How to merge two photos into one file

How to merge two photos into one file: Windows

You use a computer based on Windows? Great, then continue reading the next chapters. I am going to illustrate you in detail how to merge two photos into one file with some free programs intended for the Microsoft operating system.


Paint is one of the simplest solutions to combine photo for all users who use Windows. This is because the program in question is installed "standard" on the operating system of the Redmond giant. Basically, it is a very simple software for creating and editing images (inserting text, geometric shapes and freehand strokes).

To start using Paint right away, click the Start button Windows (the one at the bottom left with the symbol of pennant) and then click on the folder Windows accessories located on the right, in the list of installed programs. From here, click on the entry Paint.

Once you have the blank worksheet in front of you (you can resize it by dragging the icon ■ located in the lower right corner of the latter with the mouse), press on the item Paste▾, placed at the top left, and then press on the item Paste from, select the image you want to insert and press the button apri (if necessary, resize the photo as I indicated above for the sheet and move it by moving the cursor to the center of it and holding the left button to move it).

Repeat this last step also for the other image you want to insert and, once you are satisfied with the result, go to the menu File> Save with nome (top left) to choose a format from those available in the list on the right. That's all!


Another solution that I want to offer you to merge photos is lecturer. It is a convenient program free (also available for MacOS), also suitable for those who are less accustomed to graphics programs, since it offers predefined templates for photo collages and is equipped with an essential interface.

To download the program, connect to its official website and click on the button Download Collegerator.exe. Once the download is complete, open the file d'installazione you just downloaded, reply Yes at the Windows user control prompt and click on the entry I accept the terms of the license agreement. Once this is done, press the button four times in a row Next> and finally, click on the buttons Install e end.

In the program window, click on the entry New collage, then choose the model No turns (the latter is the one to prevent the rotated photos from appearing, otherwise, if you deem it appropriate, choose one of the others proposed), select an orientation by clicking on the buttons of the rectangles up (vertical or horizontal) and give OK.

Then proceed by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead at the top right, to import the images, and arrange them on the sheet side by side (you can move them by holding down the left mouse button). Pressing on the item Subjectat the top left and then adjusting the item indicator Suitable automatically resize photos as you like. When you have completed your creation, click on the item Fillet, top left and then on the item Export ....

Choose a format and dimensions by pressing the appropriate buttons and, from here, press the button Save. See how easy it is? To find out more about this program take a look at my tutorial.


If the solutions I just proposed don't suit you, you can try using GIMP. The program in question, free, open source and also available for MacOS e Linux is the best free alternative to Photoshop and offers the user a wide range of tools, including advanced ones, for editing images, with the ability to add effects, rotate, resize photos and more.

To download GIMP, connect to the program's website and press the buttons Download [version number] e Download GIMP [version number] directly. Once you've downloaded GIMP, open the file exe just got it and reply Yes at the Windows user control prompt. After that, press the button OK and then on the buttons Install e end.

After starting the program, to import the first chosen image, click on the item apri from the menu Fillet (up). Before inserting the second image in the collage (assuming that it has dimensions similar to the first), enlarge the size of the worksheet by pressing on the item Image, placed at the top and, from here, press on the item Surface size. In the window that opens, click on the icon of chain placed next to the items Width e Height (if the latter appears "united") then doubles the values ​​relating to these latter items (eg if the width is 610 take her to 1220).

Fatto ciò, first prize Resize to apply the changes. Proceed by pressing on the item Fillet and then on the voice Open as layers and insert the second image into the worksheet. At this point, click on the tool icon in the shape of cross that you find in menu, top left (next to that of the rectangle with the dotted outline) and then press and hold the left button mouse over the second photo to position it where you prefer.

To complete the creation, remove any excess spaces by pressing the icon rectangle with the dashed outline in the tools of the menu left, press and hold the left button mouse by moving from the upper left corner and moving to the opposite corner of the image then release the aforementioned button, then click with the right key on the image itself and, from the menu that appears, click on the item Image and then on the voice Crop to selection.

In the event that the second image chosen does not have the same size as the first, you can resize it "on the fly" using the tool Ladder which is part of the tool Unified transformation (the one just below the move tool above, has a rectangle it's a parallelepiped with an arrow), click on the latter icon with the right key mouse and then click on the item Ladder in the menu. Next, hold down the slider at a corner of the image and move it to resize the image.

When you are satisfied with the result, click on the item Fillet and then on the voice Save eat. By taking advantage of the various levels of the worksheet you also have the option of overlay the images, I explained everything to you in detail in my specific GIMP tutorial.

Other programs to merge two photos into one file

To offer you even more variety of choice, in addition to the solutions I mentioned earlier, I want to offer you a short list of alternative programs that you can use to combine images together.

  • Photoshop - the program in question does not need long introductions. It is considered by many to be the most complete and versatile photo editing solution on the market today. It is available (for Windows and macOS) for free as a trial version for 7 days, the purchase solutions for the full version start at 12,19 euros per month.
  • Picture Merge Genius - it is a paid program (the license costs $ 29,95) available as a free trial for 5 days. It offers you the possibility to make photo collages with many preset schemes. The software in question is in English but it is really simple to use as the creation procedure is entirely guided.
  • Shape Collage - an excellent collage program available for free in a "basic" version for Windows, macOS and Linux. The software in question, very easy to use, offers you predefined grids for creating collages. To block all available schemes, you need to purchase the full version at a cost of $ 40.

How to merge two photos into one file: Mac

You have a Mac? Again you have the opportunity to unleash creativity by combining images with different programs. Read on to find out which ones.


Paintbrush offers roughly the same editing tools as classic Paint for Windows: you can then use it to add text, freehand strokes and geometric shapes to your images. Of course, you can also crop, resize and tile them.

To get Paintbrush, connect to the download page of the program and click on one of the items under which there are names of the macOS versions, based on your reference system, (e.g. if you use Big Sur macOS click on the item Paintbrush 2.6).

When the download is complete, drag theprogram icon in the folder Applications macOS, launch the software and respond apri to the notice that is proposed to you. Now, in the fields Widht e Height type the size of the image you are going to create (if you know the data of the photos you want to merge, just add the figures together; otherwise enter particularly high values, since you can easily apply a crop later) and press the button OK.

At this point, to import the images, click on the item Fillet located at the top and select the option Open .... Once you have chosen the images, click on the button OK and proceed by clicking on the selection tool (the dashed rectangle) in tools menu placed on the left. Once this is done, press and hold the left button mouse button starting from the upper left corner of the image you want to insert in the worksheet.

Therefore, press the right mouse button and click on your voice Copy present in the context menu. Finally, click again with the right mouse button on the worksheet and select the item paste from the context menu (hold down the cursor on the image and move it to move it). Repeat this same step for the other photo you want to insert as well. To resize the images, just "frame" them with the aforementioned selection tool and move the cursor to a corner, holding down the left click.

Once you have finished all the preparations for the combined image you are creating, click on the item Fillet, top left, and then on the item Save as .... Then choose a format from those available (by clicking on the button next to the item Size) and, finally, press the button Save. For more details on using this program see here.

Other programs to merge two photos into one file

What I have just shown you is just one of the many solutions available on Mac to create an image by joining two together. Several of the programs that I have listed to you in the case of Windows (for example GIMP) are also available for this operating system. Below, I will also recommend others to further expand your choice.

  • CollageIt - a specific program for creating image collages (also available for Windows). From its strengths, it has that of being particularly simple to use and available in a free version (for all the complete functions and further predefined templates it is necessary to purchase the full version at 29.90 dollars)
  • Pixelmator Pro - if you are looking for a solution, specific for macOS, with advanced editing options similar to those of Photoshop (modification of hue, tint, color saturation of photos, application of filters and various effects and more) this is the software that is for you. It is available as a free trial for 15 days, the cost of the standard version is generally 43,99 euros.
  • Chalk - a handy free and open source tool excellent for drawing that offers you an interface and functionality similar to those of Paint and Paintbrush (although much more numerous). It also allows you to choose from various templates to create comic-style compositions.

How to merge two photos into one file online

Are you looking for immediate solutions, comfortable and without many "frills" for merge two photos between them? In this case you can safely use one of the online services that I will go to propose you shortly; this way, you won't have to bother with various installations. Read on to learn more.


Filesmerge is a free online service created specifically to combine images in the most popular formats. The service I'm talking about allows you to merge images (in horizontal o vertical) with the maximum weight limit of 50 MB for each file. As for the privacy policy, the site does not provide information on the deletion of images that are uploaded to its servers, so I advise you not to use it for photos that contain sensitive information.

To use Filesmerge, open the official page of the service and click on the entry Select a local file to insert the images you want to merge. Once this is done, proceed by selecting one of the available alignment methods: vertical (Merge vertically), horizontal (Merge horizontally), columnar (Fix columns). Then select the image format you are going to create by clicking on the button next to the item Output format and finally, press the button Go.

Finally, click on the item Click to download it or, alternatively, click on the item View & edit it to make any changes (you can apply filters, text, crop the image and more using the intuitive tools on the left menu and once you're done, press the button Save located at the top left).

Other services to merge two photos into one online file

How do you say? Are you interested in an online photo editing service but would like some more editing options than the previously proposed service? No problem, I'm going to list what I consider the most complete and reliable solutions right below.

  • Photor - it is one of the most versatile and complete photo editing tools available on the Net. From its point of view it is completely free and allows you to apply a wide range of effects (including the pixelated one) to the images you create. The service also offers you many predefined templates for making collages.
  • iLoveIMG - a popular online tool that, in addition to converting images of various formats to different formats, resizing them, adding watermarks and more, gives you the ability to merge multiple files together by editing them by applying designs, stickers, text and shapes. The service is available free of charge.
  • Pixlr E - a complete editing tool, great for creating posters and collages. It gives you an incredible variety of different pre-made templates with pretty cool designs (some are suitable for Instagram and Facebook Stories). The service is available in a free "basic" form, while the ad-free version and multiple editing options costs € 4,90 per month.

App to merge two photos into one file

You have probably already guessed it, but also on smartphone e tablet you have the opportunity to merge photos of various kinds in a single file with results very similar to those I showed you previously. Here are some of the best solutions for both Android and iOS / iPadOS.

Image Combine (Android)

Image Combiner it is a quick, essential and very simple solution to use to join photos together; plus it's totally free and allows you to combine images vertically or horizontally and share them in no time. To proceed with the download of Image Combiner, open this page of the Play Store and press the button Install. If you have a device without Google services, you can get it from alternative stores instead.

Once the download is complete, launch the application and press the button Yes, I agree. Then continue by tapping the button Aggiungi photo and choose the images you want to insert in the collage by clicking on them previews. At this point, you can rotate images by clicking on the icon circular arrow in correspondence with their name. You can also crop them by clicking on the del icon crossed out square next to the other icon just mentioned. By keeping your finger pressed on the icon ≡ placed in correspondence of each one (on the left) you can instead arrange them in the order you prefer.

Once you are done with the preparations, press on the item Merge images placed at the bottom, choose an orientation for the collage (by pressing on the items Horizontal o Vertical) and finally press the button Save and then on the button OK. The image will be saved in the folder Image Combiner inside the gallery. A no-brainer, right?

PhotoCollage Pro (iOS / iPadOS)

Su iOS e iPadOS (starting with iOS 12) you can combine photos in an instant thanks to an app to integrate "manually" into the application commands. The latter is a "standard" tool that allows you to make your device perform various functions (set alarms, convert files, play playlists and more) with the possibility of importing new ones directly from the network (if it is not present on the your device install it from the official page on the App Store).

Have you made sure you have the Commands app available? Yup? Great, then proceed to download the command PhotoCollage Pro, which allows you to use Commands to combine photos horizontally and vertically for free. To download it, open this page with your browser Safari iPhone (or iPad) and press the button Get Shortcut. Then scroll down to the page of the Commands app that opens automatically and presses the button Add untrusted shortcut, to install PhotoCollage Pro.

If you get a warning that third-party commands are not yet allowed, go to the menu Settings> Quick Commands of iOS and activate the lever for the voice Untrusted commands. Then repeat the PhotoCollage Pro installation procedure.

Now, to create your collage, all you have to do is launch the app commands press on the plug relative to PhotoCollage Pro in the tab My quick commands and choose whether to import photos from Photos (Photo app) or Files (File app). Select, therefore, the photos to be placed side by side, press the button Add, choose how to place them side by side (eg. Horziontal o Vertical) And that's it. You can then press on share button and save or send the image in the app of your choice.

Other apps to merge two photos into one file

Su Android e iOS / iPadOSWhen it comes to editing and combining images, you are truly spoiled for choice. Below I propose the most convenient and valid solutions (they are mostly free).

  • Layout from Instagram (Android / iOS) - at the moment it is one of the most popular apps for creating collages, also because it is produced by Instagram. This is a completely free solution that gives you the ability to merge up to 9 photos together. In addition, you also have the possibility to apply effects and the same filters of the famous photographic social network on them.
  • piccollag to (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - another hugely popular collage maker app. On its side it has the fact of being completely free, excellent for creating posters and postcards with many predefined templates. Despite the many features included (frames, backgrounds, logos, stickers and more) the interface is very essential and functional.
  • Picsew (iOS / iPadOS) - a great free application (with the possibility of in-app purchases) to merge photos together. It has a minimalist interface and allows you to focus on the fly on various features such as the ability to censor unwanted elements and add watermarks, annotations and more.

For more details on this, I refer you to my tutorial on the best photo merging apps.

How to merge two photos into one PDF file

Merge two photos into one PDF file it's a really simple operation. My advice is to do it without resorting to programs or applications but directly online. You can do this online, with sites like ILovePDF e SmallPDF, or with offline programs: I have told you in depth about these solutions in this tutorial of mine.

How to merge two photos into one file

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