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    How to recover Snapchat account

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    Here we go again: your best friend managed to steal your smartphone, changed your account password Snapchat and, now, he has not the slightest intention of revealing the new password to you, at least until you have satisfied one of his bizarre requests. Well-intentioned to remedy this without giving in to the joke, you immediately searched the Internet for information on how to recover snapchat account and, for that very reason, you came across my website.

    If this is your case or if, for some other reason, you have lost the password to access your profile, you have nothing to fear: it takes very few steps to be able to log back into Snapchat by setting a brand new password. , without the need to remember the one used previously.

    So, what are you still doing standing there? Do not waste a single second more and read carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I guarantee you will be able to re-enter your Snapchat account in no time, leaving your joker friend only the taste of a bitter defeat. . Happy reading and good luck for everything!


    • How to recover Snapchat account
      • How to recover Snapchat account without password
      • How to recover Snapchat account without email
    • How to recover deleted Snapchat account

    How to recover Snapchat account

    If you have been locked out of your Snapchat account because, after neglecting it for a long time, you have ended up forgetting your password and / or email, know that you can easily recover it, following the instructions that I am going to give you in the following sections of this. chapter.

    How to recover Snapchat account without password

    The main requirement to be able to recover Snapchat account without password is to have access toemail address or al telephone number used when registering for the service. If you have access to these means, you can remedy your problem really in a matter of seconds.

    To begin, therefore, open theSnapchat app installed on your device, tap on the item Log in and then on the link Forgot password?, which resides immediately below the text boxes for entering the username and password.

    Now, tell us whether to reset the password by phone or by email, depending on the recognition method set when you created the account.

    So if you have chosen to proceed by phone, insertion il tuo cellphone number in the appropriate field, tap the button Continue and choose whether to receive the verification code via SMS, or with one call. Once you have obtained the verification code, enter it in the appropriate text field, tap the button Continue, enter the new password in the field provided, tap the button again Continue And that's it!

    If I had chosen, instead, to recover the password via e-mail, a password reset link will automatically be sent to the address associated with your account; in some cases, you may have to manually indicate the email address to use (which must be matched to the profile to be recovered, otherwise it will not work) and press the button Continue.

    After a few seconds, you should receive a e-mail message containing the reset link, which I told you a little while ago: to reset your password, you just have to follow the aforementioned link and indicate the new access key in the new browser window that opens. That's all!

    Note: If you don't have the Snapchat app, you can perform the password reset procedure via any browser on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All you have to do is connect to this website and follow exactly the same steps as seen above, as the procedures are the same.

    How to recover Snapchat account without email

    If you no longer remember the e-mail address with which you signed up for the service, you can recover Snapchat account without email in at least two different ways. The first, the automatic one, is to use the telephone number associated with the account to reset the password: I explained how to do it in the immediately preceding section of this guide.

    If you have not associated any phone number to the account or if you no longer have access to it, you will necessarily have to contact Snapchat assistance: in this way, after careful verification of your identity, an insider could help you get back access to your account. Currently, however, only the requests in English language.

    In any case, it doesn't hurt to try: to try to receive "direct" assistance, connected to the Web page dedicated to Snapchat support, put the check mark next to the item I forgot my password (I forgot my password) and then click on the button Yes (Yes), located just below the box indicating the wording Need help with something else? (Need help with something else).

    Now, fill in the proposed form with the required information (username of Snapchat, a e-mail where to be contacted and the telephone number with which you registered, if available) and indicate your request in the box What information should we know? (what information should we know), providing as much detail as possible.

    Finally, pass the captcha check located at the bottom and press the button Send (Submit) to submit your request - You should get a response from the Snapchat team within a few days.

    How to recover deleted Snapchat account

    On impulse, you had taken steps to delete your Snapchat account and now, after careful consideration, you will get it back? In this case, I may have good news for you: if the deletion happened for less than 30 days, you can reactivate the account very easily.

    In fact, following the request for deletion, all Snapchat accounts remain inactive for 30 days, during which it is possible to reactivate them; after this time, the account is then permanently deleted.

    So, for recover deleted Snapchat account for less than 30 days, download the service app for Android (from the Play Store or an alternative store) or iPhone / iPad (by tapping the button Installa / Ottieni that appears on the screen and verifying your identity if necessary), launch it and tap the button Log in.

    Now, enter the username / email and Password matched to the deactivated profile, tap the button Log in and answer affirmatively to the request for account reactivation. Done! After a few minutes, your profile - which will have maintained the same characteristics as when you deactivated it - will work again.

    How do you say? Have you deleted your Snapchat account for more than 30 days? In this case, I am sorry to inform you that you cannot go back: after the standby period, the entire account and its data are permanently deleted, without any possibility of recovery.

    However, no one forbids you to register again for the service, using the same phone number or email address you used previously: all you have to do, in this case, is to press the button Subscribe attached to the home screen of the Snapchat app and follow the simple procedure proposed, to complete everything.

    To find out more, I refer you to reading my guide on how Snapchat works, in which I have shown you all the details on the procedure just mentioned.

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