How TIMvision works

Minimum requirements and devices supported by TIMvision

Before going into the details of how TIMvision works and learn about the offers and the catalog, as well as discover the registration and use procedures, it is necessary to know what the minimum requirements are and which devices are compatible with the service.

To see TIMvision, a broadband Internet connection is required, but in the TIM guidelines there are no other specifications relating to the minimum Mbps required in download. The supported devices, on the other hand, are the following.

  • PC with Windows 8.1 or later;
  • Mac with macOS 10.4.11 or later;
  • Android devices with Android 5.0 and above;
  • Apple devices with iOS 8.1 and above;
  • TV with TIMvision decoder;
  • Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players (2014 and later models);
  • LG Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players (with WebOS operating system);
  • Android Smart TV;
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick;
  • Google Chromecast;
  • Apple TV;
  • Xbox One.

From a computer, you can access TIMvision using one of the main browsers: they are supported Google Chrome (from version 60 onwards), Mozilla Firefox (60+), Edge (15+), Internet Explorer (11 onwards) e Safari (10+).

A special note: the new decoder TIM BOX it is available for hire for TIM customers with a fixed home line, at a cost of € 3 / month, charged to the invoice. In addition to having the characteristics of a common decoder, allowing you to see digital terrestrial, it transforms the television into a Smart TV.

In addition, it supports videos in 4K, allows you to upload photos and videos for playback on TV, supports voice search via a microphone integrated in the remote control and has the ability to access the Play Store, thus allowing you to download the most disparate applications. If you want more information about it, consult the TIMvision website.

TIMvision prices

TIMvision has rates that vary according to the type of user: TIM subscribers on a fixed line have advantages dedicated to them. However, if you are wondering if a non TIM subscriber can take advantage of TIMvision, the answer is yes. But let's go in order and see what are the advantages for those who are TIM customers and what, on the other hand, are the opportunities for those who are not yet.

  • TIM Super fixed line customers: TIM customers with TIM offer active on a fixed line have already included TIMvision and can view the contents of the on-demand service for free on supported devices. Also, by selecting the free option TIMvision Plus, TIMvision contents can be played on multiple devices, even simultaneously. Furthermore, by accessing the contents of the service on a smartphone or tablet from TIM's mobile network, no data traffic is consumed and it is possible to download the contents to view them offline, thanks to the call function Download & Play.
  • Not TIM customers or TIM mobile customers: the cost is 6,99 euro / month.

Internet offer with TIMvision included

As mentioned above, some TIM offers have TIMvision included. Among these, I point out TIM Super Fiber, Super Mega TEAM e TIM Super ADSL.

  • TIM SUPER FIBER: offers a fiber Internet connection up to 1 Giga and calls from the home line to national landlines and mobile numbers at 19 cents / minute with 19 cents connection fee.
  • MEGA SUPER TEAM: offers a mixed fiber / copper Internet connection up to 200 Mbps in download and 20 Mbps in upload. Calls from the home line to national landlines and mobile numbers cost 19 cents / minute with 19 cents of connection set-up.
  • TIM Super ADSL: offers an Internet connection in ADSL up to 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload. Calls from the home line to national landlines and mobile numbers cost 19 cents / minute with 19 cents of connection fee.

All the offers mentioned, depending on the promo periods, include the possibility of activating subscriptions to digital services, for example TIMvision Plus o Disney +, at affordable or even zero prices. TIMvision Plus allows you to view the contents of the TIMvision catalog simultaneously on multiple devices. The option also gives access to the functionality Download & Play, where available, and also serves to avoid consuming one's data while viewing the contents on the TIM mobile network.

By choosing to activate a free option other than TIMvision Plus it is however possible to include it in your offer, but at a cost of 5 € / month.

For more details, click on the information boxes below.

How TIMvision plus works

If you wonder how it works TIMvision plus you must know that, as mentioned, it is an option of TIMvision that TIM customers who sign an offer with TIMvision included can activate it for free, or buy it for a fee at a cost of 5 € / month.

Non-TIM or TIM mobile customers, on the other hand, can have direct access to TIMvision plus by registering from the official website and thus obtain a free trial month. When finished, the cost of the option's full service TIMvision Plus is 5 € / month.

Having said that, follow the instructions I am about to give you in the next lines, to find out how to use TIM's streaming platform.

How to register for TIMvision

To find out if TIMvision meets your expectations, all you have to do is try it. As I have already told you, if you are a new TIMvision customer, you can take advantage of a free trial period of one month, without any restrictions: what better way to discover the features of this on-demand service?

Therefore, connected to the TIMvision main page, click on the button Subscribe positioned at the top right and enter your data in the text fields relating to the'e-mail and Password: you will need these data to access the service.

Next to the item I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy, put the check mark in the box Yes, choose whether to answer Yes o No to requests Do you want to have suggestions on the contents?e Do you want to be updated on news?, to subscribe or not to these possibilities, then click on the button Subscribe, to proceed with the creation of your account.

Within a few seconds you will receive, at the e-mail address indicated during registration, an email to confirm and activate the account created: click on the confirmation button and the game will be done. If you don't receive any emails, please check your junk mail.

Now you need to log into your account. Then connected to the home page of the TIMvision site, click on the item Log in, and enter your login details.

If you are a TIM customer with an offer that includes TIMvision, click on the little man icon visible at the top right and choose the option Manage your profile. To section Associated lines, premium pulsating Add number to associate your telephone line (fixed or mobile) and start enjoying the contents already active on the line.

If you are not a TIM customer, on the other hand, to make the contents available on TIMvision visible, you can sign up for a subscription or activate the one-month free trial (provided that you have not already tried the service in the past).

On the main page of the service, then click on the entry Discount, located at the top right, and press the button Subscribe in correspondence with the wording TIMvision plus. Then press the button Race free the first month and enter your credit card details. Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted, including prepaid cards.

Next, you need to enter your personal details. Then fill in the fields Your nameLast nameAddressCityPostcode e Tax code e premium pulsating Buy Now. the message The purchase was successful will confirm the start of the free trial.

How TIMvision works on PC

You have created your account and you are ready to discover TIMvision features. Very well: in this case, as you can see, the main screen of the service is extremely intuitive, with a menu on the left, useful for choosing the contents to see, and a menu located at the top right, to manage your profile.

Pressing on the voice Proposal, at the top right, you can always be updated on the offers that TIMvision reserves for its customers. Instead, by clicking on the entry Profile and on the option Manage your profile you can check everything related to your account.

Pressing on the item Payment instruments, you can set or change the payment method while clicking Subscriptions you can get detailed information about your subscription. By choosing the option devices connected, you can view the list of devices you have connected to your TIMvision account.

If you want to prevent certain family members from viewing certain content, voice will come in handy Security PIN where, to section parental control, you can enter the codes to prohibit the viewing of content that you consider unsuitable and that can only be reproduced by those who know the code.

On the TIMvision main page, after logging in, you will find valuable suggestions: sections Recently addedMost viewedchosen for you present some of the titles that are recommended by TIMvision, in case you run out of ideas.

In the menu located at the top, however, you can choose the content to see based on its genre. Then click on the entry Cinema if your intention is to enjoy a movie, and then choose one of the genres available (ComedyDramaticHorrorCrimeEntrainment Sentimental and molti altri).

Choose the item instead TV Series if you are fond of television series or the option Entertainment if you want to enjoy documentaries, music concerts, TV shows and fiction. The section is also present Junior, entirely dedicated to children, with cartoons and animated films.

To see your chosen content, click on his title, then presses the button Guarda and, automatically, a new window will open with the player to play the content.

At this point, you can enjoy the show and take advantage of all the player's features: then press the ❚❚ button, if you want to pause the video, and the ▶ ︎ button, to resume viewing; if you want to see the movie a all screen, click the button at the bottom right instead, while for adjust the volume, move the lever always located at the bottom right. Also, you can click on the icon gear, to select the language of the content to be played.

In the tab of the chosen title, in addition to the button Guarda, the voice is present favorite: if what you saw was to your liking and in the future you want to find it quickly, you can press the key in question and the title will be added to the section Add to Wishlist in the home of your account.

How TIMvision works on TV

Among the devices compatible with TIMvision there are also the Smart TV and traditional TVs, thanks to the compatibility of the service with chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick e Apple TV.

About that, if you ask yourself how TIMvision works on Smart TV you must know that, in case your Smart TV is in the list of supported ones, to access the service, you must connect the Smart TV to the Internet and download the app TIMvision from the default store of the same (for example LG Content Store on LG Smart TV).

Once this is done, once the app is started, log in with your account data and you will be able to use the service in the same way as you can on other supported devices. Regarding Amazon Fire TV Stick e Apple TV, you also need to download the app TIMvision from the relative virtual store, so that you can access with your login data and take advantage of the platform's multimedia contents.

For viewing via chromecastinstead, you must have downloaded the TIMvision on Android or iOS / iPadOS and have connected and configured the Google device to the home network: for more information on this, I suggest you read my guides on how TIMvision works on Smart TVs and how to watch TIMvision on non-Smart TVs .

How TIMvision works on mobile

You can use TIMvision also from smartphone or tablet by downloading the free application available for Android, iOS / iPadOS and Windows 10 devices. The app is not compatible with rooted or jailbroken devices.

The registration procedure is similar to what we have seen together for a computer: open the app TIMvision, by tapping on the associated icon, then press the button Subscribe with email and, on the next screen, fill in the fields EmailPassword e Confirm password with your data.

Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of service and privacy and choose whether to accept or not, by placing a check mark on the items Yes o No, whether to receive promotional emails from TIMvision.

Finally, tap on the button Subscribe, in order to complete the registration, and that's it. To confirm the activation of the account, press the item relating to the confirmation of your account contained in the e-mail received at the e-mail address indicated during registration.

To login, click on the button Log in and enter your login details in the fields Email e Password; then tap on the item Log in and enjoy the show.

If you are not yet subscribed to TIMvision, you will be asked to activate the trial version of the service: in this case, press the button Subscribe and activate the 1 month free trial, by entering your credit card information on Android or activating it from the iOS / iPadOS App Store with the payment method related to your account, via Face ID, Touch ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account.

The main screen of your account features numerous video content titles, divided into sections Recently added, Chosen for youMost viewed or Critically acclaimed but also Continue to keep, with the content you started viewing without finishing viewing (even if you started playing from a computer), or Add to Wishlist, with the titles you have added to your favorites with the appropriate button (which I will talk about in the next lines).

To manage your account settings, press the button , present on the left, tap on the option Profile and select one of the items listed below.

  • Profile: here you can change the password of your account or, if you are a TIM customer, associate the landline and mobile line.
  • Subscriptions: to have a summary of the subscription data.
  • My purchases- A list of purchased, rented, or downloaded video content.
  • Security PIN: press the item parental control to protect minors from viewing unsuitable content. You can choose the level of Parental control and set a PIN that allows viewing of the contents, set with the Parental control level, only to those who know the PIN.
  • Messages: the section with the communications that TIMvision has reserved for you.
  • Connected devices: to view the devices connected to your TIMvision account.
  • Terms of service: to read the contractual conditions and the privacy policy.
  • Logout: to log out of your account.

To play video content, press the button , to open the main menu, and tap on one of the sections between CinemaTV SeriesEntertainment e Junior.

Then press on the chosen title and tap the button Guarda, to start playback. Automatically, the video content will start playing through the player, which you can manage with the common commands: ❚❚ to pause, ▶ ︎ to start playback and the command all screen, identified by the icon with the two arrows, to switch to full screen view. By pressing the icon instead speech bubble present at the top right of the player, you can choose the audio of the content. If you want to close the player, press the item Close top left.

If the chosen title was to your liking, you can add it to your favorites by tapping the button favorite, present in the description of the content. The section Add to Wishlist is present on the main screen of your account.

Non-TIM customers are subject to payment of data traffic according to the tariff plan associated with the SIM of their operator. If as a mobile operator you have a manager other than TIM, I recommend that you play video content through the TIMvision application, only if you have a wireless connection.

How TIMvision for hire works

If the titles available on TIMvision do not satisfy you, you can choose the section For rent, where you can buy or rent for 48 hours the novelties just released from the cinemas and the great successes of the past. The rental or purchase can be paid by credit card or by charging the fixed line invoice (if you are a TIM customer).

Once you have chosen the title to rent, click on his title, to access the description sheet. Then press the button Rent from [price], so on Rent at [price], for rental for 48 hours, or on Buy at [price], to purchase the content.

Purchases made will be available in your account. To view them, click on the entry Profile, located at the top right, and on the option Manage profile. On the left, you can select the item My titles to find the summary of purchases and rentals.

Deactivate the TIMvision subscription

At the end of the trial, the automatic renewal of the subscription will start but, fear not, you can disable TIMvision at any time. If you have registered on the TIMvision website and have chosen a credit card as a payment method, click on the item Profile, placed at the top right, and then on the option Manage your profile.

Then select the item Subscriptions and, to the section Payment instruments, click on the item Modification present next to your card number. Then press the button Delete credit card and by Confirmation.

If, on the other hand, you have set the charge on the TIM fixed line invoice as a payment method, call customer service at the number 187 and contact an operator. For more information, you can connect to the TIMvision website and to the section Quick, select the item How can I deactivate the subscription?.

How Netflix works with TIMvision

If you have a subscription to Netflix you can see the contents of this streaming platform using the TIM BOX decoder, as the application is available in the main menu of the decoder.

All you need to do, then, is launch the Netflix via the TIM decoder and access your account, or register and subscribe, if you have not yet done so. In this regard, for more information on Netflix, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the service.

How TIMvision football works

If you are interested in the world of sports, you can consider purchasing the package TIMvision Calcio e sport at a cost of € 29,99 per month (for 12 months). The package includes all DAZN football (all Serie A, BKT and Europa League matches and some of the Conference League) and all the Mediaset Infinity + Champions League.

The TIMvision offer dedicated to football can also be subscribed together with an Internet supply contract for a fixed network; for more information on this, I suggest you read the official information.

How TIMvision works

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