Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Secret Characters Smith and Minnah

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Secret Characters Smith and Minnah

Minnah Mannarah and Smith IV are two secret characters in Vampire Survivors and this guide explains how to unlock them both.



Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Smith IVVampire Survivors: How to Unlock Minnah Mannarah

Two new secret characters have been added Vampire survivors with the release of patch 0.7.2. Those characters are a werewolf named Minnah Mannarah and a ghost named Smith IV, and many players will be interested in unlocking both. Luckily, Smith and Minnah in Surviving the Vampires isn't terribly difficult to obtain, although fans will need to meet a few prerequisites before attempting to unlock these secret characters.

Vampire Survivors: come sbloccare Smith IV

To access Smith IV, players must first unlock Exdash and Toastie, two secret characters. Fans can unlock Exdash by simply launching the game and typing "x-x1viiq" without quotes as soon as they enter the start menu. Once that character has been earned, players can unlock Toastie in Surviving the Vampires by defeating the Stalker or Drowner and then pressing the down arrow key and Enter when the red ghost appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

With both of these Vampire Survivors secret characters unlocked, players are ready to earn Smith IV and that requires some fast typing. In fact, fans need to start the game and then run through the following steps and the White Ghost will be available on the character select screen if they are quick enough:

  1. Go to the start menu, type “spam” and click start.
  2. Type “spam” on the character selection screen, click Confirm and click Start.
  3. Type "spam" into the stage selection screen and click Start.
  4. Confirm an Arcana and type "humbug" as soon as the game starts.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Minnah Mannarah

Players who wish to unlock Minnah Mannarah should first confirm that they have obtained the Mad Groove Arcana. For the uninitiated, this Survivors of the Vampire Arcana is unlocked by reaching the 31-minute mark in the Mad Forest level, and it attracts level items to the character every two minutes. She is advised for fans having a hard time surviving at that point to look at the evolutions of the Clock Lancet and Laurel, as they are very useful against the Reaper.

After unlocking Mad Groove Arcana, players should enter the Dairy factory internship and select it. Immediately after loading into this level, a variety of items will be attracted to the chosen Survivors of the Vampires character, and fans should get in touch with the cheese wheel. This will cause a certain number of werewolves to spawn, and killing them, an act that may take some time, will unlock Minnah at the character select screen.

Vampire survivors is in Early Access on PC.

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