Best anti-spam services to protect corporate and web email

Spam is undoubtedly one of the biggest plagues that plagues email inboxes: useless messages, often with phishing traps or even worse emails designed to infect our PC and steal our personal data.
Avoiding them is simple using the most popular mailboxes (such as Gmail or Outlook), but if we use a company email or an email from another operator with an ineffective spam filter, how can we keep the inbox clean?
In this guide we will show you the best anti-spam programs and services to protect your mailbox from the avalanche of scam messages that will inevitably fill the box as soon as we begin to spread our address to colleagues, customers and other Web services.
By the end of this guide, you will have gotten rid of most of the spam emails floating around the Internet once and for all.

There are two types of spam filters that we can integrate on any PC: i software filters, which will take care of filtering spam emails by checking the Internet protocols reserved for emails or web traffic, and filtri online, which act as an "additional mailbox" in which to point our email address.
In the latter case, our original mailbox will send all emails to the online filtering service, which will take care of cleaning up all spam; at the end the legitimate emails will reach our mail client on the PC, so that we can only read important or useful emails.
The choice depends exclusively on us and on the permissions available on the company PC: if we can install some basic program, we might as well try the software filters; if instead we are blocked on the PC side, it is better to act with an online filter (with the approval of the network admin) so as to be able to immediately filter all spam emails even before receiving them on our computer.
Obviously if the mailboxes to manage are few, we can also use free programs to be able to block this type of annoyance; if instead we run a business, it is worth considering online services and in particular those for a fee, so as to obtain a decidedly superior service.

1) Spamihilator

The first free program we recommend using is Spamihilator.
This program interposes itself between the Internet and your e-mail client (such as Outlook, but Thunderbird and other similar clients are also supported) by checking all e-mail and automatically filtering spam. Eliminates over 98% of today's spam, just leave it open during the work section to have an effective filter against the hateful spam.

2) MailWasher Free

Another effective program against spam is MailWasher Free, downloadable for free on all Windows PCs.
This software behaves in a very similar way to when seen with Spamihilator, acting as a sort of filter between the emails received from the Internet and our mail clients. In addition to functioning as a filter, it can be used as a real email client, so as to have the built-in filter immediately while we read the received emails. Definitely an important ally in the fight against spam that arrives in corporate email.

3) SpamTitan

A much more advanced solution to protect corporate emails (even those of other colleagues, if we are network administrators) is SpamTitan, available as a free trial for 30 days.
With this program we can act as a mail server for the entire network to which we are connected, so as to effectively control all traffic. In addition to blocking over 99.9% of spam circulating on the net, it also performs a good antiviral check on all links and attachments in emails (legitimate or spam), thus blocking any possibility of PC infection via email. To be taken into consideration if we want a very effective solution on a multitude of different email addresses (also of other colleagues, since it is able to control all the email traffic that travels on the network).

4) Spamfighter (Online)

The first online filtering service we can use is the one offered for free by SPAMfighter.
Using this type of service is quite simple: you insert our company mailbox into the control system that will filter everything. The site will then offer another mailbox to be configured on the client: all spam emails will be blocked by the service and we will only be able to download legitimate emails, without fear of clicking somewhere without realizing it.

5) MX GuardDog (Online)

Another online service that we can use to exterminate spam emails is MX GuardDog.
With this service we will be able to protect both our mailboxes and the mailboxes of other users on the network, since the included filtering system is able to act on the entire network. By choosing the best solution for our company we will get rid of the most aggressive spam without having to fiddle excessively with programs, obtaining a very high level of security.

6) OnlineSpamSolution (Online)

If our company is very large and requires very advanced protection, we recommend that you contact the services offered by OnlineSpamSolution.
With prices starting from € 10 per month (up to 10 workstations) reaching up to € 50 per month for more than 100 users, this company will offer you advanced solutions to manage the mailboxes of all employees, integrate anti- spam at every location. With this service we will therefore have both server or client filtering and online filtering, so that we can choose the best service based on our needs in terms of anti-spam filtering. If we have money to spend, it is advisable to immediately focus on professional solutions, so as to also obtain an effective international assistance service.

7) UnSpam Email is a free online tool to check the security of your email account, checking for spam messages or for malicious links, images and files in them. To use it, just register and then send an email to be analyzed to see the results.

Best anti-spam services to protect corporate and web email

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