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There are many creative ways to have fun with your computer and communicate online via a website, your blog or social networks like Facebook, and one of the best and most impactful ways is creating a video with your own face. a viral video it is that video so funny, strange, unique that not only you can't resist not seeing it but there is also an irrepressible urge to show it to your friends and share it with all the means you have.

One type of video that can be fun to both create and show to others is that customized with a video montage in which he puts his own face in the place of one of the protagonists of a scene. You can then enter a segment of a famous movie or in a TV commercial, or simply swap faces in some shooting scenes.

Unfortunately this type of video editing can be quite complex to carry out, unless you use automatic programs or applications, those that may not always have perfect results, but which work without having to become an expert in video editing. Below we see what these are programs to put your face in any film or video.

1) The best program, in terms of ease of use, to put your face in a video, is definitely Filmora by Wondershare, which you can download and try for free for 30 days. To use this program, simply upload a video by clicking on the Import button at the top left. Once the video is added, you have to drag from the center position to the bottom timeline. In the box that opens, you can use the Change face function, the one that replaces the face of the person protagonist of the video. Then press the Apply to Face Off to the clip option and then choose one of the effects. To use a photo with your face you need to copy it to the C: ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContectsimages folder and it must be in PNG format. Unfortunately, the assembly is not very realistic and you have to be satisfied.

2) The most powerful face swapping program is free, but rather difficult to use. It is about DeepFaceLab is a demonstration program for PC, where you can dynamically replace facial images in videos, with the fake version moving like the real person in the video. The use, as mentioned, is not automatic but requires a certain patience in trying to match the image of the chosen face with the original one. On the program's website, however, it is possible to find tutorials to create perfect videos and make jokes of all kinds.

3) FaceSwap is a similar program to the above, it is a free and open source deepfake Windows PC, Linux and Mac program that can be used for learning and training purposes. To use it it is recommended to use a powerful PC with a very good graphics card, as the face swapping process is incredibly slow. 4) Yes, it can create a Deepfake of myself (video with my face) with Snapchat Cameos, as explained in another article.

5) The site MyVoiceyourface allows you to manipulate any video by changing the face of the protagonist, automatically and for free. You just have to upload the photo of a person's face and then the video (maximum 100 MB) and then create a new video where the face of the protagonist becomes that of the uploaded photo.

6) Recover is an app for Android and iPhone that allows you to easily create DeepFake videos by transforming famous movie scenes with your own face instead of that of the protagonist. The effect really makes an impression as far as realistic it is.
7) Saga 2012 is an automatic site where you just need to upload the photo with your face, even using your computer's webcam, to see it in a movie. It is not a question here of replacing an actor's face, but of inserting the photo into the video in a simple way. The use is simple and immediate, just press the button to upload the photo and create the video. The video can be downloaded with the arrow button below and can be shared via link.

8) JibJab is a site of greeting cards among the best known in the world for its effects where you can put your face on dancing bodies, Santa Claus, elves or in video-greetings, creating funny and unique videos. On the main page of the site there are different types of videos to choose from. The site can be used for free although with many limitations.

9= Oddcast Widgetcreate a 3D animated avatar from a photo.

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