports file downloads and PIN or password protection or even Touch ID.

    5) File master it allows you to manage files with iTunes in the same way as the previous apps, it supports the download and upload of files also via wifi and bluetooth (even if the app is also needed on the other iPhone).

    6) Files - File Manager & Browse is a simple app with an integrated web browser for downloading from the internet and a file manager.

    7) Pro 7 Documents is a downloader to download files from the internet and save them in a folder that can be shared on the network so that it can be opened from a Windows folder or from the Mac finder, in wifi. You can also transfer files using an FTP server using the share URL provided. Files can also be viewed using Dropbox, Google Drive or Box and can be password protected.

    8) Readdle documents is one of the most comprehensive file managers on iOS, with photos folder, iTunes files, iCloud integration and downloads.

    The second tab is called Services which allows you to add more cloud storage services to the app. It works quite well with all popular cloud storage options.

    Finally, I remember the PC programs (other than iTunes, for explore files on your iPhone or iPad like a USB stick among which it should also be mentioned Copytrans manager.

    Best file manager on iPhone and iPad to manage files and shares

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