How to insert ruler in Word

How to insert ruler in Word for PC

Do you need to make cards or other bespoke material using the computer, so would you find it extremely useful to activate the ruler on this platform? Then this is the section for you: below, I am going to explain how to perform this operation on Windows, MacOS and in online version of Word.

Insert ruler in Word for Windows

Insert ruler in Word to Windows it's really that simple! After starting the program, click on the icon to create a Blank document, or open a Word file already saved on your computer. Then click on the tab Show located at the top, then put the check mark next to the item Ruler and that's it: the horizontal ruler will be immediately shown on the screen!

Note: if you are using Word on a small display or with a minimized window, after going to the tab Show, you have to click on the button Show to activate the checkbox for the ruler.

If you need to use the vertical ruler as well, you can do the following: go back to the tab Showclick on your bottone Show, if necessary, then put the check mark next to the item Navigation pane. Immediately thereafter, both the aforementioned pane (useful, for example, to quickly navigate between document chapters) and the vertical ruler will be added to the Word screen.

If, on the other hand, you want to show the vertical ruler together with the horizontal one, without however displaying the navigation pane, you must enable the appropriate option: click on the tab Fillet, located in the upper left corner of the Word window, click on the items options e Advanced Settings, identify the box viewing and apponi il segno di spunta accanto alla voce Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view. Always from the same section, if necessary, you can change the reference unit of measurement (inches, centimeters and so on).

Insert ruler in Word for Mac

The steps for insert ruler in Word for Mac they are quite similar to those already seen on Windows. To get started, start the program, click on the icon to create a Blank document (or, alternatively, open an existing file), then click on the tab Show placed at the top and put the check mark on the item Ruler.

Alternatively, press the menu Show of the program (the one that appears on the Mac bar when the Word window is displayed at a reduced size) and click on the item Ruler placed inside it, to put the check mark on it.

Should you need the vertical ruler and this is not displayed, click on the menu Word located at the top left (if you do not see it, place the mouse on the top bar of the Mac), select the item Pref Renze and then click on the icon Show. Finally, locate the box Show window elements and apponi il segno di spunta accanto alla voce Vertical ruler. That's all!

Insert ruler in Word Online

Currently, there is no special function for viewing the ruler in Word Online, the free version of Word that works directly from the browser. However, if you need functionality for editing borders, margins, spacing and so on, you can use the buttons and the appropriate boxes available within the tab Layout on the pagina, designed just for this purpose.

How to insert ruler in Word for smartphones and tablets

At the time of writing this article, it is not possible to view the ruler in the Word app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

If, however, you need the ruler to change the margins and spaces within the documents, you can use the specific functions present in the program screen: to change the line spacing and paragraph spacing (if available), touch the icon Modification (shaped A with pencil) and then the icon of paragraph / line spacing formatting, located in the section Home, are these poisons are smartphone; on tabletinstead, you have to press the tab Home and touch the icon Paragraph.

The margin editing features, on the other hand, are located in the section Show of the app, accessible by pressing the icon of A with pencil (on smartphone) or by touching the homonymous tab (on tablet).

How to insert ruler in Word

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