Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

    Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad Ever since the days of Tetris on the Game Boy, puzzle or brain teaser games on handheld video game devices have always been popular. It is no coincidence then that in the Apple App Store, the most successful games are precisely these brain teaser puzzle, with so many different ideas and so many challenges that without acute ingenuity will surely be lost.
    In this article, the best puzzle and brain teaser games for iPhone and iPad, (especially the free ones).

    1) Bejeweled Blitz (free for iPhone and iPad) is a very successful game, perfectly represented on iOS. Who does not know it, this is that classic game of gems, where you have to match the same gems together to eliminate lines from the screen and score points, within the time allowed. It is a game where you have to sharpen your eyes to identify the points where gems of the same type are placed side by side. Bejeweled Blitz uses Facebook to connect with the online version of the game to keep a unique leaderboard with friends playing from various platforms.

    2) 1010! is a Tetris inspired game, much nicer with a 10x10 grid where you can place the shapes to form a complete line.

    3) Orbital is a very successful puzzle game where you play by shooting orbs upwards to hit the wall or other orbs. A number is then added to the orb, indicating how many shots are needed to make it disappear. If a ball lands below the shooting line, the game is over. The difficulty is in firing accurate shots trying to understand the gravity and trajectories of the rebounds. The game is perfect for spending hours dribbling on the iPhone and is also available for iPad.

    4) Brain It On! is a very nice, difficult, physics-based, tiered puzzle game.

    5) Happy Glass for iPhone and iPad is one of the most popular games of 2018, where you have to drop the water into a glass, trying to fill it and finding the right way from above to keep it from falling to the ground.

    6) Polysphere - art of puzzle is a puzzle game where you have to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete, 3D image.

    7) Free Flow is a free game for iPhone and iPad that features a 5 × 5 grid with pairs of colored spheres. The goal is to match spheres of the same color by drawing bridges between them. The gameplay remains simple, but as you progress through the game, drawing those bridges becomes more and more difficult and you have to strain your mind to find the right fit.

    8) Hello Stars is a very original puzzle game, made up of animated video clips, where you have to guide a ball on the scenario to make it touch all the stars present, using gravity. The game has nice and nice graphics with stick figures.

    9) Cross Fingers, free, is a very addictive puzzle game where you have to move the pieces in a table to combine them according to the shape and you can also move several pieces simultaneously. Cross Fingers is a particularly beautiful game on the iPad, but perfectly playable on the iPhone.

    10 ) Move The Box is a free puzzle game where you have to place boxes with the same drawn figure side by side to make them disappear. There are different levels and, the further you go, the more difficult the solution becomes.

    11 ) One Touch Draw is a puzzle game where you have to draw without ever taking your finger off the screen, joining different points and following the various rules of each level.
    One Touch Draw is free for iPhone and iPad, very challenging and engaging.

    12 ) Unblock me is one of the most downloaded games from the store, where you have to clear a path by moving the tiles on a table.

    13 ) Bubble Shooter, the most popular game in the bubble shooting game genre similar to Puzzle Bubble, is free and very nice for iPhone and iPad.

    14 ) Wolrd Of Goo is a physics-based ingenuity game considered among the best in the puzzle genre and among the top games on the App Store, where the goal is to create structures such as bridges or scaffolding.

    15 ) Ruzzle and lyricist games for iPhone they don't even need an introduction these days, but they're worth mentioning for the few who aren't playing it yet.

    16 ) Dots for iPhone where to connect the colored dots is the most successful Puzzle game of 2013.

    17 ) Path Through the Forest, among the best puzzle games of 2017, is a very varied puzzle that never gets boring.

    18 ) Doctor Mario World, the Nintendo Puzzle Game, very nice and free for iPhone.

    19 ) Cookie cats is a game similar to Candy Crush where you have to match colored cookies to clear them from the board.

    20 ) Cube Critters is a multiplayer game where you have to guide a little man in the shape of a box in search of a treasure, avoiding the traps of the labyrinth.

    21 ) Roller Splat! is a game where you have to color a complete maze, making the right movements.

    22 ) AMAZE !!!, similar to Roller Splat, here too you have to color a path by taking the right path, without ever going back.

    23 ) Draw it, game where the fastest draws wins, challenging other people.

    24 ) Mr Bullet, puzzle game where you have to find a way to kill a hidden person, shooting with the right trajectory and taking advantage of the bullet's bounces.

    Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

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