Best sites and apps to create family tree

To find our origins and go back to the ancestors of our family until now it was necessary to turn to the elderly (our grandparents or, for the lucky ones who had the opportunity, even the great-grandparents) in order to recover photos, memories and useful information to reconstruct the family tree, ready to be passed on to our grandchildren.
In addition to the information collected through our family members, we can also turn to some online services which, thanks to the recovery of the numerous information circulating on the Internet (including old-fashioned daily articles and digitized official paper documents) can help us create the tree genealogical.
We discover in this guide the best sites, apps and programs to create the family tree of our family, so as to better understand our past and face the future differently, aware of our origins.

The best sites, programs and apps to create the family tree

We have collected below the best services and the best applications to create the family tree using both the information in our possession and retrieving (usually for a fee) the information collected from the Internet, from the historical archives of libraries and from the newspapers of the time , so as to reconstruct a tree very faithful to reality, with the possibility of printing it or framing it through dedicated services.
Many of these services also offer programs for PCs and mobile apps, so that you can complete or consult the family tree even from your mobile or PC.

1) MyHeritage (Web e mobile)

One of the most famous sites with which to know our origins and thus recreate the family tree is MyHeritage, reachable from here -> MyHeritage.
Once subscribed to the service, it is possible to create the family tree by entering all the information in our possession, starting from our personal data and also entering the data of our closest relatives (we recommend that you complete all the data at least up to the great-grandparents , so as to have a good starting point).
The data entered can be very useful for finding relatives you did not know or whose existence you did not know, as well as finding relatives with the same surname that you may have emigrated to other states.
The use of the basic service is free and will automatically add credible relatives to your family tree as soon as matches are found; but to get more detailed information or to perform a DNA test to find out your origins and lineages you may have to pay a sum of money.
The created family tree can be downloaded at any time in order to keep it and show it to other relatives.
If we want to access the family tree created with MyHeritage from mobile we can do it through the dedicated apps available here -> MyHeritage (Android) e MyHeritage (IOS).

2) Gramps (PC)

A good program for creating family trees on PC is Gramps, downloadable for free from here -> Gramps.
This multi-platform program allows you to create the classic family tree starting from your most distant relatives and creating all the necessary links, so as to keep organized all the information that we can recover during our research.
The end result will be a family tree that you can download or print, so you have a keepsake to show to your loved ones, your children or grandchildren when the time comes.

3) Legacy Family Tree (PC)

Another program that we can use on PC to create family trees is Legacy Family Tree, which can be downloaded for free in the Standard Edition version from here -> Legacy family tree.
To download the free version of the application we will need to provide a valid email address (a temporary email address is also fine), then click on the link provided in the same email that we will receive soon after.
Once installed on the PC, all we have to do is confirm the free license and enter all the personal data required also for the next of kin.
The program is very useful for creating the genealogical tree of your family and its complete translation into your language will help you when filling in the various fields and information requested.

4) Genes (Web)

Another site that we can use to create the online family tree is Geni, reachable from here -> Geni.
By registering on the site it will be possible to create the family tree using the knowledge in our possession and also asking for help from relatives thanks to the shared tree, so that we can complete it together!
The service will make the platform available and periodically provide the names of distant relatives who have a common ancestry or who have shared something with a branch of our family in the past.
We can at any time upload photos and documents to make the tree even more complete or use the information collected by the site to expand it.

5) Canva (Web)

Among the best sites to create family trees online is Canva, reachable from here -> canva.
Even if we are not experts in computer science or information gathering, we will be able to create our family tree with attractive graphics by choosing from the various models available and gradually adding all the information necessary to complete it.
We can quickly share the current project with our relatives and, when satisfied with the result, take advantage of the printing service offered by the same site to frame the family tree obtained.

6) Genoom (Web e mobile)

If we want to create an international family tree for our family or to search for all people with the same surname we can contact Genoom, which can be visited from here -> Genoom.
Thanks to this service it will be sufficient to register and start entering the information in our possession to create the family tree, also taking advantage of the information shared by other users who use the service: we will be able to cross data and find relatives in some distant country, perhaps descendants of our grandfather or uncle who tried his luck abroad.
In addition to the online service, it is possible to access the genealogical tree created with Genoom using the mobile apps downloadable from here -> Genoom (Android) e Genoom (IOS).

7) FamilySearch (Web)

Finally, I point out one of the best sites to find ancestors and people of your own family, namely FamilySearch; the site is available here -> FamilySearch.
Thanks to this service we will be able to read the family trees already created by other users or by genealogy experts by doing a search by surname or with the data of some relatives, or create our family tree from scratch and start collecting information and data directly. online.

Best sites and apps to create family tree

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