How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand

Preliminary requirements

How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand

Mount a Sony BRAVIA Smart TV Stand it is not an impossible operation, but it must be carried out with care, perhaps together with one or more assistants or, better still, with do-it-yourself experts o professional installers. Before anything else, therefore, I advise you to make sure that you are able to do it independently, since otherwise you could risk doing damage to your Smart TV and yourself.

For this reason, I'm going to show you some preliminary requirements required to successfully mount your Sony BRAVIA TV to any mount. If you experience difficulties or are unable to obtain some of the necessary tools, I recommend that you contact a professional installer.

Therefore, regardless of the fixing, with wall bracket or on pedestal, you will need to verify it standard VESA supported by your TV. The VESA standard serves to define the distance of the 4 mounting holes located on the back of the TV, and is a declared measurement in millimeters (for example 200 × 200 mm, 400 × 400 mm o 600 × 600 mm). You can find information about your TV's VESA standard in instruction leaflet, otherwise you can measure the distance by hand with a municipality metro.

Also, you need to evaluate the weight of the TV, since the wall brackets or pedestals indicate the maximum capacity in kg. Therefore, for the choice of the support, you will have to carry out an online search by reporting the distance of the holes in millimeters and the weight of the TV. Otherwise, you can just enter the code name of the model of your Smart TV and search among the brackets compatible with it.

Once you've determined how to buy a compatible stand for your TV, you need to get yourself some fundamental tools, not always included in the package. First, you need to purchase a drill, useful for drilling the type of wall present inside most homes. Get a screwdriver set or electric screwdriver with multiple tip types.

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Pay attention: if you want to fix the Smart TV to a wall, check that there are no walled cables or pipes which can be damaged. In any case, avoiding walls adjacent to bathrooms and kitchens should be enough to be safe.

In case you need to install the TV on a wall in plasterboard, remember that this type of wall it can support a maximum weight of 5/10 kg. In that case, you will have to rely on a pedestal support, or on specific brackets indicated for plasterboard walls.

I dowelsare often included in the package of the bracket or pedestal. This type of dowels are generic and in the vast majority of cases they are suitable at installation, in any case you can choose to go to the hardware store to buy some more specific and suitable for the type of wall to which you intend to fix the support.

Another fundamental tool to better fix the TV is the livelli, which allows you to precisely position the wall bracket. They are not always included in the bracket package, but you can find them in hardware stores or in the most important online stores.

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The pedestal supports, in most cases, have an integrated wire organization system, so they do not need cable ducts. In the case of wall brackets, you will need to get one of these channels.

You can find different types of conduit in online stores or hardware stores, in which case you will also need to get some rubber blocks to fix it to the wall or the double-sided adhesive tape. Some raceways have a side with integrated double-sided tape, very convenient to avoid further drilling on the wall.

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Finally, you can get yourself a chemical anchor in resin, very useful for securing wall anchors. This solution is particularly suitable for Very large and heavy TVs, 55 inches and up, with anchored wall brackets extendable arm.

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How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand on the wall

How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand

You have decided to fix your Sony BRAVIA Smart TV to the wall? Nothing impossible, but first check carefully the weight of the TV and the distance of the 4 holes placed on the back of the same. To do this, measure them with a tape measure, reporting the measurements according to the standard VESA, expressed in millimeters. You can find these distances in the package insert of the TV.

Sony has developed several models of wall brackets compatible with most of the TVs produced. You can find one list of brackets manufactured by Sony, with the relative instruction manuals on the dedicated page of the official website.

In any case, you can find the right bracket for your needs by going to hardware, indicating the measurements and the weight you marked earlier. Otherwise you can do a search on the main stores on the web, such as Amazon.

Also, you have to choose whether to use brackets with movable arm, which can be moved away from the wall, or fixed brackets, which do not allow the TV to rotate or move away from the wall. To help you in your choice, I recommend some wall brackets (with and without articulated arm) with VESA standards up to 600 x 400 mm and with maximum capacity up to 40 kg.

Le fixed brackets they are indicated if you want to keep the TV as close as possible to the wall, or for very heavy TVs, which can weigh heavily on the brackets with extendable arm. This type of bracket can support, in some cases, TVs weighing up to 60 kg.

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The supports with extendable arm, are suitable for TVs that are located inside niches in the wall, or in positions that require continuous movement of the screen. This type of bracket can support TVs weighing up to 50 kg.

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Once you have obtained the bracket of your interest, all you have to do is find the point on the wall on which you want to fix it. My advice is to choose a height of 1,50/1,60 mt, in order to have the TV centered with the rest of the wall.

So take the stirrup e in your hand place it on the wall to your liking. Help yourself with the livelli, often included in the package, for align it horizontally in the right way. Having done this, with a pencil or felt tip pen, do gods signs on the wall in correspondence to the holes of the bracket.

Once all and 4 the holes, place the bracket on the ground and proceed with the puncture. Get the drill and pay attention to the size of the rotating tip, that it must be of the same diameter as the anchors you are going to use for fixing.

You can find the size of the plugs and the tip expressed in millimeters, on the box, on the tip or on the sides of the same. Once the wall has been successfully drilled, remove any dust residues in excess, both inside the holes and on the floor.

Place the dowels inside each hole, helping you with a martello if they oppose excessive resistance, then choose whether to use somechemical anchor in resin to fill the holes and ensure greater safety to the bracket. It is not a necessary procedure and to complete it you will need to purchase a silicone gun and anchor from the hardware store.

Once the plugs have been inserted, you can place the bracket and double-check its correct horizontal alignment through the spirit level. Finally, enter the viti in the dowels, through the use of a screwdriver or electric screwdriver.

Once the bracket is attached to the wall, all you have to do is install the VESA support on the back of the TV. Be careful, do not place the TV upside down directly on the floor or on table, but use a sheet of bubble wrap, for an cloth or a support of polystyrene so as not to risk damaging the display.

As previously done, position the support at the 4 holes on the back of the TV and secure them with a screw or any other fixing method offered by the bracket. Finally, possibly with the help of another person, turn up the TV and hook it to the support installed on the wall.

Do not leave the TV until it is properly hooked into the bracket, also check the back of the VESA mount, as there should be further holes in correspondence with the coupling with the bracket, inside which screws must be inserted to secure the TV. Get help from another person to screw them, while continuing to support TV.

Once this is done, you can organize the cables in the corrugated on the wall or in the cable duct, which should be fixed on the wall with tape biadhesive, silicone or with gods rubber blocks.

How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV stand

How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand

In case you don't have space on the wall to fix yours TV Sony BRAVIA, my advice is to rely on a pedestal. As with the wall brackets, the pedestals are designed with hooks compliant with standard VESA, then correctly measure the distance of the holes on the back of the TV and report them in millimeters (for example 200 x 200 mm, 400 x 400 mm and so on).

Also consider the weight of your TV, then report these data and choose the pedestal that best suits your needs from the hardware store or in any online store. I recommend some pedestals that can hold TVs up to a weight of 40/45 kg and with VESA standards up to 400 x 400 mm.

Unlike wall mounting brackets, Sony does not produce pedestals for their TVs, so you will have to rely on third-party solutions, however more than reliable.

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Relying on a pedestal is certainly a much less demanding solution when it comes to installation, compared to wall brackets, as it does not require a wall drill forage. Also, almost all pedestals allow you to rotate o change the height of the TV.

Once you have purchased the pedestal, therefore, prepare for installation by placing the TV with the screen facing downward, but be careful not to place it directly on the floor or on tableto avoid scratching the display. I recommend that you use a cloth, a sheet of bubble wrap or the polystyrene.

After that, install the VESA support supplied with the pedestal at the holes present on the Retro of your TV, through screws. Once this is done, prepare for the composition of the floor support.

This procedure may vary from support to support, I recommend that you consult the instructions present in the box to check the correct steps to take. In general, I suggest you start with the assembly of the basis.

Take the base from the box, you should recognize it by the rectangular shape or with 4 ends and screw, if present, the wheels of the pedestal that you find in the package to it. So, enter the main bracket inside the guide holes on the dorsal of the base.

Carefully screw every single hole from both sides, using the screws provided. Then install any covers plastic, or other sliding tubes which allow the height of the pedestal to be varied.

Once this is done, you just have to screw the VESA panel, to which the support you previously placed on the back of the TV is attached. Consult the instructions carefully to understand in what order to screw the various panel components.

Once the pedestal is correctly mounted, lift the TV e, with the help of another person, hook it to the VESA panel of the floor support. Do not let go of the TV until your helper has properly tightened all the screws to hook the VESA mount to the pedestal panel.

At this point, you just have to organize the wires sliding them inside the integrated channel with the pedestal, if present.

How to mount Sony BRAVIA TV Stand

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