How to contact YouTube

How to contact YouTube for assistance

want contact YouTube for assistance? No problem: you can do it through its official forum or through solutions a little more "classic", such as telephone assistance or even mail and fax. Find everything explained in detail right below.

Official YouTube forum

How to contact YouTube

One of the main ways to ask YouTube for help is to use its official forum. Using it is really very simple: just search for the topic that corresponds to your problem and, if none of the content already present offers a comprehensive answer, open a new discussion.

Then connect to the official YouTube forum and scroll through the various questions that have already been asked by users. The questions are all in English and are divided into sections. For example, within the section Topics in relief you can find the most discussed topics in the YouTube community, while scrolling the page you can find many other topics that could allow you to understand how to solve your problem or doubt. As soon as you have found the discussion you are interested in, click on his title and consult it to see if it can actually be useful.

If you want, you can join the users who are participating in the discussion by clicking on the item Add an answer, then writing your comment in the box that appears and pressing on the item Public to proceed with its publication. If you wish, you can even attach a screenshot, link or attachment by clicking on the appropriate buttons located at the bottom left. If you have not yet logged into your Google account, you will be asked to log in before proceeding with submitting your comment.

How to contact YouTube

Can't find a thread that matches the problem you want to solve? Ask the YouTube community for a hand by opening a new thread. Press the red button New topic which is located on the home page of the forum and, in the form that appears on the screen, fill in the text field Application indicating the problem you would like to solve, then specify the details in the appropriate text field and catalog the discussion by selecting one of the category attached to the drop-down menus located in the green column (on the right).

How to contact YouTube

Now, proceed with the publication of the discussion by pressing on the item Public and, if the users of the community release the answers to the discussion you have just created, you will receive alerts via email. More comfortable than that ?!


How to contact YouTube

Another way to get in touch with YouTube is to call the number provided for thehelpline made available by Google city (as you well know, YouTube is a service offered by Google). The number you can contact is the following: 02 36618300 that, at the time of writing, it is possible to call from Monday to Friday in the time slot from 08:00 to 17:00.

After dialing the number on your mobile phone dialer or landline phone keypad, start the call and follow the voice guide to select the service of your interest. Pigia, therefore, on button 1 to request assistance in city, then presses again on button 1 to request assistance for Google products and, finally, press the button 5 to ask for assistance on other services (in your specific case for YouTube).

I remind you that Google could change without notice the “magic” combination that allows you to talk to one of its operators, so I recommend that you always listen to the instructions provided by the voice guide.

As soon as you are put in touch with the first available operator, explain in detail the problem for which you wish to receive assistance and you will see that you will be able to solve it. If you wish to receive telephone support regarding advertising on YouTube, however, you can contact the number 800 597 438, available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Mail and Fax

How to contact YouTube

Would you like to send a letter to YouTube? In this case, know that you will need to send a message, written in English, to the following address.

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066 USA

Alternatively, you can contact YouTube via fax using the number + 1 650-253-0001. Again, the message must be written in English.

Contacting YouTube about copyright issues

How to contact YouTube

Are you the author of copyrighted material and believe it was uploaded without your explicit consent to YouTube? If so, you can make a complaint and report the copyright infringement to YouTube staff - here's how.

To begin with, linked to this page set up by YouTube precisely with the aim of collecting reports relating to alleged copyright infringements, select one of the options that correspond to the infringement you are interested in (eg. Inappropriate content, Privacy, Copyright infringement, etc.) and then follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with sending the report.

How to contact YouTube

If, for example, you have indicated Copyright infringement, specify who is affected by the violation (eg. I!, My company o Another copyright owner), enter theVideo url to be removed in the appropriate text field and describe the work you believe has been violated by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu Select an item. If you have more than one video to report, press the button Add another video and repeat the steps I just indicated.

Now, fill out the contact form located below indicating yours name (or that of yours company), Themailing address, the phone numbers and so on. Finally, put the check mark on all the boxes located inside the yellow box to confirm that you are acting in good faith and that you are the owner of the video you think the copyright has been infringed, enter your name e last name in the box located at the bottom so as to put your digital signature on the request and press the blue button Submit a complaint.

How to contact YouTube

The YouTube staff will examine your request and, if necessary, will contact you to ask for further clarifications and / or to give you the outcome of the report just made.

Contacting YouTube for inappropriate content

How to contact YouTube

want contact YouTube to report inappropriate content? In this case you can use the function Report, so as to bring to the attention of the YouTube staff the presence of inappropriate content.

To proceed, locate the video that you think is inappropriate and violates the terms of use of the service, click on the symbol (...) located below it and, in the menu that opens, click on the item Report. YouTube will receive your report and, if the content actually violates the terms of use of the service, it will be promptly removed from the platform.

How to contact YouTube to report site security issues

How to contact YouTube

Were you able to find a security issue affecting YouTube and would you like to report it to the technical staff of the platform? To do this, click here (so as to connect directly to the contact form which can be used in such cases), check one of the options that are listed, based on the security problem you want to report (eg. I found a problem in the Google Certificate AuthorityI want to report a scam, malware, or other problems not listed above, etc.), and add detailed information about the security problem discovered by filling in the fields in the form or by selecting the other available options. finally, press the button Continue.

If the problem you are experiencing really exists, Google will get back to you and may even offer you a reward for joining the Vulnerability Reward Program. For more information on the rewards provided for reporting related to security problems, consult the appropriate page set up on the Google website.

How to contact YouTube

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