How to Convert PDF to JPG Images

Sometimes you need to send a PDF document, via email or through a website, but it is too large to send, forcing you to find other ways to get the document delivered. For example, in many public administration sites or in all sites where scanned forms and documents have to be sent, the problem of an excessively large file may arise. There are two options to solve the problem: first of all you have to try with i PDF file compression programs (which I already talked about), to try to reduce the file size. If compression isn't enough, the simplest solution is to convert PDF to JPG images, which is the lightest format and is compatible with any operating system.

In this guide we will show you the best web tools and free applications for convert PDF to JPG, so as to be able to choose the right tool based on the device in use and based on the needs of that precise moment (for example, on company PCs it will be possible to use only web tools).

Turn PDFs into images

To convert a PDF to JPG we have several possibilities that we can exploit; there are both online sites and programs to be used on the PC, so as to carry out the conversion even without an Internet connection (useful in the case of confidential documents that we absolutely do not want to upload online).

Programs to convert PDF to images

On a PC with Windows installed we can either install one of the programs mentioned here below; if we have a Mac or a PC with Linux we can preferentially use websites or LibreOffice to carry out the conversion.

The office suite LibreOffice allows you to convert PDF documents into JPG using the features offered by the program Draw; if we are interested in this program we can download LibreOffice for free from the official website.

To use the suite we will not have to do is open the PDF document with it, clicking on Open file and selecting the PDF file to convert; the LibreOffice Draw program will automatically open, with all the pages of the PDF treated as if they were slides. Now we can convert from PDF to JPG by clicking at the top left on File -> Export and selecting in the window that will appear the format JPEG in the Save as type field. Let's now click Save to convert the PDF document to JPG images in the path we have indicated.

DocuFreezer is a great free program for non-commercial use and without limitations and restrictions that can be used to convert PDF to JPG without any problems; we can download it for free from the official website.

Its batch processing tool is capable of handling entire folders of documents or images at once. To use it, simply load the files or folders with the PDFs to be converted, select the item in Output file type JPG and then click on Start at the top right, so as to start the conversion process in the folder indicated in the Output folder (the system Documents folder is provided as output where to save the files).

If we are looking for another well-made program to do the PDF to JPG conversion we can use PDF to JPG, downloadable for free from the official website.

PDFs can be converted to JPG or other image formats (TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF).
Easy to use, to convert the PDF just drag and drop the files onto the interface or use the plus button on the top left to load all the files to convert. Make sure to select JPG as the output then click on the bottom right Start converting now to start the conversion process. In the options it is possible to specify DPI that is the quality of the images to compress the file or keep it of good quality at the price of a larger size.

PDF-XChange Editor is a popular program for opening PDFs that allows you to save PDF as JPG in options; we can download the program for free from the official website.

Once installed on your PC, simply open the PDF we intend to convert, open the Convert menu at the top and select the item Export images. A new window will open where we can choose which pages to convert into images; in Type of image just select JPEG and press OK at the bottom to start the conversion process into images, which will be saved in the folder set in the window (basically the Documents folder).

Sites to convert PDF to images

In addition to the programs, we recommend that you also try websites, so that you can use real online applications to convert from PDF to JPG images, without having to download anything.

One of the best sites to convert PDF to image is, reachable from the official site.

With this site you can upload a PDF file of up to 25MB and it will automatically be transformed into a series of images that can be downloaded individually or all together as a zip archive.
We press on Choose a PDF file, load the PDF files from the computer and then choose the quality of the images. If we want maximum compression, we can choose 75 DPI "Poor" quality which will then be carefully checked to see if the document remains legible and if any images do not remain too degraded.
Finally, we hit the button Convert and we await the end of the conversion process, with which the images will be created and downloaded.

Another site that we can use to convert any PDF documents to JPG images without using any program is Smallpdf, which among its many functions also offers this type of conversion; to use it all we have to do is take us to the official website.

To use this website, simply upload the PDF files by dragging them into the Drag PDF here box or alternatively by clicking the Choose file button to start the manager and access the path where the documents to be converted are saved. Once uploaded, it will be sufficient to wait for the conversion to immediately download the JPG images of the PDF document. On this site we can also upload PDF documents present on the Dropbox or Google Drive clouds, so as to convert documents that are shared or saved online.

Another very useful online service for converting PDF to JPG is offered by PDF24 Tools, accessible from the official website.

Using this site is really very simple: we upload the file to the service by pressing the Choose files button (alternatively we can also just drag the files into the window), choose JPG as the output format at the bottom of the drop-down menu, check the parameters of the images and finally click on Convert to convert PDF pages to JPG images.

Another very famous service that we can use to convert PDF to JPG images is ILovePDF, usable for free and accessible from the official website.

This service is specific for PDF to JPG conversion, so we can use it right away by dragging PDF files into the window or using the button Select PDF File and choosing the image quality; the site will immediately carry out the extraction of the necessary pages, obtaining the download of the pages in image format.


There are many valid ways to convert PDF to JPG images, although we advise you to try the online services right away: they are all very good, fast and also safe (they do not save personal data or PDFs). If we particularly care about privacy or want to convert without an Internet connection, we can always use LibreOffice or one of the other tools seen in the guide.

In another article we saw how to save and extract the images inside the PDF document; if we are interested we can read the dedicated article Save and extract images from a PDF document.
To edit PDFs we can also read our guide Free sites to edit PDFs online for free.

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