How Premium Online works

Minimum requirements and devices supported by Premium Online

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and discovering how Premium Online works, it is useful to know what the minimum requirements and compatible devices with the service.

Premium Online requires a broadband connection, but the Mediaset guidelines do not indicate specifications relating to the necessary Mbps. Despite this, we can assume that they are similar to the specifications of Infinity (another Mediaset service), which requires a connection with a speed of at least 1.3 Mbps to view the content in low definition e 4.5 Mbps for HD content.

As for devices, you need to know that Premium Online is accessible from PC and Mac via Google Chrome (from version 55 onwards), Mozilla Firefox (from version 52 onwards), Internet Explorer (from version 11 onwards or version 9 onwards if Windows Vista SP2 is installed) e Safari (v.6 +), while Microsoft Edge cannot be used. To use Premium Online from Safari and Internet Explorer, you need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

Premium Online is also available on mobile, smart TV and other devices. Do you want to know which ones? Here is the complete list.

  • Smartphones and tablets: the Mediaset service can be used from mobile devices through the free application for Android, iOS (version 6 and later) and Windows 10 Mobile devices.
  • Smart TV: You can download the Premium Online app on numerous branded Smart TV models LG, Panasonic, Sony e Samsung. For the complete list of compatible models, visit the Mediaset Premium website.
  • Decoder: Premium Online is available on channel 339 of the interactive decoders enabled for the service. Branded decoders are compatible Telesystem (modelli TS9020HD, TS 7900 HD, TS 7800 HD, TSPLAY STEALTH, TS7901HD, TS8000 T2 HEVC Wi-Fi e TS8001 T2 HEVC), ADB (modelli i-CAN 3820T, i-CAN 2850ST Combo, i-CAN 4000T2, i-CAN 3900T2, i-CAN 4900T+ e i-CAN 5000T+) e Fuba (models ODE781HD and ODE780HD).
  • Sideboard: through the appropriate application, Premium Online is also available on the console PlayStationXbox 360 e Xbox One.
  • chromecast: the Google home key allows you to watch Premium Online by projecting the screen of your smartphone or tablet on the TV. To learn more, you can read my guide on how Chromecast works.

You should know that you can associate your Premium Online account up to a maximum of 5 devices, but viewing of the contents is permitted by only one device at a time. During the year you can make a number maximum of 10 associations: To manage the associated devices, you must log in to your Premium Online account and access the section Device management as I will explain to you in the next paragraphs.

Premium Online Pricing

As already mentioned above, it is no longer possible to activate Premium Online without activating a Mediaset Premium package on digital terrestrial Premium Online pricing they are also those of Mediaset Premium.

At the time of writing, there is only one package, rechargeable, from 15 euro / month which includes all Premium channels (which are dedicated to Cinema and TV Series) and Premium Play  (a service similar to Premium Online that allows you to access over 10.000 titles on demand, Infinity and 8 channels of Premium in live, accessible from both PC and mobile.

How to activate Premium Online

Before you can access Premium Online content, you need to activate the service by subscribing to one of the subscriptions available for Mediaset Premium on digital terrestrial.

activate Premium Online, then connected to the Mediaset Premium website, presses the button Buy Now (top right), select i packages you want to include in your subscription (at the moment only one is available, which includes Cinema and TV Series) and click on the button Buy Now, present at the bottom right.

Then press the button Subscribe, then up Continue and enter your data in the fields Your name, Last name, Email, repeat email, Municipality / Country of birth, Province, Birthday e Main telephone number.

Now, put the check marks required to accept the terms of service and allow the processing of personal data, type the Control code in the appropriate field and click on the button Confirmation. Within a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: click on the item Complete registration to activate your account.

You will then be able to access Premium Online and Premium Play using the data sent to you by email. If you need more information on the subscription and activation procedure, you can read my guides on how to subscribe to Mediaset Premium and how to activate Mediaset Premium.

How to use Premium Online

Once you have created your account and subscribed to one of the available packages, you are ready to go watch Premium Online content. Then connect to the Premium Online site and click on the item Login present at the top right, enter your data in the fields username e Password, if you wish, put the check mark next to the item Stay logged in not to repeat the login every time and press the button Log in but I will access your account.

Now, click on the entry Catalog and choose the content to watch by selecting one of the categories available from Cinema, TV Series, Doc & Factual, Kids & teens, Fiction, TV Programs, Football & Sport e Infinity, then identify the content to see and press on one of the available items: Sheet to access the description of the content; Add to Wishlist to add the title to the favorite content list; Already seen to mark the content as seen e Episode list (in the case of TV Series and Fiction) to access the list of episodes.

Once you have made your choice, press the ▶ ︎ button to start playback and enjoy the show. Alternatively, you can press on the voice For rent to access the section with the rental contents and click on the button Buy Now to proceed with the purchase of the chosen title.

To access the view of the Premium channels live, press on the voice instead TV channels, choose the category of your interest among Football & Sport e Cinema & Series and click the ▶ ︎ button for the channel you want to watch to start playing it. Also, by clicking on the entry Add to Wishlist you can access the list of titles added to favorites and view the Last seen with the list of recently viewed contents.

When you start playing content from a device, it will automatically be associated with your account, which can "host" up to 5 devices. From the main page of the Premium Online site, click on the item Hello [name] at the top right and click on the option Device management to view the list of paired devices and remove unwanted ones. However, remember that you can change up to a maximum of 10 devices per year.

How to use Premium Online from smartphones and tablets

As mentioned in the previous chapters, Premium online is available as a mobile application. To access the contents of the service from smartphones and tablets, it is necessary to download the app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

After downloading the Premium Online app from your device's store, start it by tapping its icon (the Premium Online lettering on white and orange background), then press the ≡ button and press the item Login, then enter your login details in the fields username e Password e fai tap sul pulsating Log in.

Now, scroll down to the main Premium Online screen and choose one of the proposed contents divided into sections First visions and great successes, Complete and featured series, Latest arrivals and news and many others. Alternatively, tap the button  and press on the item Catalog, then choose one of the categories available from Cinema, TV Series, Doc & Factual, Children and boys, Fiction, TV Programs, Football & Sport e Infinity, then choose the content of your interest and press on its cover image to access the descriptive card.

To start playback, presses the item Guarda and automatically the player will open and you can enjoy the vision. If the content was to your liking, you can press on the item Add to Wishlist to add it to the list of your favorite titles and tap the button Vote to express your opinion.

Finally, you should know that the feature is available in the Premium Online mobile app Download & Play, which allows you to watch content offline when an internet connection is not available. To use it, select the content you want to download, press the button Download to start the download and wait for the download to complete, then press the ≡ button and press the option Download & Play to view the list of downloaded contents and watch them even without an Internet connection. The downloaded contents have a deadline of one week and must be "consumed" within 48 hours of their first reproduction.

How Premium Online works

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