How to contact Fastweb

Contact Fastweb by phone

How to contact Fastweb

Are you interested in understanding how to contact Fastweb by phone? Then all you have to do is dial the number 192193 on the numeric keypad of your phone and press the key for make a call.

Once the phone call has started, wait a few moments for the recorded voice to start speaking, then press the button 1 if you need technical assistancepigia il key 2 if you need clarification about yours telephone accountpigia il key 3 if you need help with yours tariff profile or if you want to request the migration code, press the button 4 for information about the moving house or take over line, press the button 5 to edit your username or payment method or press the button 6 for information about the service mobile devices. Keep in mind that over time the service may propose the options in question in a different order from the one I have indicated to you. So, despite my instructions, follow the instructions of the recorded voice very carefully to avoid making mistakes and wasting time unnecessarily.

Once you have pressed the button corresponding to your needs, follow the instructions provided by the voice guide, wait for the answer from an operator and explain to the latter the reason why you are making the call.

Fastweb customer assistance is active from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 24:00 and the call is free from the fixed network and the Fastweb mobile network, while it is paid for from other mobile networks, based on the tariff set by the operator. of reference.

If, on the other hand, you are abroad and want to get in touch with a Fastweb operator, you will need to call the number prefix 3730004193 instead of what I indicated in the previous lines. For more details on this and the other numbers, I suggest you consult the specific information web page attached to the Fastweb website.

Contact Fastweb via MyFastPage

How to contact Fastweb

You prefer to contact Fastweb customer service via MyFastPage (the operator's online customer area)? So just to start connected to this page and if necessary log in to the service by typing username and password in the appropriate fields displayed on the screen and then click on the button Log in. Then wait for your online area to be visible in the browser then scroll down the web page that is shown to you, locate the wording How can we help you? and press on it.

In the new page that is shown to you at this point, use the drop-down menu located under the number 1 to indicate the topic on the basis of which you intend to contact Fastweb customer service, then use the drop-down menu under the number 2 to provide more details about it. Then use the buttons under the item Contact channels to choose the system you prefer among those available.

Based on the topics selected above, you can choose to contact Fastweb by clicking on Talk to us, providing your telephone number and booking a telephone contact from the customer care; by clicking on Open a chat and starting a chat session with an operator; or by clicking Write to us and filling in the form that will be shown to you with the required data.

Alternatively, you can click Search the community. and try to see if on the Fastweb forum there is already some topic related to your problems and / or doubts or you can open a new thread yourself and try to find the support you need in this way. In this regard, I also point out the section Quick of the Fastweb website (you can access it even without having logged in to MyFastPage). Try to consult the various sections available and related topics, it is absolutely not excluded that by doing this you will be able to find the information you need. You can find information regarding your fixed offer, the mobile line, the online services made available by the operator, the Fastweb account and payments, technical assistance and configurations.

If you are unable to find what you need by doing so, you can also type keywords related to the reference topic in the bar Search within the assistance area located in the center of the displayed Web page, click on the button depicting the magnifying glass which is on the side and, if available, then select the search result that you think is most relevant from the list that will subsequently be shown to you.

Contact Fastweb via the MyFastweb app

How to contact Fastweb

You can also contact Fastweb customer service via MyFastweb, the manager's official app available for iOS devices and for Android smartphones and tablets. It is basically the equivalent of MyFastPage in mobile application format. Through the operator's application, all customers can manage their own telephone line and contact assistance.

In this regard, after you have downloaded and installed the application on your device via the links to the App Store and the Play Store that I have just given you, log in by typing your Fastweb account username and password, step on the button to login and, on the application screen that is shown to you at this point, press the button Menu top left (the one with the three lines horizontally) and select the item Quick.

Now, press on the wording How can we help you? which is at the bottom, select from the drop-down menus corresponding to the numbers 1 e 2 the reason why you want to contact Fastweb then choose your preferred contact channel by tapping on the icons below. You can select based on the type of topic selected Talk to us to talk to an operator on the phone, Open a chat to chat with an operator e Write to fill in a specific form in order to contact Fastweb in writing via the Web.

Contact Fastweb through social networks

How to contact Fastweb

You can also contact Fastweb customer service through social networking services. Based on your preferences and needs as well as the social accounts in your possession you can opt for Facebook or for Twitter.

As for Facebook, visit the official fanpage, if necessary log in to your account and then press the button for to send a message placed in the right so that you can start a private conversation. Compose the message explaining in a clear but concise way the problem you encountered or what your possible doubt is. Remember to include in the message also the customer code and the name and surname of the line holder (presumably yours). In a short time you should receive an answer.

On Twitter, on the other hand, you can get in touch with Fastweb by logging into the service (if necessary) and sending a tweet to the FASTWEB Help account. So compose your message explaining the reason for the contact (please, for the moment do not provide any personal data!) And putting the latter before @FASTWEBHelp. Once this is done, Fastweb customer service will contact you in turn via Twitter and most likely will ask you to continue the conversation in private, via DM, and will invite you to provide further details, such as your customer code and the data of the line holder.

Both on Facebook and Twitter, social care is active from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00.

Contact Fastweb when you are not yet a customer

How to contact Fastweb

Do you want to get in touch with Fastweb but you have not yet subscribed to an offer and therefore you want to subscribe or receive more details about the operator's services? Then type in the number 146 on your phone's numeric keypad and press the for key initiate a phone call. The service is active from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 22:00 and the call is free from all landline phones.

If, on the other hand, you are no longer a Fastweb customer and you still need to contact the operator, you can call the number 0245400126. The service is active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

In both cases, even if you are no longer a customer of the operator, you can still contact Fastweb via Facebook and Twitter as seen together in the previous lines, the steps to follow are the same. Access to MyFastPage and the MyFastweb app, on the other hand, are reserved only for existing customers of the operator.

How to contact Fastweb

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