How 10eLotto works

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How 10eLotto online works

10eLotto offers the possibility of play online without having to physically go to the shop or to the tobacconist, through the Lottomatica site, the app My Lotteries and other authorized sites. Its operation is pretty simple and intuitive, so you have nothing to fear.


To start playing, first you need to do the registration using an official channel, in this case the Lottomatica website.

In a nutshell, registration consists of creating a personal account by filling in various forms, in which you will have to enter yours personal data, confirm your identity through a valid identification document, set i game limits and accept the terms and conditions of 10eLotto. Of course, in order to play, aminimum age of 18 years.

To get started, link to this page and, after completing the first section on personal data, click here Confirmation to proceed with the next. Remember to insert a email address that you usually use because that's where your activation message will arrive Game Account. After that, once you have filled in all the fields, click the button again Confirmation.

At this point, in the third section, you will be asked to upload your document (or to do so later). You will be able to choose between several options, including the Identity card Patent and Passport. The accepted formats are JPG, PDF e TIFF. In addition, you will be able to upload two files with a maximum size of 10 MB.

To upload your document, previously saved as a file on your PC, click the button Choose. At this point the folder will open Explore Files of your PC or a new window of the Finder if you use a Mac. So look for the folder where your document is located and double-click on it. Now go back to the Lottomatica page, click on the button Charge and wait until the writing appears (next to the name of your document) Loaded. Then fill out the form by entering the document data and click on the button Confirmation.

After doing this, proceed with registration. Then enter a promotion code in the appropriate bar (if you have one) or, alternatively, choose yours Welcome Bonus. By selecting the first item LOTTO AND 10eLOTTO and MILLIONDAY - Bonus 10E you can have a bonus of 10 euros on the first top-up of the same amount to be used for 10eLotto.

Now set the game limits by selecting the amount you wish to enter as from the menu maximum weekly deposit. Then you just have to click on Confirmation and, lastly, approve the Terms by checking the different boxes. You can choose whether to give your optional consent for marketing communications or for the transfer of your data to third parties (I recommend not). Once done, press the button Create your gaming account.

Have you completed the registration procedure? Well: now, on the page you were redirected to, you have to enter i card details with which you want to top up your Game Account, so that you can play immediately. Alternatively, you can decide to do it later, when you decide to play for the first time, even through additional channels such as the Contact Center (number 800.900.009) or by physically going to a Lottomatica store.

Proceeding with the you can top up online choose between the use of prepaid Lottomaticard, of payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro), bill PayPal, MyBank, Skrill, network o Bank transfer. Enter the required data, the amount to be loaded and click on the button Confirmation.

Once done, access your email box: inside you will find a message confirming registration, the validation of your gaming account (on which your winnings up to 10.500,00 euros will be credited, otherwise they will be redeemed in a branch Intesa Sanpaolo or at theLottomatica SpA Awards Office) and the report of your data to log in to the site.

Start playing

Now that you have a personal account you can start playing. To do this, go to the official Lottomatica page, click on the button Log in and enter theUsername and Password previously chosen.

In the new page that has opened, click on the button 10eLotto and, in the pop-up window, click on the button Yes to provide consent to the use of your Gaming Account. If you use Google Chrome and notice the appearance of a cookie message with consequent blocking of the ticket (completely blue) that does not allow you to choose the numbers to play, you have to disable the blocking of cookies.

To do so, click on the button with i three dots (top right), to open the browser menu, and press on the item Settings. At this point type, in the address bar, the code chrome: // flags / and give Submit. On the new page that has opened, type Samesite by default cookies in the search bar and from the drop-down menu select the item Disabled. Lastly, click on the button relaunch (At the bottom of the page).

Now, returning to the page dedicated to 10eLotto, you will be able to see that the ticket has been unlocked. You are therefore ready to play: to do so, select the numbers on which you want to bet, the amount to play (minimum of 1 euro and maximum 200 euro per stake), the Gold number o Double Gold (optional) and the type of extraction (which we will discuss later).

Under the ticket will appear the total amount based on the bet you have decided to make (choosing the Gold number o Double Gold spending increases). Lastly, press the button Play now.

In the new window, instead, click on the button Buy it now, to complete the purchase. Once this is done, you have completed your first play and all you have to do is check the draw to see if you have won.

App My Lotteries

To check the draws, your winnings or play 10eLotto you can also use My Lotteries, the official app of Lot e Scratch, Available for Android e iOS / iPadOS.

To download it, in case of Android device, you can frame the QR Code on this page, or open your browser, type “” and tap the button Download for Android.

Once done, allow access to the files by pressing the appropriate button and tap on the item Download. Then wait for the completion of the procedure and, after a few moments, press on the item apri on your pulse Install.

At the end of the operation, tap the button apri and the app will start showing you the main screen. Alternatively, go to the Home screen of your device, look for the app icon and tap on it.

If you use an iPhone or an iPad, however, you can go to theApp Store, use the function Search by tapping the button with the magnifying glass, and type, in the appropriate bar, “My Lotteries”.

Then select the first result (after the advertisement), tap on Ottieni / Installa and verify your identity with Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password. When finished, press the button apri or search for the app in the Home screen and tap on its icon to open it.

Through My Lotteries you will be able to access your account by first selecting the retailer (in this case Lottomatica) and entering Username e Password. By tapping on the app menu (the icon with the three horizontal lines) you can decide to top up your gaming account, check yours movements and play or extractions already occurred.

From the main screen of the app, however, by pressing the button Play you will be able to play a new ticket in the same way that I have described above.

How the 10eLotto game works

Did 10eLotto intrigue you but you still haven't understood the rules of the game well? No problem, I'll explain everything in the next paragraphs.

I anticipate that 10eLotto is based on the game of Lot and shares much of its operation. Simply put, fill in yours schedina with the numbers you wish to play from 1 to 90 (you can play a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10), and wait for the drawing (of 20 numbers) to see if the ones you have selected are winning. With a single play you can win a minimum of 2 € and a maximum of 1.000.000 €.

The prize pool will depend on the amount of numbers drawn that match your stake and the total number of numbers you have played (for more detailed information on winnings, I recommend that you visit this page). In addition, the winnings can exceed the maximum prize pool that I indicated above by selecting the options Gold number e Double Gold.

How 10eLotto works with Numero Oro

One more possibility offered by the game is to select the Gold number. This is a number that doubles the price of the bet slip and allows you to increase the payout, but it is not necessary to select.

I'll explain better: if you decide to select theextraction every 5 minutes or l 'immediate extraction, the Gold Number is one of the 20 drawn numbers and is randomly chosen from among them. If, on the other hand, you decide to play in conjunction withLotto drawing in the evening the Gold Number will be the first number drawn on the wheel of Bari. If it is present among the numbers you have decided to play then you are entitled to the increased winnings.

To select the option through 10eLotto online, all you have to do is tick the box by adding the checkmark next to the item Gold number. The game mode of the ticket remains totally unchanged.

How 10eLotto works with Double Gold

Another possibility, which further increases the chances of winning and triples the price of the ticket, is the choice of the option Double Gold. Its operation is identical to that described previously. The only addition is that of a second Gold Number which allows you to increase your winnings if it is present in your ticket.

In other words, if you guess one of the two Gold Numbers you are entitled to the increased payout, while if you guess both you have access to the winnings allowed by the Double Gold.

even the second Gold Number is randomly chosen from the 20 winning numbers in case of extraction every 5 minutes ed immediate extraction. If, on the other hand, you have selected the extraction combined with that of the Evening lottery it is the second number drawn on the wheel of Bari.

To select the additional Double Gold option in the online game mode, as in the previous case, you just have to check the box next to the item Double Gold and hope that the two numbers are among the ones you have chosen to play.

How the 10eLotto extraction works

As I told you, there are three different extraction methods to choose from: Extraction every 5 minutes, Drawing of the evening Lotto ed Immediate extraction. Now I'll explain the main differences between the three extractions.

10eLotto every 5 minutes

10eLotto every 5 minutes, as the name suggests, is based on extractions that take place every 5 minutes, over 24 hours every day of the week. By choosing this mode you will have to wait a few minutes to check the possible winnings.

An automatic generator will select 5 winning numbers at regular intervals of 20 minutes. Through the online mode you can select this type of extraction simply ticking it from the list below the ticket and choose whether to play for more consecutive extractions (up to a maximum of 50) or make multiple bets (repeating the same ticket up to 20 times).

10eLotto evening

This mode goes hand in hand with the extraction of the numbers of the Evening lottery which are held weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. These days you can play 10eLotto by 00: 00 19 to: 30 e by 21: 30 23 to: 59. In the rest, however, at any time.

By selecting this particular variant it will be necessary to wait for the extraction to compare your numbers with those extracted. To do this you will need to check the first two columns of the Newsletter. If the numbers were to repeat themselves, however, you must consider those of the other columns (starting from the Bari wheel) proceeding in alphabetical order and excluding the National wheel.

10eLotto immediate extraction

The last method of extraction, that immediate, is only available to those who play online. By checking this box (below the ticket) the winning number generator will immediately propose the 20 numbers to compare with your bet.

In this way it will not be necessary to wait for the evening Lotto drawing or the 5 minutes that elapse between one drawing and the other in the mode every 5 minutes.

That's all you need to know, on a practical level, about how 10eLotto works to play online or via smartphone app. Pretty simple, isn't it?

How 10eLotto works

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