How Sky Primafila works

What is Sky Primafila

How Sky Primafila works

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, let me explain what Sky Primafila is. Sky Prima-row is a paid service that Sky makes available to all customers who wish to rent films that have just come out of cinemas (also visible in Full HD without commercial interruptions), sporting events (such as football matches in Serie A, Serie B ed Europa League, the races of formula 1 e a MotoGP and events of wrestling, tennis, rugby etc.), concerts and many other exclusive contents. It also allows you to watch the optional channels present in the Sky packages for 7 days, such as the thematic channels of football teams or "Hunt and Fish", and to protect the little ones with an effective parental control system.


Activate, access and purchase on Sky Primafila

How Sky Primafila works

access and purchase the contents of Sky Primafila no activation procedure is required. In fact, all smart cards in residential subscription are already enabled to make purchases on Sky Primafila and the rental of a content takes a few seconds.

To access the service, first make sure that your decoder is connected to the telephone line or that an Internet connection is active, then press the button Sky Prima-row present on the remote control, select the category of your interest by choosing between Videos, Soccer, EventsHot Club e On demand and press pulsating OK.

Now, choose the content of your interest using the buttons arrow on the remote control and presses the button i to view the plot (in the case of a movie) and on the button OK to complete the purchase (in the case of sporting events) or the rental (for films). The cost of purchasing and renting the contents of Sky Primafila varies according to the type of content itself.

  • Videos: the rental of film previews has a price of 4,99 euros.
  • Soccer: the purchase of a single Serie A or Europa League match costs € 7,99, while the purchase of all the matches of the entire round costs € 11,99. The individual Serie B matches cost € 5,99 (the full round € 7,99) and the individual international football matches cost € 4,99.
  • Sport events: the entire weekend of Formula 1 or MotoGP has a cost of 4,99 euros (9,99 euros if the race is exclusive to Sky), but it is also possible to buy the Weekend Motori package at a cost of 10,99 euros. In addition, it is possible to rent the WWE Event package which at a cost of 10,99 euros allows you to access the reruns and live shows of the wrestling challenges.
  • Hot Club: the price is visible in the descriptions of the individual contents.

As mentioned above, with Sky Primafila you have the possibility of accessing optional channels for 7 days such as Milan TV, Inter Channel, Lazio Style Channel, Caccia e Pesca at a cost of 4 euros. To consult the complete price list, connected to the Sky website, locate the item Find out the price of each single event and click sul pulsating Find out more to download the Sky Primafila price list in PDF format.

How Sky Primafila works

Furthermore, if your My Sky decoder is connected to the Internet, you can also purchase events via the platform Sky on demand, in which on demand events are available exclusively for Sky Primafila customers. To find out how to activate Sky On Demand and check if your decoder is compatible, you can read my in-depth guide.

In case of problems with the purchase of a content, if you have a My Sky HD decoder connected, press the button interactive on the remote control, then select the item Prima-row Internet connection and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Alternatively, you can use the section Contact present on the Sky website or you can call the number 199.100.400 at a cost of 0,15 euro / min from a fixed network, while the cost from a mobile phone is linked to the operator used.

Other ways to buy on Sky Primafila

The quickest way to buy content on Sky Primafila is the use of the remote control. If for any reason you want to avoid this procedure, you should know that you can also purchase content by phone, by connecting to the DIY area of ​​the Sky website and using Sky Primafila Rechargeable.

Shopping on the Internet

How Sky Primafila works

If you have a computer connected to the Internet, you can also purchase the contents of Sky Primafila through the section do-it-yourself by Sky. Then connect to the pay TV website, click on the button Login at the top right and enter your credentials in the fields Username or indirect email e Password and click sul pulsating Log in to connect to your personal area.

If you don't have a Sky ID yet, press the button Not registered? Create your Sky ID now, type your details in the fields Client code, Tax Code, Email address e Password, put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot and click your bottone Continue to create your Sky ID. Within seconds you will receive an email containing an activation link: press on the item Click here to activate your account and complete the registration.

Now, in the top menu, select the item Primafila and click on the category of your interest between Film, Football, Events e Hot Club, then presses on the option Discover to view the list of available titles and click on the item Add. To complete the purchase, indicate how you intend to pay by choosing between debit on the invoice or through your rechargeable (which I will talk about in the next paragraphs), indicate the smart card on which to enable the vision and click on the button Buy Now.

If you don't remember your smart card number and you have a latest generation decoder, press the button Menu on the remote control and then use the yellow button, while if you have an older decoder press the key Menu and then select the items Diagnostics e Receiver data.

Purchases via smartphone and tablet

How Sky Primafila works

By downloading the free application Sky TV Guide, available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices, you can purchase Sky Primafila contents directly from your smartphone or tablet.

After downloading the app from your device's store, start it by tapping on its icon (the white Sky lettering on a blue background), then press on the item Menu at the top left, enter your details in the fields Username or email e Password and presses the yellow button Login to log in with your Sky ID. If you don't have one, tap on the option Subscribe and follow the registration procedure.

Now, press again on the item Menu e fai tap sull'opzione Primafila, then select one of the categories available from Channels e On demand e premi sull 'cover image of the content of your interest. In case of category content Channels, tap on the item Programming to view the broadcast of the chosen content and press the icon of cart to proceed with the purchase. Then follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the rental.

Purchases by phone

How Sky Primafila works

You can also purchase a Primafila Sky content by phone call. To do this, dial the number 199.100.200 and, following the indications of the recorded voice, enter the number of your smart card and the code of the event to be rented. In this case, the service has a cost of 0,15 euros / min from a fixed network, while the cost of the call from a mobile phone is linked to the operator used.

You can also purchase Sky Primafila content by phone by sending a SMS to the number 3404311111 writing PPV [smart card number] [event code]. Within seconds of sending, you will receive a rental confirmation message and you will be able to enjoy the purchased content.

If SMS rental has met your needs and you intend to use this solution again in the future, you can decide to register your mobile number and simplify the rental process. To register your phone number, send a SMS to the number indicated above with written REG [smart card number]. By doing so, the number of your smart card will be associated with the phone number used and to rent a content via SMS you just need to send a message saying PPV [event code].

Purchases with Sky Primafila Rechargeable

How Sky Primafila works

Sky Prima-line Rechargeable is the prepaid service that allows you to purchase the contents of Sky Primafila without charging the invoice and in total anonymity. It is possible to buy Primafila Sky refills in denominations of 15, 25 e 50 €, available in all Sky stores, in the Sisal and Lottomatica betting shops and in large chains such as MediaWorld, Euronics, Unieuro, Feltrinelli, Coop, Carrefour, PAM, Panorama and Simply.

After purchasing a Sky Primafila rechargeable, you must activate it by choosing one of the following methods.

  • Internet: connect to the Sky website and enter the top-up code (visible on the card) in the field Enter Reload Code, click here Continue and enter the code of your smart card.
  • Telephone: call the number 199.100.200 and enter the number of your smart card and the code of the recharge, following the instructions of the voice guide. The number is active 24 hours a day and calls from a landline cost € 24 / min, while from a mobile phone it varies according to the operator used.
  • SMS: to activate Sky Primafila Rechargeable via SMS, send a message to the number 3404311111 with text RIC [top-up code] [smart card number] and wait for a confirmation SMS.

Alternatively, you can buy a rechargeable Sky Primafila through the section Buy refill present on the Sky website. Then select the cutting and press the button Continue, then type yours email address in the appropriate field and choose whether to activate it immediately or not. Now, click the button Go to payment, enter your details credit card e pulsing sul pulsating Continue to complete the purchase and activation of the rechargeable.

To view the remaining credit of your top-up, connected to the Sky website, log in with yours Sky ID and press on the items Primafila e Rechargeable. For further information and to consult the updated list of points of sale, press the button Primafila present on your remote control and press the blue button to access the section dedicated to Sky Primafila Rechargeable.

How to see the contents purchased on Sky Primafila

How Sky Primafila works

Once you have completed the purchase of a Sky Primafila content, all you have to do is enjoy the show. So take the remote control of your decoder and press the button Sky Prima-row, then presses on yellow button to access the section My purchases and choose whether to view the list of contents or to consult the programming with the channels and the start times of the various programs.

You need to know that you can watch the purchased content as many times as you want by 6 am the next morning, after which the rented movie or event will no longer be available. If you have purchased a content through the Do it yourself area, the Sky TV Guide app or by phone, the cost of the content will be charged even if you do not see it.

In case of purchases on Sky Primafila On Demand, you can view unlimited content for 48 hours from the start of the viewing and for 72 hours from the start of the download. It will be useful to know that in case of non-viewing of the content, its cost will not be charged on the invoice or deducted from your rechargeable.

Once the playback of the purchased content has started, press the button i to view the information and, using the arrows on the remote control, you can set the Audio language and activate i subtitles. Then press the button OK to save the changes made and continue watching.

How Sky Primafila works

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