How EasyPark works

What is EasyPark

EasyPark is the most popular service, available in the form of an application, for the payment of parking in the new continent as well as in the Bel Paese.

The basic concept is very simple but at the same time very revolutionary: start, manage and end the parking of the car with the mobile phone, but above all pay only the actual parking time in compliance with the rates established by the municipal administration, with the possibility , in case of need, to extend it or to interrupt it prematurely.

If we add to all this the fact that the app also allows you to identify the parking areas that can be paid for with EasyPark directly on the map, then we can definitively say goodbye to parking stress.

But where is EasyPark currently active? There are more than 390 in your languagen municipalities in which this service is available, a number that increases over time. As for the rest of Europe, the EasyPark app is available in over 400 cities.

Let's get to the point. What do you need to use the EasyPark service? A mobile phone and a credit card, even prepaid (on the Visa, Mastercard or American Express circuits) or PayPal. It should also be noted that EasyPark can be used by both individuals and companies, with all the advantages that derive from it in both cases.

As for prices, the service is available in two different solutions for private customers: EasyPark Small (on consumption) ed EasyPark Large (by subscription). For the latter it is possible to use the service in an unlimited way by paying only a fixed monthly fee of 2,99 €. For the plan EasyPark SmallOn the other hand, there is a usage commission depending on the parking area and allows you to pay for the exact parking time in compliance with the rates established by the municipal administration, ideal for those who are occasional users.

These commissions can be of 0,19 €, 0,29 €, 0,39 € or of the 15% of the cost of the parking, but in some municipalities they may not even be applied. You can consult the commissions at this link. Taking advantage of the function Camera-Park, in garages or barrier car parks with camera at the entrance and exit, automatic payment of the parking can be made, as the vehicle license plate is scanned and the vehicle identified as an EasyPark user, with commissions equal to 15% of the cost of the parking up to a maximum of 1,90 €.

As for business solutions, EasyPark is available in version For e Premium. The first version is ideal for those who stop less than twice a week and intend to save up to a maximum of two hours a month, while the second is certainly optimal for those who stop more than twice a week and intend to save many hours at the month. In both cases there are monthly costs per user and a registration fee (unless otherwise specified by any offers). For more information, see this page.

How to use EasyPark

Now that you finally have a clearer idea about this innovative service, let's try to understand more closely how EasyPark works and what operations must be carried out to be able to use them.

Download and registration

The app of EasyPark is available for free on smartphones and tablets Android and iOS / iPadOS. To download the app on your device Android, all you have to do is start the Play Store, search for the term “easypark” using the bar at the top and tap on the corresponding search result. To facilitate this operation, you can reach this link from your smartphone, in order to open the EasyPark app tab in the Play Store. Then press the button Install, to start downloading the application.

Su iPhone e iPadinstead, all you have to do is open theApp Store iOS / iPadOS, press on the tab Search at the bottom and type the term in the appropriate text box “easypark”, in order to find the corresponding search result. Also in this case, to facilitate this action, you can reach this link from your Apple mobile device, to start the App Store and go directly to the EasyPark app tab. Then press the button Get and unlock download and installation via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Once the app download and installation procedure has been completed, the first step you need to make to start using EasyPark is obviously registering for the service. So, start EasyPark on your device by pressing on its icon (the white "e" "printed" on the fuchsia square) and type your cellphone number in the appropriate field on the screen, then press on button with arrow down.

Once this is done, accept the terms of service, by checking the appropriate box, and press the pulsating di advancement. You will be asked to enter the license plate number of your vehicle. When you are done, proceed to the next step, where you will need to enter a valid payment method, choice between PayPal or a paper, even prepaid.

Top up account

Before you start using the app EasyPark it is important to carry out some important procedures. First, you need to enter i billing information. To do this, press the tab Other at the bottom, select the item Settings and fill out the section Account Details, entering yours name e last name, your residence address, your fiscal Code it's a email address. Then press the button Done, to confirm the insertion of the data entered.

If you skipped entering a payment method when registering your account, click on the tab Other at the bottom and select the item Payment from the menu. Select the item Enter payment information, tick the box to accept the terms of service and choose one of the payment methods supported by this service.

When you enter a payment method, you are also asked to top up your account, whose credit will be used to pay for your stops. What you need to do is press on the tab Other, select the item Payment and tap on payment method previously entered.

At this point, choose an amount from those indicated (3 €, 10 € o 25 €) and press the button below to top up the EasyPark virtual account. If you always want to keep the account with sufficient credit for your stops, check the box during the recharge phase Automatically top up my account, so that your EasyPark account is reloaded by the specified amount when the credit is about to run out.

Sticker printing

Apart from registration, before starting to use the EasyPark service, there is one last fundamental step that you must take: print the sticker to be placed on the windshield of your car as evidence of the fact that you are an EasyPark customer and are using this service for your parking. It is important that you display the EasyPark badge, as in some parking areas it is necessary to report to the controllers that you are using this service.

If you do not have the possibility to print the sticker, you can also affix on the dashboard, in a clearly visible way, a note with the words “EasyPark”. The traffic assistants will know that you are an EasyPark user and will be able to check the correct activation of the parking through the license plate number of your car.

To obtain the sticker, connect to this web page available on the EasyPark site and proceed with printing the file as you usually do with any other document. Don't know how to print a PDF from a browser? In this case, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to the topic.

You can also get the sticker via the EasyPark app, by pressing on the card Other and selecting you Settings> Request flag. In the screen that is shown to you, press the button Send, in order to receive the file to be printed directly in your e-mail box.

Since it is a sticker, I suggest you print it on sticky paper. If you do not have such equipment at hand, you can also print everything on a very common sheet of paper and then put the "fake" sticker in the insurance pocket or simply place it on the dashboard. In any case, remember to cut out the sticker following the dotted line around it on the previously printed sheet.

Activate the stop, extend it or interrupt it

At this point you are finally ready to take action: park your car by paying with EasyPark! All you need to get started is simply the parking area code. This data can be entered manually, by pressing the key insert the code, which you find at the top. To know the code of the area where you are parking, you can refer to the parking meters or road signs.

My advice, however, is to use the geolocation function of your smartphone or tablet, in order to automatically identify the exact position where your vehicle is, so as to minimize the operations to be performed to start paying for the parking. . Don't know how to activate geolocation? Then refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

You can also move the cursor on the map, in order to identify the parking area and all related information, such as the type of parking, the operator and the hourly cost. If the location indicated on the map does not correspond to the place where you actually are, press on thegps icon at the bottom right, to align the geolocation data.

At this point, if the parking area supported by EasyPark has been identified, the marker on the map it will turn fuchsia in color. Press on P key below, to view the virtual parking meter. The top left will display the license plate of your vehicle. If you have entered more vehicles, press on targa current and choose one of the vehicles on the list.

At the top right, however, the time of the stop will be displayed: turn the wheel in the center, in order to add the minutes or hours for which you think your vehicle will remain parked, which will be visible in the upper right area. Next to the item Price you will be able to see the total cost of the stop for the time indicated by you.

To set the parking time, move the wheel clockwise. If you want to decrease the amount of hours and minutes of parking, you must instead turn the wheel on the screen counterclockwise. Then press the button Start stop in the center of the screen, to start the stop. Before exiting your vehicle, remember to display the EasyPark badge, in case you have not applied the sticker to the windshield.

To stop the stop, just press the appropriate button Stop stop present in the main screen of the application. To extend the duration of the parking, however, you have to rotate the wheel further clockwise until you reach the desired total residence time.

At the end of the stop, you will see a summary screen with all the details. In any case, you can view the history of all the stops made by pressing the button Other below and selecting the item My stops. In the tab Chronology you will be able to view the details of each stop made.

I remind you that the stop is automatically interrupted at the end of the set time. Remember, therefore, to postpone its conclusion if you need to, to avoid incurring any fines. However, if you finish your commitments earlier than expected, you can stop the stop as soon as you get back in the car, using the appropriate stop button. In all cases, you will only pay for the time actually used for the use of the car park in compliance with the rates established by the municipal administration.

Manage your settings and account

If you need, you can also change the application settings, changing them as you see fit. To do this, click on the button Other present in the lower right part of the application and then select the item Settings.

In the tab Account, you can view the type of active account and billing information. In the section App SettingsInstead, you can set when to receive the end-of-stop notification, so as to make sure that you can possibly extend your parking time. You can also enable or disable the summary screen at the end of each stop.

In the tab Extra ServicesInstead, you can enable some additional services, such as the SMS reminder before the end of the stop (at a cost of € 0,10 per SMS), an email report for the day's stops (€ 0,20 per sending) and a confirmation SMS at the end of the stop (free of charge).

Create a corporate account

As anticipated at the beginning, EasyPark is also usable for companies. To create an account of this type, just visit the dedicated EasyPark web page and choose one of the packages (For or Premium). By pressing the appropriate buttons, you can create a company account and start using the service for your company.

Alternatively, press the key Contact Me and fill out the proposed form, entering all the required data. Next, click Subscribe and wait to be contacted by EasyPark.

If you don't feel like waiting, you can also get in touch with EasyPark directly by calling the number prefix 06 94 80 11 47, then waiting for an operator to answer you and explaining what your needs are.

If you need assistance

Do you have any questions or are you having problems using the EasyPark service? So do this: first try to take a look in the section Quick of the service's website, you may find valuable support for your difficulties without having to contact customer support directly.

If, despite doing as I have just indicated, you are unable to resolve, my advice is to contact the in your languagen assistance of EasyPark and explain to them how things are and / or what your concerns are. They will certainly be able to help you.

To contact EasyPark assistance you can send an email to or you can call the number prefix

Article written in collaboration with EasyPark

How EasyPark works

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