How to call Wind

How to call WINDTRE for free

If you want call WINDTRE for free, I have good news to tell you: this is feasible, as long as the call comes from a WINDTRE line.

Provide, therefore, to dial the number 159 on dialer of your phone and, after listening to the welcome message, follow the instructions of the voice guide for assistance: by pressing the button 1 you can know and activate WINDTRE news or modify your offer; pressing the button 2 you can receive assistance from an operator or receive other information regarding your line.

If you have pressed the button 1, then, you can press the button 1, to activate an offer for optical fiber; the button 2, to make the purchase of a mobile product or the button 3, to make changes regarding their offer or to know and activate WINDTRE news.

If in the initial choice you pressed the button 2, instead, you have to wait online to speak to a consultant and get assistance on the number with which you are making the call or press the button 1, to receive assistance on another numbering.

Keep in mind, however, that the key combinations I have just indicated could be modified by WINDTRE, so always follow the instructions in the guide entry. The assistance service is always available, but for technical issues it is best to make the call from 08:00 to 23:00.

How to call WINDTRE from another operator

want call WINDTRE from another operator, maybe because you don't have your phone with the WINDTRE SIM inside or because you are not yet a customer of the “orange operator”? This can also be done, but in this case the call is charged according to the active plan on the SIM from which the call is made.

To proceed, also in this case you must call the 159 and press the button 1, to know and activate the news of WINDTRE or press the button 2, to receive assistance from a consultant or to receive other information regarding your number (to be indicated immediately after pressing key 2). However, I invite you to listen to the voice guide, since WINDTRE could change the menu at any time.

Also in this case the call can be made at any time, but for purely technical matters it is better to make it from 08:00 to 23:00.

How to call WINDTRE from abroad

Do you want call WINDTRE from abroad, but you don't have the faintest idea how to do this over the phone? Well, know that the well-known provider has made available to users who call from abroad a number that allows them to speak with a consultant for free.

In this case, the number to contact is as follows: prefix 320 5000200. After composing it, carefully and scrupulously follow the instructions given to you by the guide voice.

Other ways to contact WINDTRE

I conclude the guide by listing you other ways to contact WINDTRE. If for one reason or another you are not thrilled to contact the operator by phone, consider them. I'll list them below.

  • PEC - you can send a message to WINDTRE using the following certified email address:
  • Mail - you can send a written message to WINDTRE, by sending it to the address Wind Tre SpA - CD MILANO BAGGIO ADDRESS - PO Box 159 - 20152 Milan (MI)
  • Chat - you can chat with Will, WINDTRE's digital assistant, available on its website and on its official app for Android / iOS / iPadOS.
  • Shop - you can go to the nearest WINDTRE store, and talk to one of the consultants present there, so as to expose him the doubts and perplexities you intend to resolve.
How to call Wind

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