Online video montage sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects

    Online video montage sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects Il video editing is one of the most creative computer activities, which today has become within everyone's reach thanks to some semi-automatic applications that synthesize the most complex operations in guided procedures and very intuitive options. In this article we are going to discover some of these applications, which are not to be installed on the PC or mobile phone, but which can be used by the web browser from any type of computer.
    The goal of these online services is to be able to work on your videos a bit like a video editing technician for television or cinema, without having to follow specialized courses or complicated guides. The advantage is that you can save projects online and process custom video edits without having to download anything.
    Clearly, even if they are on this list free web applications for video editing, video editing and movie remixing, account creation is always required and there may be optional subscriptions and subscriptions to remove various limitations.

    1) WeVideo is a web application for online video editing and for creating beautiful videos, even in collaboration with friends. The web application allows you to add titles, effects, animations, music and more to your videos and share the results with contacts on social media Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn. WeVideo is completely free and provides an online space in which to upload multimedia files from your computer (images, videos, audio) so as to mount them together in a final video. WeVideo also has its own library of audio files, video and effects of transitions and graphics (text, frames, animations and others). The application includes basic editing tools as well as several filters (Vignette, sepia, blur, grayscale etc.) that you can add to your videos. The editing interface provides you with six different layers, one for effects, one for graphics, one for video and images, and three for audio. Just drag elements into their respective layers to mount them together in the timeline.

    2) runner is a popular online tool for creating video montages, and slideshow presentations. Users can upload their own videos or use the resources made available by the One True Media site and edit them by modifying the scenes with adding audio effects and video transitions. Loopster has a simple tabbed interface so you can easily complete it l'editing videor by adding transitions and captions, rearranging the clips and their order to unify them in one movie e cutting out unnecessary scenes. Loopster has a large selection of videos, transition effects and themes that users can use to great effect. You can instantly share the video to YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing sites.

    3) Magisto is primarily a video mixer that allows you to make mini-clips with the best scenes of long videos or clips, automatically.
    Videos can be uploaded from your PC or you can take those made and shared by other users and play with them freely. You can drag clips to the timeline, a timeline that forms the interface with which to edit the videos. There are lots of controls and options that can modify every single second of the videos and that can adjust the audio and volumes even replacing the original one. The section "titles and overlays"may be the best feature of this application because you can create typical fades from a movie theme.
    Other effects include alpha channels, blur, brightness, key color, shadow, detection edge, fade in and fade out, grayscale, HSV, invert color, opacity, RGB, x-ray and other. Videos can be edited to 4: 3 or 16: 9 widescreen. Adding music and titles is a breeze and there is also the option of using a Text to Speech by letting a written text speak or adding even more than one voice to the video.

    4) Kapwing is a really powerful free video editing tool, with individual tools to use as needed. In addition to the Studio, which allows you to edit and create videos, you can use the tool to add audio to a video, to add automatic subtitles, to trim and to resize a video.

    5) FlexClip edits videos, images and music how to use a professional recording studio program, in a simple, free and unlimited way.

    6) Kizoa is an easy-to-use online video montage site for cutting clips, applying special effects and transitions, overlaying music and audio, supplied with hundreds of templates, animations and customizable options.

    7) PowToon is an excellent web application that is not used to edit videos already made, but to create new videos with animations and slides. This high quality tool is perfect for creating a video for presenting something or for teaching. The duration of the video is limited to 45 seconds in the free version.

    8) Wideo allows you to create new videos from scratch, online, with many professional tools available. The video editor is simple and comes with good editing tools to create sequence animations by adding drawings, cartoons, text and images, uploading your own videos and photos as well.

    9) Videotoolbox has a simple video editor that allows you to upload videos up to 600 MB and also allows you to convert video files between all popular video formats (3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG , RM, VOB, WMV).
    The editing options included are the most basic ones, such as cutting movies, extracting audio, adding watermarks, merging files.

    10 ) Clipchamp is another online editor for editing videos as well as recording webcam footage, cutting and editing videos together.

    11 ) invideo is one of the best online video editors for marketers, publishers and agencies. This software is great value for money and offers features for video stabilization, team collaboration and many other features that can help marketing agencies create effective content videos.

    12 ) YouTube Video Editor is an online tool within Youtube that allows you to add special effects to videos, which allows you to combine multiple videos and also to assemble different videos and photos together, also adding background music. collection of the best video montage web applications through which to edit and add special effects to videos, without the need to register for various sites, just a Youtube account.

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