How Happn Works

How to download Happn on Android

How Happn Works

To start using Happn you must first download the application on your mobile device. Unlike other dating applications, Happn is not available for use via a web version for a desktop browser. Consequently, to start making new encounters with this tool you will need to use the application.

Happn is a downloadable application for free from the Android PlayStore and like many other similar applications, it provides the possibility to make purchases in the app in a completely optional way.

To download it from your Android mobile device, go to PlayStore (the Google virtual store through which games and applications are installed) and, through the search engine, type Happn and press the button search from the keyboard to confirm the search.

The application to download will be the one you will find as the first result: it has the symbol of a white lightning on light blue background and is developed by Happn. To download the app on your device, press the button Install and then on the button Accept. The application will then download to your Android smartphone and you can start using it when the download is finished and the button will appear apri.

How to download Happn on iOS

How Happn Works

The Happn dating app is also available on the iPhone and the functionalities are identical. You can then also download it via the iOS App Store to use it on the device you own.

Then open the virtual store of your Apple smartphone and, using the search engine, type Happn then press the button Search of the keyboard.

Again, you will find the application in question as the first entry in the search results. You should be able to recognize it, it has the symbol of a white lightning on light blue background. To install it, click on the button Get and then on the button Install or, after pressing the button Get, place your finger on the Touch ID to install it.

Once you have finished installing Happn on your iOS mobile device, start the app by tapping the button apri to start using it.

How to register for Happn (Android / iOS)

How Happn Works

To register with Happn you need to have a Facebook profile. The presence of an account on the popular social network is mandatory and it is not possible to register for the dating application in ways other than these.

You still don't have a profile on the most famous social network and would like to know how to register for it? No problem, I can help you. I recommend reading my guide completely dedicated to the topic: you will find step by step instructions on how to register on the social network in question. Don't worry, signing up for Facebook is completely free and the indicated procedure is very simple.

If, on the other hand, you already have an account on the well-known social network, then you can proceed with reading the following lines. I will explain in detail how to register for the Happn app.

Once the application has started, press the button Connect via Facebook. You will then be sent back to Facebook's internal browser to be able to enter your login data (telephone number o e-mail e Password) and, after logging in to the social network and authorizing the application to use the Facebook profile for registration purposes, you will have completed the registration to Happn.

The registration procedure that I have indicated to you is the same for both mobile operating systems. Then proceed according to my instructions whether you want to register and use the app on Android smartphones or on iPhones.

Obviously it is good that you keep in mind that the use of your Facebook profile is related only to the registration of the account on Happn. The application requires registration through the social network profile to avoid the creation of fake profiles and, under no circumstances, will notify your Facebook friends of your registration to Happn.

Furthermore, the application will never publish anything on your Facebook profile, I want to reassure you. Furthermore, registering through your Facebook profile will prove very useful to see any interests and friends in common with a person.

How Happn Works (Android / iOS)

How Happn Works

Happn is a dating application but its operation is completely different from other similar applications. This application requires access to the location and its purpose is to help you meet people crossed on the street.

In order to use the app you will therefore have to leave home and let the app always have access to your location. Only people crossed in the street and, with an active Happn profile, will be shown within the application.

Virtual contacts are also based on the concept of reciprocity: if you indicate interest in a person and this person reciprocates virtually, then you can start exchanging messages within Happn. Obviously, from the moment in which it is a person crossed on the street and in case you have to meet him again, nothing prevents you from breaking the ice and starting to talk directly with that person.

Once you have a general understanding of how Happn works, I can explain in detail how to use it. Then follow the instructions I am about to show you in the following lines.

As I explained to you, the first thing to do to start using Happn is to download the app and register for the service by pressing the button Connect via Facebook.

Once you have authorized the app to access your account, you will also need to allow it to always have access to the location. In order to make the most of it, I advise you to let the app have access to the location even in the background: in this way the app will always be able to identify the people you have crossed paths with and you will not always have to have the application open.

To see which people you met on the street and who are present in the dating application, you can use the main screen of the app.

Through the section Timeline, in fact, you will be able to see a list of users subscribed to the application that correspond to people you met on the street or who were nearby.

If a face looks familiar to you and you want to know where you met it, tap the profile card of the person you spotted. You can find more information about him, see his profile photos and, through a map, in correspondence with the entry You crossed paths for the first time, you will be able to find out where you met that person.

How Happn Works

To interact with a person on Happn you have two main tools at your disposal: the Like (symbol of a heart) And the Hello (symbol of a starlet and a comic).

The differences between these two tools are substantial: the Like it is anonymous and the recipient will not know who the sender is, unless the interest was mutual. In fact, only if the two people have reported mutual interest through this tool, will they be notified and will be able to chat. The button Hello instead, it is a tool that serves to get noticed: signal to the person your willingness to start a possible conversation.

Happn's other noteworthy tool is the ability to let other users understand your interests and your willingness to meet new people in person. Then tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead and, using the floating buttons that you can see on the screen, you can indicate what your intentions and / or preferences are.

On the screen I'm available for, then indicate if you are available for go to the cinema, go running, go to clubs, eat something, drink something o take a walk. Once you have reported your availability, the people you met will be able to respond to your report; This way you can find other people interested in you with a hobby in common.

If, on the other hand, you want to customize your profile, you can do so by accessing the dedicated section that you can find by tapping on little man symbol (button My Account) located in the lower right part of the application. You will thus be able to better manage your profile, uploading more photos, changing your preferences, inviting friends to subscribe in the application and changing the notification settings of the application.

If, on the other hand, you tap on the item Messages (symbol of two comics), you will be able to access the section relating to the messages you have received and respond to conversations. By tapping the button instead Notifications (symbol of a bluebell) you will be able to see all notifications related to your account.

Happn is an application free but it offers unlimited use of some features (such as the tool Hello) and other minor tools (such as the ability to discover the sender of the Like in the game Crush Time) for a fee, through the purchase of virtual credits with real money.

Credits can be purchased from your Happn profile and the cost varies according to the number of credits you wish to purchase. Some credits can be obtained for free but only by inviting friends to use Happn.

How Happn Works

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