Best Chinese Smartphone Brands

Best Chinese Smartphone Brands Chinese smartphones were, until recently, very cheap phones, imitations of the most famous phones, built with pieces and with poor material. By going to particular import sites it was possible to buy smartphones similar to the iPhone, in some cases absolutely clones, made with less valuable pieces but with an Android operating system, often with few features included. Today, however, Chinese smartphones they are no longer pieces of low-level imitation and some of the companies that produce them are today capable of making real competition even with the global technology giants (American Apple and Korean Samsung in the first place), releasing really high quality models.

In this article we will show you what the best Chinese brands, drawing up a ranking in terms of sales and prestige (from the most famous to the least known manufacturer in the market).

Chinese phone brands

In this special ranking we will show you all the most famous Chinese manufacturers by sales volume and by the quality of the phones proposed, so you can immediately choose the manufacturer of our new smartphone. In the last chapter we have collected all the minor Chinese manufacturers but who sell and distribute their smartphones in the world (including the city).


Best Chinese Smartphone BrandsXiaomi Mi 11 5G">
Xiaomi is now the Chinese manufacturer with the best growth on the market (now they do a lot of advertising on TV under the Xiaomi brand), they are among the best-selling phones in Europe and have their own stores and service centers on the territory. The best Xiaomi that we can buy at the moment are:

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Best Chinese Smartphone BrandsOnePlus 9 Pro 5G">
OnePlus (OnePlus is now part of Oppo, but independent.) Is one of the Chinese brands most appreciated by advanced Android users, given that the company releases updates with great speed and offers devices with very complete technical data sheets, capable of outclass even Samsung and Apple. The best OnePlus we can buy at the moment are:

There are phones for every price range, so you can always find your favorite OnePlus by spending the right amount and immediately turning on the newest technologies (such as 5G models, with support for new data networks).


Best Chinese Smartphone Brands
Less known, but in sharp rise from the point of view of sales and popularity in the city is the brand Oppo (which merged with OnePlus in 2021), which boasts very affordable prices (even if the top of the range cost like a Samsung or an Apple), powerful hardware, high quality cameras and a balanced operating system. The best Oppo phones we can buy are:
  • OPPO A74
  • OPPO Find X3 Lite
  • OPPO Find X3 Neo
  • OPPO Find X3 Pro

The top of the range of this manufacturer is considered by many to be the only real rival of the Samsung S21 + or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, also given the very high price (over € 900 at the moment, but it will certainly drop over the months).


Best Chinese Smartphone Brands
Among the emerging Chinese brands we advise you to keep an eye realme, a rookie in the panorama of Chinese phones available in the city but already with a respectable pedigree, with very powerful and equipped phones at much more affordable prices than other Chinese (and non-Chinese) competitors. The best realme phones available on Amazon are:

Three phones are variants of the same realme 8 (with increasing functions and prices), but the top of the range is intended for those who want to play on the phone and need maximum performance in terms of processor, screen, internal memory and RAM, at a decidedly price very interesting (less than 600 €).

Other Chinese manufacturers

The ones we have listed so far are undoubtedly the best Chinese smartphone manufacturers, but there are really many manufacturers that offer low-priced phones with interesting technical features. Below we have collected all the "minor" producers, with lower market volume but which we can always take a look at if we are looking for cheap smartphones.
  • DOOGEE X95
  • TCL 10 SE
  • Blackview A80 Plus
  • Ulefone Notes 11P
What happened to Huawei? At the moment I would not recommend buying a Huawei phone as, for legal reasons, it lacks support for the Google Play Store and the often indispensable Google apps. The new Huawei operating system, called Harmony OS, has recently come out, but it is still early to make judgments about it.

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We don't have to buy a Samsung phone or an iPhone to get lightning fast and snappy phones! Today there are so many Chinese manufacturers, who churn out high quality smartphones, that you can calmly choose the next smartphone we will use, aware that Chinese smartphones now have high standards of quality and design.

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Best Chinese Smartphone Brands

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