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What is Pinterest

Before seeing in detail how Pinterest works, it seems only right to clarify your ideas on what Pinterest is a little better. As already mentioned in the introductory jokes of the article, it is a social network, founded in 2010, which on a conceptual level takes up the idea of ​​pinning interesting contents on "virtual message boards".

The platform, in fact, allows you to create thematic virtual whiteboards on numerous topics: fashion, beauty, movies, TV series, cooking, art, drawing, music, hobbies, places to visit, technology and much more. I have listed only a few, but the categories of Pinterest are so many, potentially infinite.

Once you have signed up on Pinterest, you will be able to explore as many categories as you want and “Pinnare” (i.e. virtually pin) all the images you wish to save, categorizing them under a themed virtual whiteboard, called Dashboard. Don't worry if on a theoretical level everything seems apparently complex: in reality it is much simpler and more intuitive than what you imagine.

Pinterest is accessible from smartphones and tablets via a dedicated application, so keep your favorite device at hand (it is compatible with Android and iOS / iPadOS. Alternatively, you can also use Pinterest from your browser, using the Web version of the social network.

Now that I have explained to you a little better what Pinterest is, let's see in detail how it works on all devices.

How to register on Pinterest

The first thing you need to do in order to use Pinterest is to create an account that allows you to use the platform in all respects. Let's see, therefore, how to register on Pinterest, both from mobile and from PC.

Give smartphone and tablet

If you want to take action from smartphones and tablets, you must first install and launch the Pinterest app for Android or iOS / iPadOS. Then you have to create your account, following the instructions that are provided to you on the screen.

Please indicate yours email address in the appropriate text field and tap the button Continue. Then choose the Password to protect your account, press the button NEXT, specify yours name e last name, award your bottone NEXT, indicate yours age and tap the button again NEXT, I will continue.

Finally, indicate if you are male o female, specify yours Country of residence and, finally, choose five or more categories, to view content related to your interests (eg. Quotes, Ideas with wood, Make it a hobby, Humor, Technology, etc.). Once this is done, click on the button NEXT at the top right and start using the app.

Alternatively, you can tap on the button Continue with Facebook or on the button Continue with Google (present on the Pinterest app home screen) and register with your Facebook account or your Google account.

From PC

If you prefer to register on Pinterest by taking action from PC, go to the main page of the service, click on the button SUBSCRIBE, fill in the text fields Email, Create a password ed Age with the required information and click the button Continue.

On the page that opens, change the name that has been assigned to you by default, by clicking on the icon pencil and typing the username you are interested in, then click on the button NEXT. Specify, therefore, if you are male o female, indicate yours Country of residence, click once again on the button NEXT e select five categories with which to define your interests. Once this is done, click on the button end I will continue.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can register directly with your Facebook account or your Google account by clicking on the button Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google (on the main Pinterest page).

How Pinterest app works

If you registered on Pinterest from mobile, let me explain how to use the social network from its official application. In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you how the Pinterest app works.

Save Pin

Once you have registered and indicated an initial list with your interests, Pinterest will start showing you a selection of themed content. You can scroll down infinitely to always see new images.

Have you found something you like and would like to save it? No problem. you can do Pin on an image, to save it in your virtual wall. How you do it? Simply tap on the image and hit the red button Save. This will open a dialog screen: Pinterest will tell you that, to save an image, you must first create a virtual board.

Choose, therefore, one of the boards among those available or create one at the moment, by tapping the button (+) Create board. If you opt for the latter solution, you will then have to assign a name to the board and confirm its creation by tapping the button Crea at the top right.

Once you have done this first operation, for each piece of content you wish to pin, Pinterest will ask you in which board you want to save your future Pins. You can save everything in a single board, but also create as many boards as you want, without any kind of limitation.

At any time you can access the Pins you have saved and view the boards you have created. To do this, just press the button Save yourself (the icon oflittle man at the bottom right, tap the name of the board of your interest or browse i Pin in the appropriate screen.

Interact with a Pin

It's possible on Pinterest interact with a multimedia content in several other ways, besides the simple Pin in the wall. By tapping on the symbol of heart, you can show appreciation for the content (by keeping your finger pressed on the symbol in question, you can also view others reaction with which to express your reaction).

Pressing on the symbol (...) you can download the image and save it in the device memory, copy the link to share the content on other platforms, report it (if it breaks the community lines) or hide it. You can also interact with a Pin on Pinterest through the button ReadVisit. The images uploaded to Pinterest can in fact be associated with a link on a web page. If you tap the button Read or that Visit, you will be redirected to the website that the author of the Pin has chosen to link to the image.

Another tool dedicated to the interaction of Pinterest's multimedia content that you can use is the symbol of magnifying glass in the "broken" square, which allows you to search for visibly similar content. This particular symbol is located in the lower right corner of the photo.

If you click on the symbol in question, you will have the image analyzed by Pinterest. The social network will then return you a list of similar images to allow you to explore ideas similar to those of the selected content. You can use this tool to highlight the whole image to your liking. However, I give you a small suggestion: if you narrow the zoom field, you can focus on the search, starting from the most significant details.

Find new Pins

Pinterest is a very useful tool for finding new ideas to share. can find new Pins by searching directly for an image related to a certain keyword or a certain topic.

You can find new Pins in different ways, first of all, by searching for them directly in the platform's search engine. Then press the button Search (l'icona della magnifying glass located at the bottom left) and, in the search bar at the top, type the keyword that identifies the type of content you want to find. After entering the search term of your interest (eg. "Chinese cooking"), then, select one of the tags that best define the type of content you are interested in (eg. recipes, spaghetti, ravioli, Etc.).

I also remind you of the possibility to search starting from an image: just click on the icon of camera located on the search bar (at the top) and, after granting the app permission to access the device's camera, frame the subject of your interest and press on the white dot located at the bottom of the screen.

Pinterest, will return you images similar to the one you photographed earlier. It's a very useful function, isn't it?

Upload a photo

If you wish, you can upload images saved on your mobile device memory to Pinterest. The process is very simple. First, go to your profile by tapping the button Save yourself (the icon oflittle man located at the bottom right) and presses the button capacitor positive (+) lead located in the upper right corner of the screen.

At this point, fai tap sulla voce Pin, present in the menu Crea appeared on the screen. A new screen will then open that will ask you to choose the image from the memory of your mobile device that will be uploaded to Pinterest: tap on its preview, award-winning NEXT (top right) and finally add a title and possibly one Description to the Pin; press the button again NEXT and choose which one showcase insert the content (or possibly create a new one by pressing the appropriate button).

Alternatively, from the adding a new Pin screen, you can take a photo at the moment (by pressing the icon of camera) or search for an image on the web (by pressing the globe).

For more information on how to publish content on Pinterest and how to upload photos to Pinterest, I refer you to the in-depth information I have already dedicated to the topic.

How Pinterest site works

If you want to know how the Pinterest site works, as you are interested in using the Web version of the service, which can be used on all major browsers, this is the part of the guide that interests you closely. I anticipate that the functioning of the PC service does not differ much from that of the mobile version, so I will avoid unnecessarily dwelling on it. Let's proceed!

Save Pin

save Pin on the web version of Pinterest, after logging into your account and identifying a content of interest to you, click on its preview and by clicking on the button Save at the top right of the page.

In the box that opens, Pinterest will suggest some boards to save the content to. If you want, you can also create a new board, by typing the name to be assigned to it, in the text field Name the board, and then clicking on the button Crea located on the right.

To find your saved content, click on your profile photo (top right), click on the item Message boards and, after clicking on the name of the board of your interest, locate the content you had saved inside.

Interact with a Pin

If you want interact with a Pin, be aware that from a computer it is not possible to add a reaction to the displayed contents. However, you can enter a comment by clicking on the button (⌵) placed in correspondence with the wording Post comments and, after typing it in the appropriate text field, click on the button end, to publish it.

By clicking on the button (...)instead, you can access the menu that allows you to download the content, report it or embed it on a website; by clicking on the icon arrow inside the square you have the option to share the Pin on other platforms while clicking on the symbol of magnifying glass in the "broken" square you can search for visually similar content.

Find new Pins

You wonder how to find new Pins acting from the web version of Pinterest? Simple: click on Campo di Ricerca located at the top, type the search terms of your interest and give Submit on the keyboard.

Then refine your search by clicking on one of the category proposed by the Pinterest algorithm, so as to identify content that is in line with your real interests.

Upload a photo

If you are using Pinterest from PC via browser, to upload a photo, click on your profile photo (top right), click on the item Pin and press pulsating (+) Create pin. Then drag the image of your interest to the gray box or click on the icon freccia rivolta verse l'alto located inside the box in question and select the photo to be published on Pinterest.

Finally, indicate the title and description of the content in the text fields Add a title e Indicate the subject of your Pin, open the menu Select (top right), select the showcase in which to insert the content (or create a new one, by clicking the button Create board) and publish the Pin by clicking on the button Save (in alto to destra).

For more information on how to publish content on Pinterest and how to upload photos to Pinterest, I refer you to the in-depth information I have already dedicated to the topic.

How Pinterest business works

Concluded questa guida parlandoti di Pinterest business, the version of Pinterest designed for companies, which allows you to use analysis tools and functions designed specifically for business users. To use these tools, you need to create a company profile by following a wizard (which can only be done from a computer).

To do so, after logging in to Pinterest from its main page, click on the button (⌵) situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Add a free business account in the opened menu.

Next, click the button How to get started and fill out the form displayed on the screen with the requested information: Name of the business or brand; specify if you have a website or not using the buttons Yes o Not yet; indicates the Country or region and language of your interest and click on the button NEXT, I will continue.

Then describe your brand, specifying the category that best represents you (eg. Blogger, Publisher or media, etc.) and click on the button NEXT. Finally, indicate whether you are interested in advertising or not, click once again on the button NEXT and click on one of the available options to start using Pinterest business: Share ideas to create a Pin; Expand your audience to create an announcement or Show off your brand to complete your profile with further information.

Pinterest business is characterized by the ability to create paid advertising campaigns. To use this feature, click on the red button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the top right, select the item Create campaign, choose the currency you are interested in and then click on the button NEXT. Subsequently, accepts the updated advertising agreement, by clicking on the appropriate button, click on the button Add billing (top right) and complete the necessary billing information (if needed).

To start your first campaign, then, click on the button Promote a Pin or create a campaign and, after clicking on the button NEXT, follow the wizard to set up the targeting, the budget, and so on. To view the progress of your campaigns, you need to go to the section Business hub account, which brings together all the information you need to plan future campaigns.

There is much more to say about Pinterest's tools designed for business users. I suggest you consult this support page on the official website of the service which illustrates in a little more detail the various tools available for companies.

How does Pinterest work?

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