PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

What is PosteMobile Create me Revolution 

As mentioned at the beginning, Creami Revolution is the new and innovative tariff offer of the in your languagen virtual operator PosteMobile. In these days it is advertised on-air on the main television networks and on the radio with a commercial that sees Tania Cagnotto as testimonial.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

Unlike what has been made available on the market up to now by the competition, Creami Revolution is based on a system of credit which, in fact, constitute telephone traffic. On the surface it may seem a little complicated to understand but in reality it is not at all.

In practice, a total of 1000 credits is provided for each variant of the Creami Revolution offer. Each credit corresponds to 1 minute of phone calls, 1 SMS or 1 MB of data traffic. What follows is that every user who decides to subscribe to the offer has maximum freedom of choice in how to use it. It can therefore be used only and exclusively for making calls (therefore 1000 minutes of calls), partly for making calls and partly for sending SMS (eg 500 minutes of calls and 500 SMS) and so on. All clear?

In addition to the credits, each version of Creami Revolution includes 7GB of data traffic which correspond exactly to 7168 credits and can be used as needed to surf the internet from smartphones and tablets.

Data traffic happens undercover Vodafone, both on the net 3G than on the network 4G (depends on the degree of coverage available for the reference area and on the device used). The maximum connection speed in 4G is 150 Mbps and in 3G it is up to 42 Mbps.

How PosteMobile works Create me Revolution 

Having clarified what exactly is the new tariff offer Creami Revolution by Poste Mobile, we now try to analyze in detail the versions available and the costs as well as the steps to be taken for activation and how to manage and keep credit under control. It's all explained below.

Available versions and costs

We said that PosteMobile Creami Revolution is a tariff offer structured in three variants. All versions always offer the same number of credits and GB but are extinguished between them due to the frequency of renewal and costs.

As anticipated at the beginning, the greater the number of renewals, the lower the costs to be incurred. More precisely, the offer is composed as follows:

  • Revolution 1 - It is expected 1 renewal at the cost of 12 €. Click here to view the prospectus.
  • Revolution 3 - Are expected 3 renews at the total cost of 30 € (therefore 10 euros each). Click here to view the prospectus.
  • Revolution 6 - Are expected 6 renews at the total cost of 48 € (therefore 8 euros each). Click here to view the prospectus.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

The renewal of each plan takes place every 4 weeks and the payment is premature, through the credit present on the SIM. It is therefore not necessary to have credit cards and be bound to the manager in some way. Therefore, maximum freedom also for what concerns payments.

For internet browsing, the GB included in the offer will be deducted first and, once finished, the credits still available.

In case of exhaustion of available credits, the extra-threshold rates corresponding to 18 cents / min for calls, 12 cents / SMS for text messages and 50,41 cents / MB for Internet browsing.

It should be noted that even the non-renewal of the Creami Revolution 1 plan due to insufficient credit entails the application of the extra threshold rate for calls and SMS and the daily basic rate of 2,52 euros / day for 250 MB of internet traffic on smartphones and tablets that from 27 June 2017 it will be modified allowing you to surf the Internet up to 400MB per day at a cost of 3,50 euros.

In the event of insufficient credit for the renewal of the CREAMI Revolution 3 and 6 Plan, the CREAMI Revolution 1 Plan will instead be activated.


As for activation, there are two ways to go. Assuming that this is an offer that can be activated by both new and old customers and that in the first case there is no constraint for the portability of the number while in the second it is necessary to bear the additional cost for the change of plan of 19 euros, you can choose to make the activation request either from the PosteMobile website (until June 18) and at any post office present on the territory or in the points Kipoint (until 30 July).

From the web, just visit this page, click on the orange button Buy online and fill in the form that is proposed to you, taking care to select the variant of Creami Revolution chosen, the personal info requested (name, surname, date of birth, etc.), the SIM data, taking care to indicate whether you intend to carry out the portability or whether you want to activate a new card as well as your residential address and your shipping address.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

You will also have to read the characteristics of the offers and the contractual conditions and then you will have to tick the relevant box and decide whether or not to consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes indicated on the site by placing a check mark next to the various options available.

To complete the entire procedure, simply type the control code shown at the bottom left in the appropriate empty field on the right and click on the button Send.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

The SIM purchased online has a cost of 15 euros with 15 euros of telephone traffic included for those who choose the Creami Revolution 1 Plan, while for those who choose the Creami Revolution 3 Plan, by entering the code CREAMIREVOLUTION3, has a cost of 30 euros with 30 euros of telephone traffic included. Those who choose the Plan Create me Revolution 6, by entering the code CREAMIREVOLUTION6, has a cost of 50 euros with 50 euros of telephone traffic included.

In all cases, the shipping of the SIM is free and payment is made in cash directly on delivery.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to activate Creami Revolution in the post office, first of all find the one closest to your area by connecting to this special page of the Poste cittàne website, by typing the entry in the field below Search on the left the name of the area in which you reside (or in any case it is the one in which you are interested in understanding which is the nearest post office) and then clicking on the button in the shape of a magnifying glass on the right.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

Then you will be shown a map showing all the post offices in the area. By clicking on the place card on the map corresponding to the post office of your interest, you can get more information about the latter such as address, telephone number, opening hours and days and average turnout.

If you are unable to identify the post office you are interested in at the first try, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to define days and hours of operation, the distance from the indicated area and the services offered.

After having found the post office closest to you, go to the place, go to the counter and show the employee your wish to activate the PosteMobile Creami Revolution offer. Then fill out the form that will be given to you, provide your documents and your personal details and pay the amount due to activate the offer.

Activation can also be carried out at Kipoint points scattered throughout the in your languagen territory. To find the one closest to your area, you can consult the complete list of points of sale by connecting to this web page.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

Then go to the place and expose to the service staff your will to activate PosteMobile create me Revolution. The rest of the procedure is practically identical to that already seen for post offices.

For all purchases made at the Post Office or Kipoint points, the SIM has a cost of 15 euros with 5 euros of traffic included or 15 euros with 5 euros of traffic and 10 euros of bonus in the event that a request for number portability is made . All traffic bonuses can be used within one month of disbursement. International traffic, roaming traffic and traffic to non-geographic numbers are excluded from the use of the bonuses.


As for the management of the SIM and the activated plan and the verification of available credits, everything can be done through the personal area on the website of PosteMobile, through theWhatsapp PosteMobile (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), by calling 160 (the manager's customer service number) or the Do-It-Yourself service at the number 401212.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

As for the change of plan, you can do it for free and at any time but only by contacting the operator's customer service by phone.

Check the coverage of the PosteMobile network

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

Considering that PosteMobile relies on the Vodafone network to provide its services, to verify the coverage of the signal you have to use the special tool made available on the website of the "red manager".

Therefore, connect to the Vodafone website, type your address in the appropriate text field and press the most relevant search suggestion among those proposed to you. If when you connect to the site a warning appears on the screen asking you for authorization to detect your geographical position, you consent without problems. By doing this you will avoid having to type in the address by hand.

At this point, you will be shown the map of the area in question. If you want, you can use the appropriate buttons to filter the search based on the available network: 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G + o 5G.

Receive assistance

In conclusion, if you have any doubts about Creami Revolution or you have or are having problems with it, let me give you a little tip: get in touch with theassistance PosteMobile customers.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

There are various ways to get in touch with PosteMobile operators, some more "traditional" others more, so to speak, modern. You will find them all listed below.

  • 160 - It is the aforementioned telephone number of PosteMobile customer assistance. To get in touch with an operator, dial the number 160 on the numeric keypad of your mobile phone and press the button for initiate a call. Then listen to the welcome message of the service, follow the instructions of the voice guide and press the button to receive assistance and speak to an operator. Then expose your doubts and / or your problems to the operator with whom you will find yourself talking and you will see that in a little while you will be able to solve everything. The service is active every day of the week from 7.00 to 24.00. The call is free from PosteMobile numbers and TIM landline numbers.
  • prefix. - This is the number you need to dial to contact PosteMobile customer service by phone when you are abroad. The cost is that of a normal phone call from abroad to the city.
  • Chat Online - You can get in touch with PosteMobile customer service also via chat, by connecting to the operator's website and clicking on the appropriate here that appears on the screen. The service is active every day from 8.00 to 24.00.
  • Facebook - You can chat with PosteMobile customer service also through Facebook, by going to the official company page and then clicking on the button to send a message.
  • Twitter - Another social channel that you can use to contact PosteMobile is Twitter. All you have to do is send a public tweet addressed to @PosteMobile asking for the operator's attention. Once this is done, in a short time you will be contacted in turn by PosteMobile, which will activate you to send direct messages and will invite you to provide more details and continue the conversation in private.

The article was written in collaboration with PosteMobile.

PosteMobile Create me Revolution: what it is and how it works

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