How Badoo works

How to register on Badoo

How Badoo works

In order to fully understand how Badoo works, the first operation I suggest you do is to sign up for the service and then create your own profile on the website. To do this click here to connect to the main Badoo web page and answer a few questions to start filling out your profile on Badoo. You will then have to indicate whether you are a man or a woman and the purpose of your registration for the service (making new friends, chatting or finding love). You will then have to fill in the text fields and indicate your name, your date of birth, your city and your email address. Then press the purple button Create Account.

Please note that if you wish, you can also speed up the Badoo registration process by pressing the button Login with Facebook or take advantage of the login data of other social services by pressing the button Other access options.

Once you have signed up for the service, you will be asked if you want Activate the Super Powers for free (a normally paid feature which I will talk about later) to do this you will need to get in touch with people you already know elsewhere and invite them to the platform. Badoo will in fact search for people to connect with through the contact list of popular email services such as Outlook or Gmail, sending them a connection request. If you want to get in touch with one or more users who are already in your contact list, select the service you wish to act on and then provide the required login data. If it is not your intention to carry out this procedure, click on the item Not now located at the bottom of the screen.

How Badoo works

At this point you will have access to the main Badoo screen and the first thing you will need to do is fill out your profile in the best possible way. For example, upload some photos that portray you, so that other members of the service can get to know you better. To upload photos to Badoo click on the item Increase Popularity and select the photos on your computer using the entry of the same name. Alternatively, if you don't have photos saved on your computer, you can import photos from Facebook, Instagram or other social services by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Uploading the photo is necessary to improve the effectiveness of interaction with other users; after all, Badoo is a social networking service, where people sign up to interact with each other and make new friends and acquaintances. My advice is to upload at least a couple of photos, there are a lot of people on Badoo interested in making friends. Furthermore, as a new user, by uploading several photos you can attract the attention of other subscribers to the service, receive several visits to your profile and thus increase your popularity.

How to fill in your profile

How Badoo works

Once you have uploaded your photos to Badoo, you can finally start using the service to the full. Keep in mind that, every time you log in to Badoo, the first page you will find will be the one through which to search for people to know but, in the event that your profile is incomplete, you will hardly be contacted by other people. To fix it, press the button with theicon with a little man and by clicking on the button Update, corresponding to the item Enhance your profile.

Proceed by completing and editing all the various sections displayed on the screen, verifying your profile, describing yourself in detail, talking about your interests and filling in some information about yourself in relation to your hobbies. Also fill in your personal information; it indicates for example everything related to your physical appearance, such as how tall you are or how much you weigh; tell yourself through the questions that Badoo will ask you: indicate what your sexual orientation or sentimental situation is. They may seem like personal questions, but they are meant to help you fill out your profile and to give others a chance to get to know you better. Then fill out your profile as best you can, answering all the questions.

How to meet new people

How Badoo works

Are you ready to meet new people? Press the voice Matches to start seeing a list of people who are potentially compatible with you. For each profile displayed you can choose whether to indicate a positive opinion (Button Heart), an extremely positive one (Button Skidding) or a negative one (Button X). In the section People around, instead, you will be able to view other users near your area with whom you can start chatting. If any of these intrigue you, you can click on their photo to view their full profile and find out more details. If you want to refine your search, click on the symbol of the heights corresponding to the item Matches: you will be able to customize your search more.

After opening the profile of a person of your interest, you can view a lot of information relating to them and get in touch with them by pressing the button Chat Immediately which is placed at the top. In addition to being able to chat with the selected person, you can also add them to favorite so that we can contact you at a later time. You can also give him a virtual gift by simply pressing the button depicting three dots, located in the upper right part of the profile and selecting the relevant item attached to the displayed menu. Also keep in mind that if someone annoys you, again through the menu in question, you can also report it, indicating any abuse, or block it. All you have to do is press on the items respectively Block o Report.

In addition to chatting with other users, Badoo allows you to view users who have visited your profile and those who are interested in you. To find out more about it, just click on the entries Visit e Who likes you located on the left side of the service web page. You will then have a list of people who have viewed your profile and voted for you.

Badoo is a messaging and dating service free, however several features are for a fee. Specifically, Badoo offers a ranking system: by frequently using the social network, uploading photos and videos, and interacting with other users, you can become a popular person and climb the rankings. With a position towards the top of the leaderboard, your profile will be visited more frequently and thus you can get more interactions from users. More interactions will also mean more chances of meeting people who are potentially similar to you.

To climb the rankings, you can also buy virtual credits with real money, which allow you to speed up your climb to popularity. THE credits of Badoo can in fact be used in different ways: you can sponsor your photo in special sections, send stickers different from the others, message with a greater number of users, get to know a greater number of people, as well as promote your photo directly in the first results of research.

The price for the purchase of credits varies depending on the package you want to buy: it starts from a minimum of 550 virtual credits at a cost of € 9,99, up to 2750 credits at a price of € 39,99. Alternatively, there is a second method paid which will allow you to get more popularity on Badoo: you will have to activate the Superpowers. In this case, however, activating the Super Powers requires the subscription of a subscription which gives access to numerous benefits. In fact, you will be able to discover all the people who want to meet you, find out who has added you to their favorites, immediately know the new subscribers to the service, view the complete list of all popular users and even activate the Invisible mode. Certainly the advantages are different and the cost of the subscription is also variable, depending on the plan subscribed. It starts from a minimum of € 0,99 for one day, up to a lifetime subscription which requires the subscription of a single figure: € 49,99. If you are undecided whether these benefits will interest you, you can try the Super Powers for free, inviting your friends to join Badoo by email.

In any case, if this is your first time accessing Badoo, my advice is to start familiarizing yourself with the service, before signing up for any type of subscription. However, keep in mind that, in the event that you have to reconsider and it is no longer your intention to rely on Badoo to meet new people, you can always cancel your account. To do this you can follow my guide on how to unsubscribe from Badoo.

To meet new people on Badoo you can also choose to use the application for Android, iOS or Windows smartphones. The app has the exact same functionality as the web version of Badoo and its user interface is perfectly optimized for mobile devices.

How Badoo works

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