10 sites to edit photos quickly without registration

    10 sites to edit photos quickly without registration We talk again about make changes to photos, this time through sites without registration, free that are automatic, quick and immediate, therefore usable even without having any technical experience in the field of photo editing. Some simple tasks, in fact, absolutely do not require the use of complicated programs such as Photoshop or GIMP, but can be done online in a super fast way, by uploading the photo, applying the modification and then re-downloading the modified image.
    Below, let's see 10 sites which allow, by uploading a photograph, of make changes on the internet applying effects and automatic retouching, sometimes free to be chosen, in other cases absolutely targeted.

    1) Photopea it's a real one image editor, similar to Photoshop but much more immediate to use, free and easy with which you can apply graphic effects of many types.
    The site does not require registration, and you can use the web application immediately by uploading a photo (click on "Upload Photo").
    If you register, you can save your changes online to find the images you created and continue your work later. The editor for editing photos or images has numerous options grouped by type of photo editing. There are normal effects (brightness, contrast, saturation and so on), special effects (cartoon, painting, games with color and various things), decorations and frames, addition of colored words or overlay graphic shapes, photo improvements by eliminating dirt. and smoothing the line (or the skin), distorting images and setting different levels of overlap between two photographs, animated and colored glitter effects. Very nice then the one under the "geek" menu where you can also make a morphing between two photos (in another article there was the application for the Face Swapper and the morphing). At the end, the edited image can be saved on your computer, sent via email or shared on social networks.

    Simili a Fotor There are also photo editing web applications to make changes to photos.

    2) TuxPi it's a mix of tools for editing and applying retouching to photographs. There is less customization and more automatism and they can be created directly online, mainly focused on the frames to surround our photo. The tool is immediate and you just need to load the photo by pressing the Start button and choose the desired effect.

    3) Photor, great site and application for Windows, Android and iPhone, which we talked about in another article. It is a complete image editing suite that replicates almost all the main Photoshop tools, giving you quick access to the simplest ones, in order to make even important changes without too much difficulty, especially through color filters and special effects.

    Fotor is definitely one of the best sites to edit photos online

    4) BeFunky is one of the best sites to edit photos in various ways, there are tools to blur images in order to hide sensitive information or faces, to enhance the face in a selfie, to crop photos, to turn the photo into a painting or in a cartoon, to add a background to images, to add text, watermarks and frames.

    5) Screely is the site to use to add beautiful background to images.
    You can then crop the image to the desired size and the site will automatically add a colored background of your choice, along with a drop shadow. Screely is especially good for making screenshots prettier.

    6) AddText is the site to add text to any image quickly and easily.
    Once the image is loaded, you can add as many text boxes as you want. Each box can have a different font style, color, size and position. AddText also has apps for Android and iOS, which are as simple as the website.

    7) Mara is a site that collects more than 50 photo and image editing tools, immediately usable without registration and very easy. So there are the ones to crop an image, to resize it, to make frames, to write, for vintage effects, to focus, to invert colors and many others just to choose and use.

    8) Resize Image is a great site to resize and rename many images together in one go.
    Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy or BIRME, is the simplest online tool I have found for resizing and renaming images in batches, without using programs. You can upload images, then choose the desired height or width and aspect ratio. You can also add a border to all photos which will be saved in JPEG format with 80% quality. BIRME offers users the ability to re-download all photos in a ZIP file.

    9) Photofancy is a great site that contains many tools to edit photos, create collages, add writing on images and to create personalized images with the name.

    10 ) Pinetools is a free site full of separate tools for editing images and doing quick operations. There are cropping, the app to hide part of a photo with pixels, change the brightness, add effects and filters, correct the sharpness and much more.

    11 ) Social Media Image Maker is the site to use to resize photos for the profile of each social network: Facebook, Twitter and others.

    The discussion continues with 10 other online tools to improve low-resolution photos with automatic tools and online photo editing sites with graphic effects).

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