How WeTransfer works

How it works and how to use WeTransfer

To discover how WeTransfer works, you must first connect to the official website of the service and accept the terms of use by pressing the button Accept per due turn consecutive.

This will open the screen dedicated to sending files with WeTransfer. As you can see, the screen in question comes with a really minimal user interface. Most of it is occupied by the background offered by the service, created in collaboration with partner companies; on the side, however, there is the tool for sending files.

You can choose whether to send aautomatic email to recipients with the download link or whether to copy it manually and then share it independently on other channels (e.g. social networks).

The transferred files will be available for download from WeTransfer's servers for a limited time: the recipients will have 7 days of time to download them. By subscribing to the Pro plan of the service (12 euros / month) it is possible to customize this time frame and also set a password to protect the downloads.

Once the time available for downloading the file has expired, the content will be deleted and must be reloaded to make a further submission.

Is everything clear so far? Yup? Very well! So let's not get lost in chat further and let's get started right away. In the following lines you will find explained how to send and receive files with WeTransfer.

How to send files with WeTransfer

To send files with WeTransfer from computer, you can act from any browser and operating system you prefer. Therefore, you want to know how Wetransfer works on Windows o how Wetransfer works on Mac, the procedure to follow is always the same.

The first thing you need to do, of course, is to connect to the home page of the service and to accept the conditions of use as explained above. Once this is done, click on the button (+) Add File. By doing so, a dialog box will open that will ask you to choose the file to transfer from those in your computer's memory.

Then select the content of your interest by clicking on it to be uploaded to the WeTransfer server. The next step is to indicate the data of the recipient of your file. In the text field Send an email to you must therefore indicate the recipient's email address. Keep in mind that, in case you need to send multiple messages, you can indicate up to 20 different email addresses.

In the text field Email Addressinstead, you must indicate your email address. By entering it, you will be prompted to verify your email for a security issue and, in addition, you will be notified with an email when the file is downloaded.

To avoid checking your email every time you send it, you can optionally register for free, a procedure that is done by first pressing the button Subscribe and then Crea un account WeTransfer, in order to create an account through e-mail e Password or through your account Google.

Field message, on the other hand, it is entirely optional: if you wish, you can write a personalized message that will accompany the file to be sent to the recipient. After uploading, to transfer the file in question, enter the confirmation code relating to the verification of your email (if requested) and then press the button Transfer. The game is done!

If you don't want to email the download link but manually share it wherever you like, click the button (...), check the box Get the transfer link, press the button again (...) and proceed to upload the file as explained above (choosing, however, the items Get a link> Copy the link). Anyone who is in possession of the link in question will be able to download the file from the WeTransfer website.

WeTransfer: how it works to receive

Once we have learned how WeTransfer works related to sending files, let's see how to use it to receive a document shared by another person.

If a colleague of yours has sent you a document or any other type of file with WeTransfer, you can proceed in a very simple way.

If you receive aemail da WeTransfer, it means that the file is ready to be downloaded. In the body of the email you will be shown the sender's email address, the number of files sent and the expiration date of the same. A little further below, you will also find any personalized message that the sender may have written. To download the file received, click on the button Download the files present in the email received. The link indicated will send you to the official WeTransfer website: click on the button Download and the download will begin.

The link of the file uploaded to WeTransfer? Equally simple. All you have to do is visit the web address in question with your favorite browser and press the button Download.

How WeTransfer Pro works

As mentioned above, WeTransfer is a service that, basically, can be used completely free of charge. However, those who need to transfer files larger than 2GB can refer to WeTransfer Pro, version a payment of the service with prices starting from 12 € / month.

Among the features of WeTransfer Pro there is the possibility to send files up to 20 GB at once, the archiving of documents on servers up to 200 GB, the possibility to customize the expiration time and to use a password to protect the files sent.

To subscribe to the subscription in question connected to the home page of the service and press the button Register> Get WeTransfer Pro, in order to register and pay for the subscription.

How WeTransfer app works

You can also use the application to send files Collect by WeTransfer to Android e iOS / iPadOS, an app that is structured on board, i.e. virtual tables in which you can upload all the contents to share with other people. Let's see together how to use it.

How WeTransfer works on Android

After downloading the Collect by WeTransfer from the Android Play Store (or from alternative stores), to use it all you have to do is start it and create a new board to add the contents to be shared, by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead which is located at the bottom.

Now, in the screen that is shown to you, select the files to add to the board: you can choose between photos or videos (Photos or video), chamber (and then capture a photo or video in real time with the smartphone camera) e files (files of various kinds).

Then add the element to a predefined virtual table or press the button Create new board, to create a new one. Once you have finished creating the board and adding content to it, press the button Share and choose whether to send the file as read-only (View) or whether to send it also with modification permissions (Edit), by placing the check mark on the appropriate item. Once this is done, click on the button Share, to share the link and allow other people to download the file you added to your virtual board.

If you want, you can delete the boards even after creating them: just select them from the screen boards and use the button Delete Board located in the screen (...), to remove the contents. To add new content to a created board, instead, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead located within a virtual palette. It is not possible to receive files directly within the app.

How WeTransfer works on iPhone

You can also send files with WeTransfer via the app Collect by WeTransfer to iPhone / iPad, downloading it fromApp Store. The operation of the app for iOS / iPadOS is identical to that for Android, since the user interface is exactly the same.

All you have to do then is press the button capacitor positive (+) lead to upload a photo or video from your device's Gallery to a virtual board (Photos or video) or an element obtained on the spot (chamber), to be sent read-only (View) or with modification permissions (Edit) process the pulsating Share.

The only difference in the app Collect by WeTransfer to iPhone / iPad lies in the additional possibility of scanning documents (Scan document) and add notes to send (Notes), elements that can be added to a virtual table via the button capacitor positive (+) lead.

How WeTransfer works

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