How Sky Wifi works

How Sky Wifi works: preliminary information

Before listing what are the Internet offers currently available in the price list Sky Wifi, let me give you some indication about the main features of the service.

Service features

How Sky Wifi works

At the time of writing, Sky Wifi offers its customers two types of connection: FTTH, i.e. the connection via fiber optic cable to the home, with a maximum speed of 1 Gbps in download e 300 Mbps in upload; and FTTC, i.e. the connection via fiber optic cable to the proximity cabinet and with copper cable from the latter to the home, with a maximum speed of 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps in upload.

The Sky Wifi network is based on the physical connections of Open Fiber, as regards FTTH connectivity, or on those of Fastweb, for FTTC connectivity. Clearly, the availability of one or the other technology varies according to your area of ​​residence, as well as the maximum speed of the connection is subject to additional parameters (distance from the cabinet, user density, quality of the domestic copper system ( for FTTC) and so on).

As you will soon discover, it is possible to combine the Sky Wifi Internet offers with a voice option, with pay-as-you-go or unlimited (national and international) calls; the telephony service is provided with a system VoIPie via the Internet by connecting the telephone set directly to the router.

Subscription to Sky Wifi offers with FTTH coverage is subject exclusively to the availability of the service in your area; as regards FTTC connectivity, on the other hand, the operator provides services only in the event of migration from another operator (an FTTC line must already be active in the home).

Network coverage

How Sky Wifi works

To verify the Sky Wifi network coverage, you can use the specific web page, made available by the service provider: therefore, after going to the link indicated a moment ago, type the city where you want to activate the service in the appropriate field, wait for the menu with the search results to appear and select the one most relevant to your area of ​​interest.

Next, repeat the same operations on the fields address e House number and click on the button Verifica, to find out if the service is available at the specified address and, if so, with what technology.

Sky Wifi offers

How Sky Wifi works

Once the key points of the service have been identified, it is time to analyze the Sky Wifi offers available to users. To begin with, Sky makes a clear distinction (mainly in terms of price) between those who are already customers of the pay TV of the same name and those who are not. So to start, let me list the offers dedicated to new customers.

  • Sky Wifi: includes unlimited Internet connection in FTTH or FTTC technology and Sky Wifi Hub router on free loan and included in the price. The voice service is on consumption: calls to landlines have a connection fee of € 0,19 and no additional cost; while calls to mobile numbers provide for an amount of € 0,19 as a connection fee and are charged at € 0,19 / minute. The offer includes a one-off activation fee of € 49, which in some promotional periods can be discounted to € 29, or canceled.
  • Sky Wifi + Sky TV: adds the Sky Smart package to the Sky Wifi offer, which includes Sky TV contents and Sky HD and Sky Go Plus services and is supplied with Sky Q decoder without dish. The offer includes a one-off activation fee of € 49, which in some promotional periods is completely canceled.
  • Sky Wifi + Entertainment plus: adds the Sky Entertainment Plus package (Sky TV + Netflix) to the previous offer. Also in this case, the activation cost is € 49, which can be canceled in some promotional periods.

The offers available for those who are already pay TV customers are, as it is easy to imagine, slightly different.

  • Sky Wifi: includes unlimited Internet connection in FTTH or FTTC and Sky Wifi Hub modem, at the cost of 24,90 € / month for 18 months (after € 29,90 / month).
  • Sky Wifi Plus: adds unlimited calls to national fixed and cellular numbers to the previous package and costs money 24,90 € / month for 18 months (after € 34,90 / month).
  • Sky Wifi Ultra Plus: adds two Sky Wifi pod mesh devices to the offer (useful for expanding the range of the modem's Wi-Fi signal) and costs 27,90 € / month for 18 months (after € 37,90 / month).

The Sky Wifi packages dedicated to those who are already Sky customers for pay TV can be activated independently, by accessing your MySky customer area, or by contacting the operator directly, by phone, chat, email or website, as I have indicated. in my guide on how to contact Sky.

I also point out that the predefined Sky Wifi packages can be further customized, adding, where not already provided, unlimited national calls (5 € / month more), unlimited international calls to zone 1 (5 € / month more), or the package Ultra Wifi con due Sky Wifi pod (3 € / month more, with a one-time activation fee of 50 €).

How Sky Wifi Hub works

How Sky Wifi works

Sky Wifi Hub is the modem included with all Sky Wifi offers, in FTTH or FTTC: it is a router equipped with 8 internal antennas, with dual-band support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

The device in question is equipped with a "smart" configuration system, which allows you to automatically adapt the connection to the various scenarios (providing, for example, more bandwidth to the devices that stream), to automatically select the least congested network channel and to independently “learn” the characteristic habits of each connected device and create profiles based on them.

As for management, it will be useful to know that the Sky Wifi Hub router can also be configured manually via theapp Sky Wifi, available for Android (even for devices not equipped with Play Store), iOS and iPadOS: it allows you to quickly change the name and password of the Wi-Fi network, open the router ports, create customized user profiles, set surfing or using the network and much, much more.

In order to use the Sky Wifi app you need to have Sky ID and having previously registered on the manager's online platform: if you have not yet done so, keeping yours on hand Sky customer code, linked to this website, click on the button Create Sky ID and enter the required data in the appropriate fields: client code, fiscal Code, email (for two consecutive times) e Password (for two consecutive times).

How Sky Wifi works

Once this is done, pass the captcha check visible at the bottom of the page and press the button Continue to create the new account: within a few seconds, a message containing an activation link will be delivered to the email address specified above. When this happens, open the email in question and click on the link visible within it, in order to complete the verification of the Sky ID profile.

To download Sky Wifi, connect to the appropriate section of the market in use on your device, using the links I reported to you a little while ago or the function of search integrated, then press the button Installa / Ottieni and, if required, authenticated by facial recognition, Fingerprint or Password account configured.

Once the download is complete, start the app by pressing the button apri, salta the short configuration tutorial proposed and, after connecting to the Wi-Fi network generated by the Sky Wifi router, log in to Sky ID associated with the Internet subscription by entering the credentials in the appropriate fields.

Once logged in, use the tabs, menus and buttons on the screen to apply the customizations you prefer: by tapping on the tab Home, you will quickly see the router usage data (active profiles, network usage, Wifi pod status and so on); the board Connect allows you to change the network settings (Wi-Fi network name and key, door opening, channel, security options, and so on).

Again, from the card Profile you can create new user profiles, configure them and apply restrictions for parental controls, if necessary; the board Other, on the other hand, it allows the consultation of information relating to voice (missed calls, received calls, and so on) and other advanced aspects of the modem.

If you are unable to download the Sky Wifi app, you can take advantage of its online version, available on this page; alternatively, you can access the complete Sky Wifi Hub management panel by connecting to the address via any browser you prefer and by entering your username when logging in admin and network key password main.

For more information about the Sky Wifi Hub and the Sky Wifi app, I recommend that you read the guide available on the Sky website.

How Sky Wifi works

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