How Vinted works

How Vinted works: general information

Vinted, as I mentioned in the introduction, is an online second-hand sale and exchange service focused on second-hand clothing, such as clothes, shoes and accessories, which allows you to carry out transactions in a completely safe and at no additional cost. The envisaged methods of use are basically two: from browser, or through the comfortable and functional mobile app.

In both cases, one is required registration, following which it will be possible for the sellers to prepare the appropriate announcements with related photos and descriptions to be included in the virtual showcase of e-commerce. In this respect, in fact, Vinted does not differ from other sites for the sale of used cars. For those who want to buy, on the other hand, specific search and filter functions are made available, for example by brand, price or size, in order to facilitate the identification of the article corresponding to their taste and needs.

In the next paragraphs I will expose you how Vinted works in every aspect, starting from the registration and continuing with the description of the various operations necessary to carry out the purchase and sale of used clothing and accessories.

How Vinted works: sign up

The first action to take is necessarily that of create an account on Vinted, to be able to operationally access the various functions offered by the service.

If you want to access from mobile, a very convenient app has been developed from which you can perform any operation. L'Vinted app is available both for Android devices (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have the Google one) and for iPhone / iPad.

To install it, visit the links I just pointed out directly from your device and tap the button Installa / Ottieni. If you are on iOS / iPadOS, you may be required to verify your identity. Once the download is complete, start the application and tap on the item Sign up for Vinted: You can choose to log in with accounts Google e Facebook (you will be redirected to the access forms of the related services and, subsequently, you will only have to choose the username and click on the confirm button) or to make a new registration by e-mail.

Let's see how this last option works: tap on the item Or sign in with email and select the address that is proposed to you among those already registered on your device, or tap on the item None of the above to use a different one.

On the next screen enter the username,email address and Password, by tapping on the relevant fields and typing the information. So press on the item SUBSCRIBE and, in the following step, tap on Accept: an e-mail message will be sent to the address previously indicated containing the button with the words Confirm my email. Tap on the latter to complete the process.

If you prefer to sign up from PC, connected with your favorite browser to the main page of the service, then click on the button Sign up / Log in located at the top right: from here it is possible to authenticate directly with the accounts Facebook, Google e Apple by clicking on the relevant button or use an e-mail address by clicking on the button SUBSCRIBE. Just like for the app, also in this case you need to click on the fields Username, E-mail e Password to fill them in, then click on the button SUBSCRIBE and confirm the registration in the appropriate button in the e-mail received.

How Vinted works: sale

In this chapter, let's see the operations useful for displaying your used clothes on the window of the platform and, in general, how selling on Vinted works. After logging in with the methods and credentials established during registration, if you have chosen - like many others - to use the app, from the main screen tap on the item Sell, in the center of the menu at the bottom.

In the new screen that appears, tap on the option Upload photos and allow access to multimedia content in the app, by tapping on the voice Allow. Now, tap on one or more photos, or if you want to take new ones, tap on the box with the image of one camera: in this case the camera of your device will open and you can take new photos of the garment you intend to sell (also in this case you will have to tap on Allow in the next screen, to enable the app for camera functionality).

After taking the new photos, or selecting the ones already taken, tap on checkmark at the top right and you will be taken back to the ad composition screen with the images already uploaded in the relevant section. Press, therefore, on the field Title and type a representative name of the article, then tap on the field below Describe your article to enter the details that you consider most important.

Then click on the item Category, then enter the correct type by tapping on the one possibly recommended by the system or on the one you consider most suitable among Women, Men, Kids e Home. In the latter cases you will be redirected to new screens with the subcategories, which you will have to select until you get to the one that best identifies your garment.

Same thing with the following fields: Brand (brand), Size, Condition e Colors: press on the respective items to access the menus where you can select the items that describe the characteristics of the article.

The time has come to determine the price: tap on the field Price and, on the next screen, type in the euro value at which you intend to sell the dress, then press the button Done.

Also in the ad composition screen you can decide whether to enable the exchange option, using the box to the right of the item I want to trade it. Finally, tap on the voice Package dimensions and select the one that reflects the actual measurements of the dress, also considering the packaging with which you will ship it. Here it is also possible to define the shipping methods, which we will see in more detail in the dedicated chapter. When finished, click on the button Done.

The announcement is ready: you just have to tap on the button Add to complete the procedure. To view it and make any changes, tap on the item from the main screen Profile, at the bottom right of the menu, then on the profile name. You will be directed to the section Wardrobe, where you can see all your items for sale: click on the one you want to view and edit and you will be shown the detail of the ad in a new screen.

Now, tap on three dots located at the top right and, in the menu that is proposed to you, press on the operation you want to perform between Mark as sold, Mark as booked, Hide, Modification (you will be sent back to the compose screen) or Clear.

In the “Wardrobe” section you can also enter a boost, which is a paid function that guarantees greater visibility of the article: in essence, the latter is viewed with priority by other users in their feed and in search results for 3 days (at a cost of 1,15 euros) or 7 days (at a cost of € 1,95).

You prefer to proceed with the sale by connecting to the site from PC? Once authenticated, on the main page click on the button Sell ​​immediately: a page identical to the one just described in the app mode will open. To insert photos, click on the button Upload Photos; then click on the button Charge, at the bottom right, to end the procedure.

It is also possible to access ad editing features on the site by clicking on the profile image in the top menu. The page with your account information will load and, at the bottom, you will be able to view the section Wardrobe with your items for sale. By clicking on it you can perform the same operations already described for the app.

How Vinted works: purchase

If you have chosen to use Vinted to buy used clothing, proceed as explained below.

Since app, on the main screen you can already see a feed with recommended articles or in evidence. If you want to carry out a precise search, tap on the item Search (the one with a magnifying glass icon) and you will be directed to a new screen where at the top you can choose whether to search for articles by Women, Men, Kids o Home.

The relative ones will be shown in the box below for each category subcategories: tap on the one that identifies the item you are looking for, then navigate in the same way within the various menus that are offered to you from time to time. For example with the path Women> Accessories> Sunglasses you will be able to see the various models of this accessory for sale.

To carry out a more accurate search, a special menu has been set up at the top: by pressing on the item Filter you will be shown the various multiple options on which to intervene to select the articles that meet your selection criteria. For example, tap on Brand to select a specific brand, then tap on the box to the right of the brands you are interested in and, at the end, press the item on Show results. Do the same for entries Condition, Color, Price and for all those of your interest that are proposed to you, variable based on the characteristics of the object you are looking for (for example, the item Supplies for household items).

If you wish to propose an exchange with the seller, tap on the box corresponding to the item Exchange item and you will be shown only those for which the relevant option was enabled when creating the ad. Once you have identified the item that fits your tastes, tap onad image and, in the detail screen, you can view all the information and view any other images by sliding your finger on the photo (the dots at the bottom quantify the number of photos available).

If you have any doubts and want more details about it, click on the item Make Your Enquiry and send a message to the seller.

When you're ready to buy, tap the button instead Buy Now: on the next screen you will see the details of the price, including shipment e purchase protection. The latter is one Commission that Vinted reserves to provide a safe shopping experience, and is composed of a fixed part of 0,70 euros and a variable part, corresponding to 5% of the price of the item.

Press, therefore, on the item below Add the shipping address to access the screen where you can enter the fields relating to the address where you want to receive the package: Name and surname, Country, Address 1 (required), POSTAL CODE e city. Tap on Save address to register the information and return to the previous screen. Now, tap on the item Add payment method and, in the new screen, enter your card details.

Buying on Vinted from PC it's just as convenient and intuitive. In the search bar at the top you can enter the keyword describing the article you are looking for and press Submit on the keyboard to get the results. You can filter further by clicking on the menu items that appear under the aforementioned bar, then clicking on the subcategories that are proposed to you until you refine your search. For other features related to the exchange andpurchase please refer to what has been said so far for the app.

How Vinted works: shipping

As far as shipping is concerned, the first thing you need to know is that the relative costs are borne by the buyer, and it is always he who decides the one he prefers from the options made available. As for the management, below I will illustrate you in detail how shipping works on Vinted.

The shipping method, as mentioned in the chapter dedicated to sales, can be set when loading an item by tapping the app on Package dimensions. If you want to use the default mode, tap on one of the first three options (Small, Media, Great), otherwise click on the item custom.

If you choose the standard mode (the most used and convenient), therefore, at the time of sale you will be sent a label from Vinted that you will have to apply on the packaging: you will then have to bring the package to a UPS center for shipping within 5 days and keep the receipt given to you by the latter. Subsequently, both you and the buyer can monitor the status of the shipment in the conversation screen linked to the order (if it does not update within 48 hours, you can still tap on Item shipped to inform the buyer that the item has been sent).

In the event that the choice falls instead on the mode custom, you can define the costs for shipping national e international in the fields that are shown to you under this option and decide independently the courier to rely on. Also in this case you will have 5 days to send the package, otherwise the order will be canceled and you will have to upload the shipping receipt to Vinted to mark the item as shipped.

There is a third shipping method, the one with hand delivery, visible only in case of loading of heavy or bulky articles of the categories Male child o Home. In this case, you will need to contact the buyer to define delivery times and methods.

How Vinted works: payment

We have seen how to buy an item and pay the price through the features made available by the platform. Let's see now, instead, how the payment on Vinted works, or the ways in which you, as a seller, receive the compensation deriving from the economic transaction.

You must know that Vinted has foreseen a particular function in this respect, defined Saldo Vinted, which consists of an electronic purse where the earnings are transferred and stored in a safe way, which however, note well, are actually paid only when the buyer presses or taps the button It's all OK, after receiving the item (or 2 days after delivery, if the buyer does not report problems). Until then, in fact, the balance, even if visible, will be marked in status outstanding, after which it will go to available.

At that point, you can choose to use the balance for make new purchases on the platform or if transfer funds to your checking account. In the first case you will find the Vinted Balance as automatic payment method (any negative differences can be covered with another payment method). To receive the derivative of your sales, you will need to add the transfer data on your profile settings.

To do this from the app, for example, press on the item Profile, then tap Settings and then tap on Payments. In the section Transfer options, tap on the item Add checking account and, on the next screen, fill in the fields Name of the account holder e IBAN, by tapping on the respective fields and typing the relevant information. At the end, press on checkmark, top right, to record the data.

Once your Vinted Balance is positive and available, tap from the main screen on Profile, then on the item Sale. In the screen that appears, tap on Transfer to your checking account. Please note that the minimum amount must be at least 0,1 euro to initiate the transfer.

From a PC the procedure is very similar: click onyour profile picture, at the top, then follow the path Settings> Payments> Add current account to enter the details of the account in which you want to convey the credits deriving from the sale. Always with a click on the profile picture and with a further click on the entry Sale you will be able to access the transfer functions, which can be activated when the credit is positive.

How Vinted Works: Favorites

While searching for items on Vinted you have spotted some that seem really interesting to you, or you have noticed sellers who have merchandise in their window that you would like to evaluate later, but you are afraid of forgetting their profile. The solution to be implemented in these cases is very simple. Let's see below how bookmarks work on Vinted.

From the results page, obtained thanks to the procedure seen in the chapter dedicated to purchases, tap on the article you are interested in. To memorize it, tap the item at the bottom left favorite. You can review it at any time by tapping on Profile, then tap on the item My favorites.

To follow a seller, you can instead tap, from the article screen, on the seller's profile and, on the next screen, on Follow. In this case you will find his ads, as soon as new ones are inserted, in your personalized feed, i.e. in the first article search screen.

How Vinted works: reviews

After purchasing a used item on Vinted, it is possible to evaluate both the seller and the buyer. This is a very important operation, which allows you to determine theuser reliability in the various stages of the transaction, taking into account the correspondence of the item with the description and the conduct held in the various stages of the sale (packaging, shipping, courtesy). Let's see, therefore, how reviews work on Vinted.

Leave a feedback on Vinted it is extremely simple: from the app, tap on the voice Profile, then on those my orders and onorder you want to review. Once completed, the button will be made available Leave feedback: press on the latter and, on the next screen, tap on number of stars that you want to assign to the user, possibly adding a comment in the field below e sending the whole. If no evaluation is made, the system automatically generates one with 5 stars, based on a formula of silent consent (no complaints, consequently the operation was perfect).

Do you want, instead, to leave a review on the service offered by Vinted, or give advice on the features you would like to find on the platform? On this page you can find the appropriate form to fill out. For any further information I just have to direct you to Vinted Help Center, where I am sure you will find all the answers regarding each particular feature of this platform.

How Vinted works

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