How to be called by Windtree

Get WINDTREE to call you if you are not a customer

How to be called by Windtree

I not WINDTREE customers who intend to change telephone operators or simply need more information, can be called by requesting a phone call via the operator's website. The service is currently only available for fixed telephony offers.

To proceed, go to the WINDTREE website, click on the item Fiber (above) and then select the item corresponding to the type of offer you wish to activate (eg. Fiber offers, Fixed entry only, etc.) and, in the new page that has opened, click on the button Discover attached to the offer of your interest.

After that, click on the link Need help? We call you! located at the top right, specify yours telephone number in the text field present in the box Need help? that appeared in the center of the page and click on the purple button Send.

If everything went well, you will see the message on the screen Thanks for choosing us! Your request has been successfully taken care of, a dedicated person will contact you free of charge as soon as possible. At this point you just have to wait for the call from a WINDTREE consultant. I remind you that the service is free and is active every day, from 09:00 to 21:00.

Get WINDTREE to call you if you are already a customer

If you wish have WINDTREE call you and you are already a customer, know that this is no longer feasible. Once it was possible to request a call from your personal area: now you can simply ask to chat with an operator. Let me explain how to do it from your personal area and from the WINDTREE app.

Online personal area

How to be called by Windtree

If you prefer to act on your own online personal area, go to the home page of the WINDTREE website, click on the item Login (top right), provide your login credentials in the login menu and then click on the button Log in.

Not registered yet? In that case, click on the button Create your account, indicate yours telephone number in the appropriate text field, click on the button Continue (below) and follow the instructions given on the screen to register. More info here.

Once logged in, click on the text field write here, which is in the box at the bottom left (if you do not see it, you can call it up by clicking on the icon of thelittle man on the left), write "Contact me" and by Submit on the keyboard or click the orange arrow located on the right of the text field. Repeat the operation one more time and click on the button Yes to chat with a consultant.


How to be called by Windtree

You prefer to act from the app WINDTREE? Very well! Install and start the latter on your Android device (if you have a device without Google services, see if there is any alternative store) or iOS / iPadOS.

After that, access al tuo account WINDTREE o sign up at the moment (if you haven't already). To do this, you need to indicate cellphone number, verification code received via SMS, email address e Password, and then press on link that was provided to you at the email address you specified. More info here.

After logging in, click on the button WILL (bottom right), write "Contact me" or in text field placed at the bottom of the screen, presses on the symbol ofairplane (on the right), so as to send the request and repeat the operation again. Finally, click on the button Yes, so as to accept the help of a consultant.

How to call WINDTRE

How to be called by Windtree

If through the solutions proposed above you have not been able to get a WINDTRE operator to call you, all you have to do is get in touch with the telephone company yourself. by calling Customer Service.

call WINDTRE, then take your phone, dial the number 159 and start the call. After hearing the welcome message, press the key needed to be assisted by an operator (it should be the key 2) and wait online if you are calling from the number that needs assistance, or press the button 1 and enter the number for which you want to ask for help and follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak with the first available consultant, based on the problem you intend to solve.

Please note that WINDTRE may change the telephone assistance menu at any time. To avoid problems of any kind, therefore, I invite you to always follow with great scrupulousness what you are told by the guide voice. The call is free and the service is always active (even if for purely technical issues it is advisable to call from 08:00 to 23:00).

If you want to talk to WINDTRE and you are not a customer of the well-known city telephone company, know that you can contact the operator by calling the 159, but in this case the call is priced according to the plan you have subscribed to with your operator. More info here.

How to be called by WindTree

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