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Before getting to the heart of the tutorial and discovering, together, how to open an account on N26, it seems only right to illustrate the various types of accounts offered by this bank.

  • N26 Standard - virtual account with no fixed costs. You can request a transparent physical Mastercard debit card for 10 euros, with support for contactless and smartphone payments and free payments in any currency. There are 3 free ATM withdrawals per month; two spaces to save with N26 Spaces (in the first 60 days), secure access via double authentication and support in in your languagen via chat.
  • N26 Smart - costs 4,90 euros / month. To the advantages of N26 Standard it adds the possibility to request a free Mastercard debit card in 5 different colors, free withdrawals in any currency anywhere, rounding payments to the nearest full amount (to easily reach your savings goals), offers specials from the best in your languagen and world brands, telephone customer support and 10 spaces to save with N26 Spaces.

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  • N26 You - costs 9,90 euros / month and offers all the advantages of N26 Standard (but with a Mastercard debit card in 5 colors), to which it adds the possibility of requesting an additional card, free withdrawals in any currency and any country, coverage of medical expenses in the event of an emergency, travel coverage in the event of cancellation, flight insurance in the event of delay and baggage insurance in the event of delay or loss, COVID insurance, mobility insurance for shared vehicles and winter sports policy. It also includes 10 spaces to save with N26 Spaces and discounts and offers from select partners.

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  • N26 Metal - costs 16,90 euros / month. In addition to the benefits of N26 You (but with a steel Mastercard debit card), it includes car rental coverage away from home, smartphone insurance, theft and damage coverage, 10 spaces to save with N26 Spaces and support in in your languagen by phone.

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Accounts are also available in version Business, for freelancers and freelancers. More info here.

How to open an N26 account

If you want open an account on N26, the first step you need to take is to install the official app of the service on your smartphone. Up Android, then open the Play Store (the icon with the colored ▶ ︎ symbol on the home screen), search N26 in the appropriate bar located at the top and proceed with the installation of the app by first pressing on the name of the latter in the search results and then on the buttons Install e Accept (on the page that opens). If you are reading this post directly from Android, you can tap here and immediately open the Play Store page dedicated to N26.

Su iPhoneinstead, open theApp Store, presses on the card Search located at the bottom right and search N26 in the appropriate text field. Once the search results appear, tap the button Ottieni / Installa located next to the N26 icon, authenticate via Touch ID, Face ID or Apple ID password and wait for the app to be installed. If you are reading this post directly from iPhone, you can tap here and immediately open the App Store page dedicated to N26.

Once installation is complete, start the N26 app by selecting its icon from the home screen of your smartphone. Therefore, he presses on his voice Create an account and start creating your account by pressing the buttons I am a new user e Open an account.

In the screen that opens, tap the button It starts, immetti il ​​tuo name (eg.) in the appropriate text field and presses the button [>] to move forward. Repeat the same operation for yours last name and, after pressing the button again [>], enter yours date of birth using the appropriate text fields (Day, Month ed Year). After this step too, press the button Continue twice consecutively to go forward in the procedure.

Now, provide yours email address, indicate yours country of residence and, after pressing the button once again [>], fill out the form that is proposed to you with theaddress to which you want to receive the MasterCard card. Once entered address, House number, POSTAL CODE, city e paese, go ahead and provide yours too cellphone number (used to associate the smartphone to the N26 account).

Once the telephone number has been entered, press the button Continue twice in a row and set the Password to be used to access the N26 account (subsequently, if you have a smartphone with a biometric sensor or an iPhone with Face ID, you can also authenticate via fingerprint or face recognition). Entered the password, click on the button [>] and, if you have a promotional code for N26, enter it in the appropriate text field. Otherwise, tap the button Salta I will continue.

At this point, pigia sul pulsating Continue and indicate yours gender of belonging, then yours birthplace, country in which you have citizenship and country where you are subject to taxation. Once this is done, put the check mark next to the options I apply for an N26 bank account as per the following legal documents that I have read and to which I agree: Pre-contractual information, terms & conditions and information on deposit protection. I confirm that I am acting on my behalf e I explicitly consent to the processing of data and their use as per the Terms and Conditions and according to the Privacy Policy e pulsing sul pulsating Open my account to complete the preliminary phase of opening an account on N26.

Now you need to verify your email. Then access the e-mail address you indicated during registration, open the message you received from N26 and first tap on the button confirm e-mail address present inside and then on the button Continue found in the screen that opens. Then go back to the N26 app, log in using the combination of email address e Password that you chose when you opened your account and you agree to receive the notifications.

You should now be in front of the page My status, with the list of all the steps necessary to complete the account opening on N26: Introduce yourself (already completed), Confirm Email Address (already completed), Choose your account, Verify your identity, Pair your smartphone, Set the PIN. So click on the button Continue and proceed with choosing the account that best suits your needs.

If you intend to use your N26 account also for business purposes, put the check mark next to the item Yes and choose to open an account N26 business; otherwise put the check mark next to the item No and choose to open a personal account among those available.

Once you've made your decision, tap the button Continue, indicates what sector do you work in (e.g. trade, tourism and catering or construction) and confirm receipt of the card by pressing the buttons Continue e Select [card name].

Now you need to do the verify della tua identità by identity card or passport. Then press the button Continue in the N26 app, expand the drop-down menu for choosing the document and select an option between Passport, Laminated identity card e Paper identity card.

After that go ahead, put the check mark next to the item By selecting this option you confirm that you have read and accepted the Safened Ltd. Terms & Conditions and data processing policy e premi sui pulsnti let's begin e Open the camera to take a photo of the document you have chosen to use: you need to frame the front side of the document so that it is included in the box displayed on the screen and is perfectly legible.

Once the photo has been taken, if it meets the requirements listed above, press the button My photo is clearly visible. Proceed, therefore, to the realization of a photo also for the back side of the document and presses the buttons  My photo is clearly visible e Continue.

Now you have to provide some information about the document, typing it in the text fields that are proposed to you. For example, in the case of the identity card, you have to provide name and surname, issuing date e Expiration date. After that you have to take a Selfie and show the N26 staff you are the person portrayed in the document.

Once the photo has been taken (which must be frontal and well lit), press the button My photo is clearly visiblescegli se share your location (in order to protect your account from fraud and speed up the verification process) and move on.

The penultimate step you have to face is the association of your smartphone to the N26 account. Confirm, therefore, if yours cellphone number is the one indicated by the app (i.e. the one you entered previously during registration) and type the verification code that you will receive via SMS.

Finally, tap the button Continue and proceed to setting the PIN to confirm all payment transactions performed in N26. You have to enter the PIN twice in a row and then confirm by pressing on checkmark which appears in the center of the screen.

After completing the last step in the account creation phase, you will be shown all its coordinates, then theIBAN and the code BIC: you can write them down in a safe place or forward them to an app using the appropriate entry at the bottom. In any case, you can find the same information at any time by opening the N26 app.

After having viewed, and possibly forwarded, the coordinates of your account, click on the button Next phase and choose whether to enable access to the N26 app via Fingerprint o face recognition (iPhone X only) or whether to postpone the decision. Remember that sensor access will remain active for 30 days, after which, to continue using it, you will need to re-enter the password to access your account.

The account will be active within one business day of the registration process (unless there are problems with the identity verification process).

Please note: if you prefer, you can also act as a PC and open your account via the N26 website. The procedure to follow is very similar to the one for smartphones, which I have just illustrated to you.

How does N26

Once your account has been activated (which will be promptly notified by the N26 app), you are free to take action. Then start theapp of N26 on your smartphone, log into your account and start taking the first steps within it.

On the home screen of the application, under the heading Current balance, you can find the history of the last operations carried out both inbound and outbound. By pressing on each operation, however, you can view the details of the latter and manage its tag, in order to categorize it as you prefer. Subsequently, you can browse all the operations based on their tags by going to the section Stats by N26 (the pie chart icon in the app menu)

The board Savings allows you to access the function N26 Savings for savings management, thanks to which it is possible to earn interest up to 1.6%. Unfortunately, however, at the time of writing, the function is not active for the in your languagen market.

At the top you will find the magnifying glass to search for all the operations carried out andmap marker to find the ATMs closest to you, while a little further down there are a number of suggestions that may be useful, such as information on the function Moneybeam (which I'll tell you about shortly) and the quick link to the procedure card activation (another procedure which I will talk about shortly).

The toolbar, which contains links to all the main functions of N26, is located at the top left on Android (where it is accessible via the button with the three horizontal lines) and at the bottom on iOS. Inside there are all the most important functions of the app: the icon of menu allows you to access the N26 home screen; the icon of pie chart allows you to view the statistics relating to the income and expenses of your account; the icon ofairplane allows you to invite friends to open an account on N26 (and receive € 15 bonus on their first purchase), while the icon ofgear allows you to access app settings, card management, account settings and support.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen there is the button capacitor positive (+) lead, through which it is possible to access functions such as requesting money, MoneyBeam and bank transfer. If you want to know more, keep reading: now I will show you all the functions of N26 in more detail.

Top up the account

load your N26 account, you can make a transfer to the IBAN associated with the latter or you can use the request included in the app.

To obtain the data necessary for making the transfer (therefore the IBAN of the N26 account), press the button menu (the three horizontal lines) located at the top left of Android or ongear icon found at the bottom right on iOS.

To request money from another N26 user, on the other hand, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom of the main screen of the app and select the icon Request from the menu that opens. Therefore, he presses on his voice Import contacts, to allow N26 to access the smartphone address book and find other users who use N26, and choose whether to make yourself "traceable" in turn by pressing the button Enable visibility or whether to decline the invitation (by pressing the button Skip for now).

Once your contact list is loaded, select the person you want to send your money request to, type the amount to request in the appropriate text field and go NEXT. Then type a accompanying message in the screen that appears and presses on Request xx € to send your request.

Another way to top up your N26 account is to invite new friends to join the service. For each registered user, in fact, they can be obtained 15 € bonuses, which are credited after the first use of the MasterCard by new users. To invite a friend to open an account on N26, select the icon of theairplane from the app menu and choose his name from the menu that appears. Easier than that?

Send money

N26 allows you to send money to other people in a very simple way: just use the function Moneybeam, which allows you to transfer money to your contacts without knowing their bank details, even if they are not yet registered with N26.

To send a MoneyBeam to a contact, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead present in the main screen of N26, select the icon Moneybeam from the menu that opens and select the person you want to send the money to. If you have not yet allowed the app to access your smartphone's address book, tap on the item Import contacts.

After selecting the name of the person to send the money to (N26 contacts are marked with a blue dot), enter the figure to be transferred in the appropriate text field (to N26 customers it is possible to transfer sums up to 1.000 euros, to non-customers sums up to 100 euros), tap the button NEXT, type a message accompanying the payment (optional) and confirms the transaction by pressing the button Send and authenticating with yours PIN.

If the recipient of the payment already has an N26 account, he will receive the credit in real time (and will be notified of this via notification on his smartphone). If, on the other hand, he does not yet have an N26 account, he will receive an offline MoneyBeam, then a link via SMS or e-mail in which he will be asked to enter his bank details. The money will be transferred to your account within one or two bank business days. If the offline MoneyBeam is not accepted by the recipient within one week, the transaction will be canceled.

In addition to using MoneyBeam, N26 also allows you to send money through classic bank transfers. To send a bank transfer with N26, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead present in the main screen of the app, select the icon Bank from the menu that opens and choose a beneficiary from the page that opens. If you don't have any beneficiaries in your address book yet, press the button Add new payee.

Once the beneficiary has been selected, indicate the amount to be transferred (max 10.000 euros), go forward, type a message to be combined with the bank transfer (if you want) and confirm by pressing the button Send and typing yours PIN.

Manage the cards

The N26 app allows you to manage the card associated with your account in a surprisingly easy and fast way. To take advantage of this possibility, however, you must first access the settings menu (thegear icon), select the item Card management from the latter and activate the card in your possession.

To activate the card, just tap on the item Attiva and type the 10-digit number on the card (under your name). Once activated, using the levers in the settings menu, you can activate or deactivate the payments abroad, the pagamenti online and ATM withdrawals.

Also, by selecting the item Future resarches, you can set i withdrawal limits and payment limits daily, while selecting the item relating to Apple Pay (iPhone only) you can add your card to Apple Wallet and use it for contactless and / or online payments via Apple Pay.

Manage the account

Do you want to change the password of your N26 account, the PIN for authorization of payments or the personal data linked to the account? No problem, go to the settings of the app (the gear icon found in the side menu or in the bottom bar, depending on whether you are using Android or iPhone), go to Account settings and select the data to modify.

  • Personal information, such as name, date of birth and email address.
  • Tax information, therefore the country of tax residence.
  • change Password, to change the password for the N26 app and online banking.
  • Reset your PIN, to change the PIN for authorizing payments.
  • Address, to change the shipping address.

Change the app settings

If you want to change the settings of the N26 app, tap ongear icon (which on Android is in the left side menu and on iOS in the bottom menu) and select the item Application settings from the screen that opens. At this point, choose the setting to change and continue adjusting your preferences.

By tapping on the item related to unlocking by fingerprint or face recognition (eg. touch ID o Face ID on iOS), you can activate or deactivate access via smartphone sensors; selecting the item Notifications you can arrive or deactivate the receipt of notifications via email and smartphone for various operations (eg payments, transfers, debits, etc.); selecting the option Change language you can change the language in which to use the app, while selecting the item Unpair the smartphone you can dissociate the phone in use from the account and replace it with another device.

Use N26 from PC

If you want you can use N26 also from PC. All you have to do is connect to the official website of the service, click on the item online Banking located at the top right and log in using your account data (the one you created on your smartphone).

A practical administration panel will open, through which you can manage your account, make and receive payments (except MoneyBeam, which are only available in the mobile app). Find all options (Movements, Wire transfers, À la Carte, Bill etc.) in the handy bar located on the left side of the screen.

Support N26

In case of problems or doubts about the operation of N26, you can consult the official Support Center of the service and find the answers to all the most frequently asked questions by users. The answers are organized into categories (Map, Bill e Apps), which can be accessed easily using the sidebar located on the left of the screen.

Alternatively, you can chat with an operator: to do this, open the official app of the service, press thegear icon to access its settings, go to Support> Chat and enter your question in the form that opens. An operator will answer you as soon as possible.

Article written in collaboration with N26.

N26: what it is and how it works

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