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    How to recover a forgotten email address

    You haven't logged into your secondary email account for a long time now. Now, however, you need to look for a message right inside that box that has long since fallen into disuse. There is only one small problem: you no longer remember the email address associated with the mailbox in question and, after a few access attempts, the most you managed to get is the fateful message "The email address entered is incorrect".

    This is the situation you are in, right? Then don't worry, you've come across the right tutorial! By continuing to read this guide, in fact, I will show you how to recover a forgotten email address providing you with all the methods made available by the various e-mail providers.

    I must inform you, however, that this is not always possible: some email services, unfortunately, do not offer options for recovering the mailboxes they host. All is not lost, however, and with a bit of luck you can succeed. That said, it's time to get started! Read carefully what I am about to tell you and try to put into practice the advice I will give you. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and, above all, good luck!


    • How to recover a forgotten email address
      • How to recover a Gmail email address
      • How to recover a Hotmail email address
      • How to recover an iCloud email address
      • How to recover a Libero email address
    • How to recover a deleted email address

    How to recover a forgotten email address

    If you no longer remember your email address, the first thing you need to try is to use the recovery options made available by your email service.

    The procedure usually allows you to trace the forgotten address via Other data entered during registration, such as a telephone number, a secondary email account or a Secret Question.

    In this way, the service you have entrusted to will be able to send you a SMS or anverification email to proceed with the account recovery phase safely, making sure that you are the real owner of the mailbox.

    Recovery operations vary slightly from provider to provider. Consequently, in the next paragraphs I will show you what are the steps to follow on the main email services, in order to allow you to retrieve your email address regardless of this factor.

    How do you say? You would like to know how to recover the Password of your email account why did you forget that too? Nothing simpler. The main e-mail providers provide a procedure for that too and, in most cases, the steps to be taken are almost similar to those required by the procedure for retrieving the mailbox (which then corresponds to the user name to access the service). In any case, you will find everything explained in detail below.

    How to recover a Gmail email address

    If you have relied on gmail, the e-mail service offered by Google, you can take advantage of the emergency functions designed for recovering email addresses and passwords.

    First of all, via the browser you normally use to browse the Internet from your PC (or even from smartphones and tablets), connected to the Google page dedicated to email recovery. Once open, enter the associated telephone number to your account orrecovery email address.

    If you have chosen to use the telephone number, after typing it in the appropriate bar and pressing the button NEXT, continue the operation by entering the data relating to yours Google account, consisting of Your name e Last name, then click on the button again NEXT.

    At this point, through the new page opened, you will be able to receive the verification code via SMSby pressing the button Send. Within a few seconds, on the associated number, you will receive a message indicating the code to 6 digits to use: copy it, transcribing only the numerical part in the space provided on the Web page and press the button NEXT.

    In the new screen that opens, you will see yours Google account and the email address recovered: click on it, enter the Password to confirm your identity and press the button NEXT, to finally enter your inbox.

    If you have decided to use therecovery email address instead of the mobile number to restore access to the tau mailbox, the procedure you must follow is the same as the one just described, except that, instead of the SMS, you will receive the verification code in the indicated email box.

    In case you have forgotten the Password of your Gmail account, acting through the account login page, you can press on the item Forgot password? and, in the space provided, type the last password you remember using.

    If you don't remember any password, click on the option Try a different method and, if you are making the restore request from a browser from which you have already logged into your Gmail account, you can directly access the form to enter a new password. If not, however, you will be able to respond to security questions associated with your account and, once you have provided the correct answers, set a new password.

    In case of problems, or for other information on the subject, I suggest you read my guide on how to recover your Gmail account.

    How to recover a Hotmail email address

    In case you have forgotten yours Hotmail email address o Outlook, the procedure to be followed consists of retrieving the username. To use it, link to this page and enter a alternative email address or telephone number connected to yours Microsoft account.

    At this point, you will receive a verification code by email or SMS to be inserted in the new screen that will be proposed to you. Once this is done, if the alternate email address or number you used is linked to the account, I can log in through the latter by clicking on the link Log in and entering the Password.

    If you don't remember your password, you can click on the item Forgot password? and receive a code to be inserted in the proposed new screen, and then proceed with the reset of the account.

    How do you say? You're still wondering how to recover an Outlook email address why didn't you have a phone number or email address associated with it? Then you can use a "trick", which consists of checking all devices or accessories to which you may have associated the email address in question.

    In case of PC with Windows 10, for example, you can click on the button Home (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), then the icon of Settings (the gear) and select items Account e Email and app accounts from the new window opened. By doing this you will be able to see the data of the accounts associated with the system.

    The same goes for Office (Microsoft 365, Office 2016 and later): you can open one of the applications that make up the suite, click on the item Fillet, at the top, and then press on the option Account. After that, you can go to the section Product Information and, next to the item Belongs to, you will find the associated email address.

    Even if you own a console Xbox One you can check the information of the profiles you are logged in with. To do this, click on the button Xbox e seleciona le voci Profile and system e Choose a Profile. If you own a console Xbox 360 you can view the email address in the Home screen (if gamertag display is enabled), otherwise you can go to the Settings and press on the items Account, Personal informations e Account protection to view the information and, with a little luck, find your old Hotmail or Outlook address.

    How to recover an iCloud email address

    You stai chiedendo how to recover a forgotten email address su iCloud? Then I can confirm that there are several ways to find it. The first one I want to point out is, if theemail iCloud does not coincide with that ofApple ID, when accessing the mailbox through the iCloud web panel: by logging in to the latter with your Apple ID and clicking on the iCloud Mail, you will access your mailbox even without actually remembering the address.

    The second thing you can do, whether the email address matches your Apple ID or not, is to check all your devices Apple o Windows (as in the case of iCloud for Windowsby pressing the button Account Details) on which you may have configured and used it.

    Su iPhone / iPad, for example, you can tap the icon of Settings, press on yours profile picture and, subsequently, on the option Name, telephone numbers, e-mail: under the heading Contact Information you will be able to find the email addresses configured on the device. The same operation can be done on MacOS, by clicking on the icon System Preference (the gear icon on the Dock bar), by selecting the icon Apple ID from the window that opens and then the entry Name, Telephone, E-mail from the side bar of the sinistra.

    If, on the other hand, yours iCloud address corresponds to your Apple ID but you do not physically have any device on which to check, the procedure to recover it is as follows: go to the official iCloud website and click on the item Hai dimenticato l'ID Apple or the password?. In the new page that has opened, then click on the link You can look for it here, then enter Name, Surname and Email address in the appropriate field and press the button Continue.

    If the email address entered is the right one, a message will appear with it written Apple ID Found. Otherwise you can try to enter a new address, until after several attempts you find the right one. Don't even remember your password? Then I recommend you to read my guide on how to recover apple id password.

    How to recover a Libero email address

    If what you want is retrieve a Libero email address, I'm sorry to be informed that the possibilities are really very slim. This service, in fact, does not provide emergency procedures for the recovery of this data, therefore it is not possible to trace the address via alternative email, telephone number or other.

    The only two things you can do is use the nickname that you chose during registration instead of the email or try to trace the credentials through the data saved in the browser on your PC.

    As for the first case, the system allows you to access indifferently through the use of password or nickname so, if you remember it, you can use it. In the second case, however, you can check the saved logins as I explained to you in this guide on how to recover saved passwords.

    If you don't remember the Passwordinstead, you can press on Forgot password? enter your email address, check the box of Security check and click on the button Continue. Once done, you will be able to receive a verification code on secondary email or decide to prove that you are the owner of the account in another way, by filling in a module and also inserting an attached file of the Identity card.

    How to recover a deleted email address

    You have deleted your email address but would you like to have it back so you can use it again? I am sorry to inform you that this is not always possible. Much depends, in fact, on the time elapsed since the cancellation and the type of service used. After a set time, in fact, the e-mail services permanently delete the account and all related data, without the possibility of recovery. Others, however, do not directly allow you to retrieve the email address after it has been deleted.

    Su gmail, for example, you can follow the wizard Account recovery by connecting to this page, typing the email address and confirming that you are the owner of the account. In case of Hotmail/Outlookon the other hand, there is no possibility of recovery. Also Free, if the mailbox is deleted, it does not allow you to recover it. In case of inactivity, on the other hand, it can be reactivated after a maximum time of 4 months, simply by accessing through the credentials, being able to also retrieve the content. On the other hand, after 15 months of inactivity may be eliminated.

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